Srinivasa kalyana

ಆನಂದತೀರ್ಥ ವರದೇ ದಾನವಾರಣ್ಯ ಪಾವಕೇ |
ಜ್ಞಾನದಾಯಿನಿ ಸರ್ವೇಶೇ ಶ್ರಿನಿವಾಸೇಸ್ತು ಮೇ ಮನಃ |
ಶ್ರೀ ವೆಂಕಟೇಶಂ ಲಕ್ಷ್ಮೀಶಂ ಅನಿಷ್ಟಘ್ನಂ ಅಭೀಷ್ಟದಂ |
ಚತುರ್ಮುಖೇರ ತನಯಂ ಶ್ರೀನಿವಾಸಂ ಭಜೇ ನಿಶಂ |

आनंदतीर्थ वरदे दानवारण्य पावके ।
ज्ञानदायिनि सर्वेशे श्रिनिवासेस्तु मे मनः ।
श्री वॆंकटेशं लक्ष्मीशं अनिष्टघ्नं अभीष्टदं ।
चतुर्मुखेर तनयं श्रीनिवासं भजे निशं ।

“Srinivasa Kalyana” is available in Bhavishyottara purana and Skanda Puranam,  Aditya Purana, etc., all  written by Sri Vedavyasa Devaru.

Why “Srinivasa Kalyana” is being observed twice, once in Vaishaka Shudda Dashami and once in Ashwayuja Shudda Dashami?

Vaishaka Shudda Dashami is the day on which the Kalyanotsava of Srinivasa – Padmavathi was held.  Ashwayuja Shudda Dashami is the Brahmotsava day.  After kalyana with Padmavathi Srinivasa stayed in Mangapura @ Agastyashrama for 6 months, loka shikshanaartham that the new wedded couple must not climb hill after the marriage for six months.  Ofcourse Srinivasa – Padmavathi does not have any such formalities, it is just for the shikshana of the public that he has done.    After six months, Srinivasa sat in the Chariot made by Vishwakarma, for the ten days Brahma did the procession.  That is why even today Brahmotsava is being observed.  We call this period as Brahmotsava period, as Brahma himself does the Utsava for Srinivasa during the period.    That is why Srinivasa Kalyanotsava is being observed in both the periods once in Vaishaka Maasa and once in Ashwayuja Maasa.


As mentioned above, Brahmadeva first did the Brahmotsava.  It was on the Shravana Nakshatra.  Usually Vijayadashami is observed on Shravana Nakshatra day itself.  Brahma prayed Srinivasa with a blessing for the people who visit Brahmotsava that their all abheeshta (desires) be fulfilled.  Brahma called Tondamana Raja and ordered him to get different Chariots, Chatra, Chamara, Vyajana, etc.  All the devates, sages, kings, emporars were invited for the Brahmotsava.

First day–  Vishwaksena, brings the pure mruttike to the Kalyana Mantapa Yajnashale.    Navadhaanya will be filled in decorated big vessels, which is called as Ankurarpane .  Utsava Murthy will be tied with Kankana.  On this day, all the devates will be invited, with Dhwajarohana and poornakumba stapane.  On the Golden Dwajastambha, drawings of Garuda will be written in different colours.

Second Day–  Permission will be sought in front of Srinivasa for the brahmotsava.  Indradi Asta Dikpalakaru will be placed in eight directions.  For this public does not have the access.  The Archakaas will lift the Garuda Dwaja on the Golden Dwajastambha. Srinivasa will be decorated with ornaments and will be brought to Tirumalaraya Mantapa.  Every day before the Utsava of Srinivasa starts, one small brahma ratha will be running, which does not have any idol, which will not be decorated much.  This small chariot will be Brahmadevaru himself.

Third day –  Utsava moorthy Srinivasa will be placed in the Sheshavahana.  This has Sheshadevaru with five heads.    Hamsavahana – On this day, Srinivasa will be decorated in the form of Saraswathi and sitting on Hamsa.  This proves that Srihari himself is the Saraswathi shabdhavaachya,  and Saraswathi sooktha prathipaadya himself is Srihari.

