Yati Mahalaya

Yathi Mahalaya

Bhadrapada Bahula Dwadashi is meant for Yathigalu.  On this day, hastodaka will be given to all the Yatigalu who have entered Vrundavana.  On this day, Paksha for other pitrugalu and forefathers not to be done.  This day is exclusively reserved for Yathigalu.

The reason for performing the Shraddha for Sanyaasis and saints is tht they have preserved and passed on the knowledge of sanatharma dharma and had done great service to the society.  We have to do yathi dwadashi shraddha to get ourselves free from Yati Runa, that is why it is called as “Yati Dwadashi”.  These Yatigalu having prepared so many shastra granthaas, vyaakyaanaanaas, Teeka granthaas have helped us a lot in learning ancient granthaas.  So, we have Runa to them  – Yati Runa.  That is why we have do Yati Mahalaya.

This shraaddha to be done by Yatiputraaas only.  Who are Yatiputraas?  Those who have grantha/shastra runa from the yatigalu are termed as “yati putraas”. Yati Shraadda does not mean that we need to give pinda pradhana to yatigalu.  This is anna santarpana/ hastodaka to yatigalu in the forkm of bhojana to brahmana suvasini santarpane.

Those who are doing daily paksha shraddha can do it on Yathi Mahalaya Dwadashi also.

Trayodashi Shraaddha – Shradha done on Bhadrapada Bahula Trayodashi will please the forefathers and keep them happy with five hundred years. On this day if it has Magha Nakshatra and Surya in Hasta Nakshatra it is called as “Gajacchaaya yoga or Vaivaswathee Gajacchaaya”. Shraddha done on Bhadrapada Bahula trayodashi will fetch him punya equal to Gaya Shraddha. Those who are having male child not to do Pinda Shraddha on Trayodashi, he has to do only Sankalpa shraddha.

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