Dvaitha is for EVER


The question ‘Is DVAITA dying’ is foolish because it is self contradictory. When a person puts a question, he has there by accepted DVAITA because there should be two persons namely, questioner and replier.

DVAITA is proved even by your death. When you are dead, the activities in your body stop. Hence you have to accept some entity differentiating a dead body from a living body. This is the soul accepted by all philosophers. So soul and body are different.

Everybody has a different soul. This is to be accepted because even when you are dead there are so many others living. So souls are also different.

Difference among bodies is also obvious.

Since you are dying much against your wish, it is clear that you are governed by some superhuman being namely God. This shows that God is different from soul.

God is also different from body because, he has made the body dead, while he is himself living.

Thus the five doctrines of DVAITA philosophy exist even after not only your death, but death of all the people by the same logic. While DVAITA is eternally alive as explained, how dare you question whether DVAITA is dying?

Criticizing fasting and rituals just exposes your inability to follow them. Fasting and rituals are not confined to DVAITINS only. Muslims also fast during RAMZAN. JAINS also have rituals such as being nude. It is not a joke to be nude even during winter.

All of the Hindu philosophies are based on mythology. So, what is wrong with DVAITA if RAMAYANA and MAHABHARATHA are accepted as evidences?

Philosophies are aimed at salvation of souls, but not at material prosperity. Hence it appears to materialists like you that they are useless. Philosophers did not bother of material prosperity because it is achieved by other walks of life like agriculture, medicine and engineering.

If travel by air is not reachable by common man, it doesn’t mean that aircrafts must be abandoned. So also, if all the intricacies of DVAITA are not reachable by common man it doesn’t mean that DVAITA is dying.

To conclude, I would like to suggest to people like you to be doubly careful before passing such sweeping remarks.

Why should ADVAITA be condemned?

  1. SRI MADHWACHARYA has established that DVAITA is the final because it continues to persist even at the time of salvation. Further, he has established that all other philosophies are wrong and would lead to hade. DVAITA is called SIDDHANTA as it is the final result of searching SHASTRAS. (SIDDHA means result, ANTA means end). DVAITA has stood the test of time. Whereas 21 schools of thought emerged during 8-12 centuries, no other school came into existence after the 22nd namely DVAITA. Eminent ADVAITA scholars like SRI PADMANABHATHIRTHA and THRIVIKRAMAPANDITACHARYA have later accepted and appreciated DVAITA school. You cannot cite a single example of an eminent DVAITA scholar either accepting or appreciating ADVAITA school. This also goes a long way in establishing that DVAITA is the final.   If you think that DVAITA is not the final, what is the fun in shouting Slogans such as, ‘HARI SARVOTTAMA, VAYU JIVOTTAMA’?
  2. Please note that there is no evolution from ADVAITA to DVAITA. In fact there is revolution. ADVAITA was rooted out and DVAITA was established by SRI MADHWACHARYA. If one is ready to accept his ancestors as apes, man may be considered as evolution of ape according to DARVIN’s theory. But there is absolutely no chance of evolution of stone to man. Similarly, although VISHISHTADVAITA may be an evolution of ADVAITA, DVAITA is not an evolution of ADVAITA. Hence comparing altogether different philosophies with scientific evolutions is not proper.
  3. VIDYARANYA was RAJAGURU of the then rulers HAKKA and BUKKA and hence he was bound by his duty to honor any learned scholar. SRI JAYATHEERTHA deserved such respect also as he had such attributes. On the other hand MAYAVADI does not have any attribute worthy of being honored. According to him, all the virtues not only in him but even in Almighty are illusions. Why should illusive attributes be honored? On the other hand, if he accepts real attributes it is against his doctrine. Thus he has bound himself, as it were, on both sides of his neck by unbreakable ropes which hundreds of his admirers like you can cut and release him.
  4. ISSAC NEWTON is respected even now because his laws have proved universal. May be EINSTEIAN has made further developments, but NEWTON’s laws hold good for all objects moving with velocities much less than that of light. Fast moving vehicles including space crafts, machineries whether rotator or linear, vibrations inclusive of linear, nonlinear and random are very well governed by his laws. As contrasted with this, none of the ADVAITA doctrines has proved to be apt. It is obvious from TATPARYACHANDRIKA by SRI VYASATHIRTHA that interpretation of every BRAHMASUTRA by MAYAVADI is wrong or against his own doctrines. So, how do you expect any wise man to respect him instead of condemning?
  5. MAYAVADI has offended Vedas rather than defending them. So also, he needs to be condemned.
  6. Please note that analogies prove to be very dangerous unless supported by sensory or scriptural evidence.
  7. Now the issue is on internet. There is no hide and seek here. Let any ADVAITA scholar come forward with his arguments. I hope I would counter argue him out. In case it proves to be beyond my ability there are more intellects like SRI PEJAVARA SWAMIJI and SRI UTTARADIMUTT SWAMIJI who would certainly condemn ADVAITA and establish DVAITA.
  8. To conclude, I would like to make it clear that my aim is only to guide the younger MADHWA generation in the correct path. Even SRIMADHWACHARYA did not and could not convert all the followers of ADVAITA as DVAITINS because the very nature of souls is different.