Fourth Day –  Srihari will be placed in Simha Vahana on the fourth day.  Where Shesha is the Sareesrupa, Hamsa is the Jalachara, Lion is the King of Animals.  This shows that Srihari in the Simhavahana proves that he is the sarva niyamaka.    On this day, Srihari will be decorated alongwith Sri-Bhoo, and brought to a Pearlmantapa.

Fifth DayMorning Srihari will be sitting on Kalpavruksha Vaahana with Sri-Bhoo.  With the darshana itself Srihari blesses us the samasta abheesta.    In the night, he will be kept in Sarva Bhoopalavahana.  Garudotsava –  Srihari will be sitting on Garuda.  Garuda will be holding the paadakamala of Srihari in his hands, and does have the darshana of Srihari  in the Nakha (nails) of Srihari.

Sixth Day Next morning itself will have Hanumadvaahanotsava. During Raamavatara, Hanumantha had Ramachandra sat on his shoulders.  Now, Hanumantha holding Srinivasa. It proves that Srirama himself is Srinivasa.   In the afternoon Srinivasa will be brought to Vasanthamantapa, which is called as Vasanthotsava, which Chariot is made of Gold.  Gajavahanotsava –  On the same day evening, Srihari will be decorated and sitting in Gajavahana, imitating the Gajendra Moksha.

Seventh Day –  Morning, there will be “Sooryaprabha Vahanotsava” and in the evening there will be “Chandraprabha Vahanotsava”.

Eighth DayApart from Garudotsava, Ashwavahana – Srihari will be decorated like Kalki, and will be done showing that Kalki will be Srihari only.

Ninth Day–  Matsya roopa alankara

Tenth DayChakrasnana.  Srihari will be brought near Varaha Devara Temple and have Chakrasnana in Swami Pushkarini Theertha.


ಬ್ರಹ್ಮರುದ್ರಾದಿವಂದ್ಯಂ ತ್ವಾಂ ಭಜೇ ವೇಂಕಟನಾಯಕಂ |
ನಿವಾರಯಸ್ವಾನಿಷ್ಠಾನಿ ಸಾಧಯೇಷ್ಠಾನಿ ಮಾಧವ |

ब्रह्मरुद्रादिवंद्यं त्वां भजे वेंकटनायकं ।
निवारयस्वानिष्ठानि साधयेष्ठानि माधव ।

It is a conversation between Shounaka and Sootacharya.

Sage Shounaka asked Sage Soothacharya to tell about Srinivasa’s mahime.  Then Soothacharya told him that he will tell what he had heard from Sri Vedavyasa devaru.

Once there lived a king by name Janakaraja, who was a very good administrator, sarvashastra pandita, without anger, without ahankara.  He had a brother by name “Kushaketu”.  Janaka Maharaja had a daughter in the form Saakshat Lakshmidevi by name “Janaki”.  One day his brother Kushadwaja died and his wife followed him.  Even after 80000 years also he had never faced any sorrow.  Now, he is facing sorrow with the death of brother.  At this time Shatananda Muni came near Janakaraja.  Then Janakaraja told the Muni that now he is very aged, and he has unmarried children.  Ravana, Kumbakarna are trying to kidnap his children.  He is full of Dukha about three main things, i.e.,

  • First point of Dukha (sorrow)  – At this age, how can I fight with Ravana?
  • Second point of Dukha is that he is worried about Seethadevi, his daughter as to how to get a suitable groom.
  • Third point of Dukha – As his Brother is also dead, he has to get married all four children (his and his brother’s).  He has to give all the four children to the son of a single king.    He asked him as to how these can be fulfilled.

Shatananda Rushi told it is better to hear the Bhavishyottara purana’s Vikuntaparvata mahime.  In Kaliyuga, by hearing this all the sorrows will be removed.  By hearing this Brahma got Brahma padavi, Rudra lost the Samudramathana Visha Baadhe, Indra got Swargadhipatya,  In this way Shatananda started telling the Janakaraja as to the Venkata parvatha.

