Satyapriya Tirtharu

PERIOD – 1737 – 1744

Sri Satyapriya Tirtharu

Aradhana – Chaitra Shudda Trayodashi

Ashrama Gurugalu – Sri Satyapoorna Tirtharu

Ashrama Shishyaru – Sri Satyabodha Tirtharu

(Sri Satyapoorna Tirtharu initially gave ashrama to Satyapriya Tirtharu.  When Sri Satyapoorna Tirtharu fell ill, and Sri Satyapriya Tirtharu was on tour for Tirthayatre and propogation of Acharya Madhwa Philosophy.  As such, he ordained sanyasa to Satya Vijaya Tirtharu)

ಶ್ರೀ ಸತ್ಯಪ್ರಿಯತೀರ್ಥರು, ಮಾನಾಮಧುರೈ – ಚೈತ್ರ ಶುಕ್ಲ ತ್ರಯೋದಶಿ
ಶ್ರೀಸತ್ಯವಿಜಯಾಂಬೋಧೇರ್ಜಾತಂ ಸತ್ಯಪ್ರಿಯಾಮೃತಮ್ |
ಜರಾಮೃತೀ ಜಂಘನೀತು ವಿಬುಧಾನಾಂ ಮುದೇ ಸದಾ |

श्रीसत्यविजयांबोधेर्जातं सत्यप्रियामृतम् ।
जरामृती जंघनीतु विबुधानां मुदे सदा ।

శ్రీసత్యవిజయాంబోధేర్జాతం సత్యప్రియామృతమ్ |
జరామృతీ జంఘనీతు విబుధానాం ముదే సదా |

ஶ்ரீஸத்யவிஜயாம்போதேர்ஜாதம் ஸத்யப்ரியாம்ருதம் |
ஜராம்ருதீ ஜம்கநீது விபுதாநாம் முதே ஸதா |

Melukote Narasimha gave darshana by opening the door – Once swamiji had been to Melekote for the darshana of Narasimha Devaru at Melukote.   By the time he reached there, the door was closed.  So, swamiji went near the closed door and was praising Lord Narasimha.  The door opened itself all of a sudden and he did the Mangalarathi to Yoga Narasimha Devaru.

Advaitee pandit converted to Madhwa Philosophy –   There was a poet by name Ganashyam in Northern India.    He had written many dramas and was well versed in Advaita philosophy.  On hearing the Tatvopanyasa by Sri Satyapriya Tirtharu, the Advaitee poet was convinced and he himself voluntarily came to accept Madhwa Philosophy and swamiji readily gave him Mudra Dharana. That poet wrote a drama titled “Prachanda Rahoodayam”, wherein he has discussed, Dwaita, Advaita and finally told that Dwaitha is supreme, wherein he has made Sri Satyapriya Tirtharu as hero.

Manamadurai Once Sri Satyapriya Tirtharu had come to Manamadurai, which was covered by a dense forest.  One day some thieves stolen the pooja box, jewels and the pooja ganta of Uttaradi Mutt which the swamiji was worshipping.  Swamiji was worshipping and singing in praise of Hanumantha devaru.   Immediately many monkeys attacked the thieves and frieghtened the thieves.    The thieves came running to Swamiji and handed over the entire stolen things.  From that time, the place was called as Veera Vanara Madurai, and then as Vana Madurai and now Manamadurai.

Blood turned as Araathi,  Fish into Stones and Mutton as Sandalwood Once a King , who had no good feelings for the Swamiji, offered for pooja, Mutton, Fish and Blood in three different plates to Sri Satyapriya Tirtharu.     Swamiji came to understood that such a thing has been offered to God.  He sprinkled Theertha and Tulasi on them.  Suddenly the Mutton was turned as Sandalwood, Fish as stone, and blood as Arathi for Srihari.  By that time, the King began loosing his eye power.  The king fell on the feet of the swamiji and pleaded for his anugraha.    Swamiji prayed god to forgive his misdeeds and he got back his eye site.  The king donated three villages including Chandanoor.  He also donated 100 acres of land to the swamiji.

Works by Shri Satyapriya Teertharu:

Shri Satyapriya Teertharu had written many works. Some of his important works are
1] Commentary on Maha Bhashya
2] Commentary on Mandukya Upanishad
3] Commentary on Atharvana Upanishad
4] Commentary on Tatva Prakashika
5] Chandrika Bindu

Manamadurai – just 45 Kms from Madurai (TN)  – Manamadurai is in Shivaganga District

AT – Manamadurai
Taluk – Manamadurai
District – Shivaganga
State – TN
Pin – 625001

(Source Uttaradimutt)

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