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  1. Respected Swamiji Sastang Namaskars,
    Your article on Paramatha Khandana has come like a light to all young Madhvas.Most of them are misguided by the new generation which teaches all are equal,there is no gradation,leading to hell in this preset generation itself,as we see so many Madhva going for intercast marriages,divorces,young boys and girls have diverted,the main reason is not respecting his/her tradiation,have no abhimana on their tradiation and lack of knowldge in tatvas.

    Sri Madhvacharya has done Khandana of all other school of thoughts and has done Mandana, that is the Tatvavada.

    With Namaskars

  2. Dear Sirs,
    So nice of you for making such a nice & valuable collection of Stotras & songs at one place in this web-site. Many thanks! Hope this may help in opening up the minds of our youngsters in right direction. It is so painful that these youngsters are misguided by the so called ‘new wind’ & join hands with the western lobbyists in denouncing the great Sanaathana heritage inherited from our forefathers.
    Nevertheless, please allow me to express my deep regret & displeasure about some of the articles here – which compare Dvaita & Advaita philosophies & ‘try’ to perpetuate the myth of establishing the superiority of the former over the latter. This futile lobbyism simply gives an easy excuse to our youngsters, in killing the very intent of our forefathers.
    Unquestionably, both Acharyas (Shankara & Madhva) – were proponents of Hinduism par excellence – who upheld the Hindu values of life. If one reads their original writings carefully, it is not very difficult to understand that both were equally correct – proving the great Hindu philosophy of tolerance. Indeed, there are thousands of ways to reach God, exactly like how a river might reach the ocean. What is important is the faith that one has – irrespective of the exact line of action.

  3. Dear Narahari Sumadhva Avare,

    Your article ‘Dvaitha is forever’ is not only inspiring, brilliant, enlightening, marvellous, nice, wonderful, out-of-the world, beyond words, full of knowledge but also acts a torch bearer to the modern generation. Wish to see more and more such articles on this website.

    I am disappointed to read the comments of Ramakant who has tried to equate the philosphies of Dvaita and Advaita which are actually different and poles apart in their nature. I also seriously disagree with Ramakant that the original writings of both Dvaita and Advaita philosophies are equally correct, whereas, in reality, Dvaita philosophy is far superior to Advaita philosophy which is full of faults.

    Dvaita philosophy has been established a supreme doctrine over all other prevaling doctrines including existing new ones, by none other than Sriman Madhvacharya himself. Hence, it will last forever in the sands of time as the perfect and supreme doctrine of philosophy enjoying the full support of vedas, srutis, upanishads, puranas and scriptures.

    Hari Sarvottamma !!!!!!!! Vayu Jeevottamma !!!!!!!!!!!

    Haraye Namaha

  4. Dear readers,

    I am a follower of Sriman Madhwacharya and his dvaithic philosophy. However I do not many madhwas views of claming superiority over adwaitha or vishistadwaitha followers. Dwaitha is undoubtedly the rule of life. However there are many in Hindus and non Hindus who claim their superiority without even knowing about Dwaitha of Hinduism. This has lead to confrontation and unnecessary violence through out the world. It has become a number game as to how many people are behind each movement. So it is better to observe ilence and follow Madhwa philosophy in our life.Any one who does not want to understand our philosophy should be left alone.Precious time is wasted in arguments both for and against and ultimately noby wins.

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