Different names in different yugas for Venkatadri parvatha –

  • In Krutayuga, it was called as “Vrushabachala” – wherein Vrushabasura was defeated by Srihari.
  • In Tretayuga, it was called as “Anjanachala” – wherein Anjana, the mother of Anjaneya did the penance in this hill
  • In Dwaparayuga, it was called as “Sheshachala” – Wherein Sheshadevaru, was defeated by Vayudevaru, when Sheshadevaru, because of Asuravesha, told that he is supreme than Vayu.
  • In Kaliyuga, it was called as “Venkatachala” – Wherein Srinivasa married Padmavathi.

Vrushabaachala in Krutayuga

Once there lived a daithya with name Vrushabaasura.  He used to give nuisance to penancing Muni and other sages.  They approached Srihari to kill him.  This Vrushabaasura used to worship Narasimha Saligrama daily by having trikala snaana with full devotion.  After the pooja is over he used to offer his own head by cutting from his sword to Nrusimha.   But the head used to come back immediately.  He did like this for 5000 years.  Pundarikaksha Srihari came near him, and this daithya did saastanga namaskara.  Srihari asked him to seek some boon.  But this daithya asked Srihari to fight with him as a boon.

The fight started between Vrushabasura and Srinivasa.  Whatever Srinivasa used to do, this daithya also used to do.  This Srihari asked Garuda to come, and he sat on him and removed his head with Sudarshana Chakra.  Before his death, Vrushabasura asked Srihari to keep his name for the hill.  So, in Krutayuga this Venkatachala was called as Vrushabaadri.

Who is this Vrushabhasura? –  In Vrushabasura, there are two jeeva (jeevadwayavesha), one is “Dharma”, who in Vaivaswatha Manvantara did the penance and Mahavaraha blessed him that his name will be used for the hill with “Vrushaba”.  The other is Vrushabasura, a daithya.  Only because Dharma was there in one jeevavesha, this daithya used to do Saaligrama shilapooja, with trikala snaana.  Because he was having Rakshasavista, he used to give nuisance to Rushi, Muni.

ANJANADRI in Tretayuga

Once there lived an Asura named Kesari who was a Vayu Bhaktha, he prayed Shivantaryami Srihari by doing tapassu.  When Srihari came in front of him, he asked to give him a Bhagavad bhakta putra.  Srihari told him that since he does not have the yoga of a putra santana, he will give him a kanye, and in her he will get grand son, who is a haribhaktha.

After some time, this Kesari got a girl baby.  Since she removed her father’s eye problem, she was called as “Anjana”.   She was married to another Kesari named monkey.  He had killed Shambasadhana named daithya, who was giving trouble to Rushi-muni.  Pleased with the killing of the daithya, the Rushi-munees blessed him with a Bhagavatottama putra.

Anjana did the tapassu, for 12 years in Narayana Parvatha, as advised by Matanga Maharshi.   She got the permission of her husband and Rushi-muni and used to do snaana in Swami pushkarini, have Ashwattha Pradakshina, Varaha Swamy Darshana, and Theerthodaka paana.   She observed fast, kept aside all bhoga and did the penance.  After completion of one year, Vayudevaru used to come daily and was giving a fruit daily.  Vayudeva, one day gave the fruit with his “veerya” and anugraha, blessed her.  During her Penance period, she used to take only wind as her food.  She did the penance for 12000 abdhi kaala.    After this, she got garbha dharana.  She gave birth in 10th month, which child was named as “Hanumantha”.  In this way, since she did the penance for a long duration in this mountain, this mountain was called as “Anjanachala”.

Sheshachala in Dwapara Yuga

Once Srimaha vishnu, asked Adishesha to guard Vaikunta dwara and was with Lakshmi Devi.   At that time, Vayudevaru came there to see Sri Lakshminarayana.  But he was stopped by Sheshadevaru, who had kali avesha at that time.  Vayudevaru reminded Sheshadevaru about what had happened when Jaya-Vijaya stopped Sanaka sanatkumaaraadi sages.   Sheshadevaru told him that he is the bed for Srihari and he is the supreme than Brahma-Vayu.    Then Vayu told him that even though a cat enters the bed of the king, it can’t be superior than an elephant standing outside.   When the conversation between Vayu-Shesha was extending for long duration, Srihari came before them, and asked them about the issue.  Srihari suggested to test who is supreme between the two.

