Brugu Rushigala Janma dina

Vaishaka Shukla Triteeya i.e, on Akshaya Triteeya Day

  • Brugu Rushigalu is son of Brahma.  He was born for the prajasrusti by Brahma  as Manasaputra.  So, he is termed as a prajapathi.
  • He is the author of “Brugu samhita”, the astrological book. Tһе Saint Bhrigu perfected tһе knowledge οf Hindu predictive astrology. Hе іѕ supposed tο һаνе cast horoscopes many centuries back tһаt аrе valid even today.
  • His wife was Khyati, the daughter of Daksha Prajapathi.
  • His sons were Dhata, Vidhata, Shukracharya and Chyavana
  • Sakshaath LAKSHMI DEVI incarated as his daughter by name BHARGAVI.
  • The ashrama of Bhrigu rishi was in Hoshiarpur
  • There is a temple on the Banks of Narmada River in Gujarat in the City of Bharuch.
  • It is said that SRI VIJAYADASARU is the amsha of BRIGHU Rushigalu
  • It is said that Brugu Rushigalu was born as an hunter who shoot an arrow at Krishna, through which Krishna declared samapthi of his avataara.
  • Brugu Rushigalu is the Rishi (seer) of mukhyaprANa pratipaadaka Balitthaa sukta.
  • Brugu Rushi was responsible for bringing Srihari to Kaliyuga in the form of Srinivasa to Tirupathi.-

  • Once all gods wanted to prove that Srihari was the supreme.  But some had doubts about Srihari’s supremacy.  So, all Rushis and Devategalu requested Brigu Rushigalu to find out who is supreme.
  • Brugu went to Kailasa, where he saw Parvathi sametha Rudra, who pretended not to have seen the presence of Brugu at all.  So, Brugu Rushi cursed Rudra not to have his idol worshipped.  That is why Rudradevaru is worshipped in the form of Linga roopa only.
  • Then Brugu Rushi went to Satya loka, where Brahma also did not noticed Brugu.   Here again Brugu Rushi got anger and cursed Brahma that he will never be worshipped.
  • Then Brugu went to Vaikunta where Srihari was being served by Lakshmi.    Brugu rushigalu went to Srihari and kicked him with his foot on his vakshasthala.  As soon as he hit at Srihari, Brugu was done the paada pooja by Srihari himself and Srihari as he is bhakta paradeena served to the entire satisfaction of Brugu Rushigalu.
  • This angered Lakshmidevi as she always stays in the vaksha Sthala of Srihari where the sage kicked.  She went to Karaveerapura.  Srihari went to Bhooloka in search of Lakshmidevi.  This is how Brugu was responsible for bringing Srihari to Bhooloka.
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