Sheshadevaru was asked to tide Anandadri hill (son of Meru parvata),  with his body as the rope, tightly.  Vayudeva was asked to move the mountain to test who is supreme amongst them.  When Vayu did the sparsha of his single finger, Anandadri was moved over 51000 yojana near Suvarnamukee river basin.  In this way, Vayudeva was declared as supreme than Sheshadevaru.  Sheshadevaru, confessed before Vayu, who in turn blessed him.

In this way, this mountain was given the name Sheshachala, named after Sheshadevaru, who was defeated in the fight with Vayudevaru.

Venkatachala in Kaliyuga

ವೇಂ ಪಾಪಂ ಕಟತೇ ಯಸ್ಮಾತ್ಪಾದಾಹನ ಶಕ್ತಿತ: |
ವೇಂಕಟಾಚಲ ಇತ್ಯೇವ ನಾಮ ದೇವಾಸ್ತದಾ ಜಗು: |

वें पापं कटते यस्मात्पादाहन शक्तित: ।
वेंकटाचल इत्येव नाम देवास्तदा जगु: ।

As Srihari came from Vaikunta and stayed in this mountain, this place is called as Venkatachala in Kaliyuga.

Once, there lived a Brahmana by name Purancara in Kalahasti.  He was a satyavadi, well maintaining brahmanatva, was doing somayaga.  He neither had any children nor any wish for children.  He was not even bothered that he was childless.  But still he got a son at his old age, by name “Madhava”.  He got Unanayana at his age of eight, he got all types of education, and was well versed in Chaturveda, Shiksha, Vyakarana, Chandassu, Jyotisha, Meemaamsaadi, sakala shaastra.  He married Chandralekha, who was a pativrata, and was assisting his husband in all his yagna yaagaadi kaaryaas.

One day, Madhava Brahmana wished to have sex with her in the morning itself, but Chandralekha, said that this must not be done, as there are many Rushi-Muni and their aged parents are also there.  Having sex in the morning is void.  But Madhava Brahmana insisted that they shall have the sex, so Chandralekha told him as the parents are there, let us go out somewhere and have the sex outside the house.  So saying, Chandralekha went out with a vessel to bring water, Madhava Brahmana also followed her and reached a park nearby.

There, he saw a beautiful lady, whose name is “Kuntala”, who is a low caste lady.  As soon as he saw Kuntala, he was attracted by her beauty and asked his wife to go home.  As soon as his wife went home, he came near this lady and enquired  about her name, father, place, caste, etc.   He also asked her to marry him.   She told that she is from a low caste, a chaandala stree, who eat non veg and drinks wine and told him not to come near her.  She told him that you are a brahmana, who has studied veda-vedaanta and not suitable for him to marry.  But Madhava Brahmana forced her to marry him.    She told him that as she is a chaandala stree, by touching or having sex with her will result in Naraka Loka.  She told him that as you are a brahmana, you have all the samskaaraas, like Jata samskaran, jaatakarma, namakarana, annaprashana, choula, upanayana, agnisaakshi vivaaha, vedaadhyana, nitya deva pooja, Vishnu nivedita anna, etc.  Whereas Kuntala’s legs are paashana sama as she is a prostitute.    So saying, she tried to run away.

But Madhava Brahmana chased and held her and forceably raped her.  Then Kuntala told him that you have lost your Brahmanya, and asked him to remove the Yagnopaveeta, remove the Shikha, gave him Gomaamsa for eating, gave him wine for drinking, and he stopped all Brahmanya karmaadigalu and stayed with her for 12 years.   He did not even go to his house at all.  After 12 years of his stay with her, Kuntala died, now he realized his mistake.

At the same time some king and their people from northern India came touring towards Varaha parvata.  This Madhava Brahmana used to follow them, and used to eat the leftover of these people.  He followed them to Sheshaparvata.  In Shesha parvata those kings men did the snaana in Kapila Thirtha, did sankalpa, got keshavapana (hair removal).  Again had snaana, gave pitru pitaamahaadi paarvana shraaddha.  Seeing all these, Madhava Brahmana also followed them, did snaana, vapana, puna: snaana, etc.   He did snaana in Kapila Thirtha, and gave panda made of mud and did panda pradhana.    By doing so, he lost all the papa karma.  Those who who do Pitru Shraaddha, panda pradhana, in Kapila Thirtha in Vaikuntagiri will have moksha.  Madhava Brahmana did so in Vaikunta parvatha by giving pinda pradhana.

Next day, this Madhava Brahmana climbed the Venkatagiri by walking following those Kingsmen.  Wherever they go they used to do the kathana of Srihari in Garudaadri, Anjanaadri, etc.  As soon as he entered Venkataadri, by sparsha itself his Kuntala Sahavaasa paapa phala, Maatru-Pita-patni tyaaga paapa phala, maamsa bhaksha, Madhya bhakshana papa all were burnt  by the agni born in his body itself through vomiting.

Then Brahma came near Madhava Brahmana and asked him to take bath in Swaami Pushkarini Thirtha and do namaskara to Bhoo Varaha Murthy and die.  He also told him that he will born as a king as the son of Sudharma, by name Akaasha Raaja to become the king of Tonda Desha and have Narayanapura as his capital.  He also told him that Saakshaat Mahalakhmi will born as his daughter and Srihari will be his son-in-law.

वॆंकटाद्रि समं स्थानं ब्रह्मांडे नास्ति किंचन ।
वॆंकटेश समो देव: न भूतो न भविष्यति ।
स्मरणात् सर्वपापघ्नं स्तवनाद् इष्टवर्षणं ।
दर्शनान् मुक्तिदं चेशं श्रीनिवासं भजेनिशं ।

In this way, Chaturmukha Brahma, gave the boon to Madhava Brahmana, that by sparsha of the parvatha itself all his papa karmas are removed, this Sheshachala came to be called as  Venkatachala –  “VEM वें – all paapaas (sins), “KATA” कटते – to burn.  So all the devates called it as Venkatachala.  One who does the smarana of Venkatachala in the morning will have the punya of Sahasraavarthi Gangaa and Sethu yaathraa. Venkatachala removes all our sins.  That is why it is termed as Venkatachala.    This is the place where Brahma gave a boon to Madhava Brahmana and with the sparsha all his sins were removed.  Darshana of Venkatachala gives punya more than 1000 times thatn Kasi and Rameswara

Dwiteeya Adhyaya

Janakaraja asked Shatanandaru as how Srihari came to Sheshaparvata leaving Vaikunta and what he did there?.  He also asked him to narrate the Theerthaas in Sheshaparvatha, Varaharoopa mahatmye, Akasharaja and his brother’s story, how Mahalakshmi became Akasharaja’s daughter? How did Vishnu became the son in law of Akasharaja?

Shatananda replied –  Once Munishresta kashyapaadi brahmarshees, and other maharshees did an yajna near Gangaa river basin.  Then Narada Maharshi came there and asked the Brahmins as to whom are they performing the yajna? Who is the Shresta among devate?, Whom are you doing dhyana?, etc.  Here Narada’s intention in asking as to who is supreme, is just to make known to the entire loka as to who is supreme, but he knows that Srihari is supreme.

Then Rushimunees nominated Brugu Rushi to find out who is the supreme amongst all gods.  Brugu muni went to Brahma’s satyaloka.  At that time Brahmadeva was doing the stotra of Srihari in all his four faces.  Brugu did saastaanga pranaama to Brahmadeva, but he neither responded nor did he made the aashirvada.  This made Brugu think that Brahma does have some ajnaana.   He cursed Brahma not to have pooja.  But one must note that cursing of Brugu Rushi will not do any harm to Brahma.  Having cursed Brahma, he only lost his tapa shakthi.  Ofcourse. Brahma does not have pooja, but he does have Peeta pooja, Avarana pooja.  In Pushkara, the only place where Brahma’s idol is there, pratima pooja is being done to him since a long time.  Moreover, as Vayudevaru himself will be Brahma in the next kalpa, Vayu being worshipped, it means that Brahma also does have the pooja.

Then he went to Kailasa parvata to see trinetra panchamukha Rudradevaru.  But he was disappointed there also, as Rudra Devaru was with Parvathidevi and he was kaamasakta.   Parvati asked Rudra to leave her as Brugu Rushi has come.  This made Rudra angry and he chased Brugumuni to kill him.  But was stopped by Brugu who cursed him that he shall never have pooja to his idol, instead his pooja to be done to his “Linga” only.

This does not mean that Brugu Rushi is superior to Brahma or Rudra.  Brugu is only 15th in Kakshya, where Brahma is in the third kakshya and Rudra is in the fifth kakshya.   Both Brahma and Rudra wanted the entire world to understand that Srihari is supreme.

After cursing Brahma-Rudra, he went to Vaikunta loka, where he saw that Vishnu was sheshashaayi, and was being served by Lakshmidevi.  Brugu kicked Srihari’s vakshasthala with his foot.    As soon as Brugu kicked at Srihari, he got up and did the namaskaras to Brugu Rushi and he hugged him with pleasure.  He asked him as to why did he kicked him, that too you have kicked the shareera, which is so strong as diamond, and your legs must be paining.  Srihari asked Lakshmidevi to bring hot water, and did the paada prakshalana of brugu muni and did the prokshane of that paadodaka on himself  and Lakshmidevi and entire Vaikunta.

Then Brugu Rushi reached Bhooloka and told the entire world that Sri Mahavishnu is the Shresta, and all Rushees must do the samarpana of Yajna to Jaganniyamaka Srihari only.

ಹರಿ: ಸರ್ವೊತ್ತಮ: ಸಾಕ್ಷಾತ್ ರಮಾದೇವಿ ತದಂತರಮ್ |

ವಿಧಿರ್ವಾಯುಸ್ತದನ್ತೇ ಚ ತದನ್ತೇ ಶರ್ವಪೂರ್ವಕಾ: ||


हरि: सर्वॊत्तम: साक्षात् रमादेवि तदंतरम् ।


विधिर्वायुस्तदन्ते च तदन्ते शर्वपूर्वका: ॥


Meaning Srihari is Sarvottama, Sakshaat Ramadevi is next to him, next comes Brahma-Vayu, followed by Garuda, Shesha, Rudra and other devate.

After sage Brugu left Vaikunta for Bhooloka, Lakshmidevi told Vishnu that “Your Vakshastaha is my place of stay in you.  In that place itself, Brugu has kicked.  As such, I will not stay here any more and will leave for Karaveerapura”, so saying she left Vaikunta and stayed at Karaveerapura only.

Karaveerapura –  Earlier during Deva-Daanava fight, some daithyaas fearing about Devates, ran way in all directions.  Amongst them one asura named Kolla, reached Gomantaka parvata and was giving nuisance to the people and especially young ladies, and was kidnapping them.  As the nuisance created by this daithya and his mates made sage Agastya and Gautama to approach Srihari and they asked him to kill that daithya.  Srihari ordered Lakshmidevi to go to Kolhapura and there she killed that daithya.

But please note that this is only Rama-Narayana’s sports or kreeDaa vyaapara only, it is pranaya kalaha, loka mohanaartha.

मायावी परमानंदं त्यक्त्वा वैकुंतमुत्तमं ।

स्वामिपुष्करिणी तीरे रमया सहमोदते ।

maayaavee paramaanaMdaM tyaktvaa vaikuMtamuttamaM |

swaamipuShkariNee teerE ramayaa sahamOdatE |

ಮಾಯಾವೀ ಪರಮಾನಂದಂ ತ್ಯಕ್ತ್ವಾ ವೈಕುಂತಮುತ್ತಮಂ |

ಸ್ವಾಮಿಪುಷ್ಕರಿಣೀ ತೀರೇ ರಮಯಾ ಸಹಮೋದತೇ |

In this way, Srihari reached bhooloka, pretending to search for Mahalakshmi and came Narayanaadri near Swami Pushkarini

In Naaraayanaadi, Adishesha is in the parvata roopa.  Venkataadri is his head, Ahobala parvata is the centre of his body, Srishaila parvata is his tail, the entire Sheshachala is sarpaakruti.  This Parvatha has all trees, fruits, etc, all animals like Hamsa, sharaba, pig, elephant, parrot, lion, tiger, kasturimruga, horse, cows, all flowers, etc.

All the trees are devate, animals are Munishrestaas, birds are pitrudevate.


Swami pushkarini–  Once Saraswathi did the penance and wanted to be shresta than Gangaadi sakala theerthaas.  At that time Pulastya came there.  Pulastya is her son only, Saraswathi neglected him,  so he cursed that Saraswathi’s intention of becoming the superior does not yield good result.  Saraswathi also cursed him to born in Rakshasa’s vamsha.

She continued her penance once again and pleased Srihari and asked him to make her superior than all rivers.  But Srihari told her that as Pulastya has cursed, she can’t become superior than Ganga.  But she can become superior amongst all Pushkarinees, and asked her to go to Sheshagiri and stay there and that he (Srihari) will also come there at a later date.  In this way, Swami Pushkarini became the shresta pushkarini.  Snaana, paana, Pitrushraddha, saaligramadaana, godhaana and other daanaas in Swami Pushkarini will yield special punya.  In swami pushkarini there are 3 ½ Crore theertaas.    There is saannidhya of Srihari in Swami Pushkarini.  The fishes, koormaas, snakes, crocodiles in this theertha are devates.

Earlier Shanka named King did the snaana in Swami Pushkarini with proper sankalpa and got kingdom, and he reached Swarga.

Narayana named brahmana did the snaana in Swami Pushkarini and got Vikshnu loka.

Sriramachandra did snaana here in Swamipushkarini, and got back Seeta  (Pl note Ramachandra need not do for himself, but he did just for loka shikshanaartham).

Narayanagiri – Earlier there lived a Brahmin by name Narayana who did penance by doing snaana in Swami Pushkarini.  Bhagavantha came in front of him pleased with his penance.  From that day, this place was called as Narayanagiri.

To Swami Pushkarini’s west side, Varaha roopi Naarayana with Bhoodevi is staying there.  There, Lakshmipathi Vishnu wanted to have some place for his stay.  He decided to stay below the Tamarind (tintrinee) Tree. In a  hutta or valmeeka (snake’s hiding place), and stayed there for 10000 years.   At that time, that place was ruled by Chola Raaja.

Chola Raaja (as per Brahmaanda purana saptamaadhyaya) –   There lived a Dhaarmika king named Chola raja, who once went for hunting in Sheshachala, and killed many wild animals.  Once, he saw a beautiful, young girl on the way, who was a naagakanye, and a daughter of Dhananjaya, the sarparaja.   During his time, cows were giving plenty of milk, children were respecting their parents and elders, rain was regular, farmers used to grow good crops.

At that time Brahma came in the form of a cow, Rudra was the Calf and Lakshmidevi came in as a Gollati, as bhagavantha sevaroopa, they came to Cholaraja’s palace. Lakshmidevi gave that cow and calf to the king and asked him to reserve the milk of the cow to Bhagavantha only and went to Kolhapura.  But the king forgot the orders of Lakshmidevi and the cow milk was used for his child.

Those Calf and cow used to go for eating grass alongwith the other 2000 cows and searched Srihari’s whereabouts and found him in a valmeeka near Swamipushkarini and used to feed the entire milk in the valmeeka to Srihari.

Observing that the cow is not giving milk for a long time, the King’s wife scolded the gopalaka and asked him whether the gopalaka is taking the milk himself.  Next day, the Gopalaka followed the calf and cow, which went near the Valmika and feed the milk inside the valmeeka and was doing the abhisheka to Srihari.  This Gopalaka got angry and took a weapon and wanted to hit at the cow.  Srinivasa, who was in the Valmika, came out and pushed the cow back, and the weapon hit at the head of Srinivasa, and blood was flowing.  On seeing the blooding at the head of Srinivasa in a very high quantity, the Gopalaka died on the spot.  The cow went to the king’s palace and was crying In the house.  The king asked his servants to find out as to why this cow is crying.  The servant followed the cow and reported that the gopalaka had died and blood was flowing.   The king got wondered at the quantum of the blood.

At this time, Srihari came out of the Valmeeka and cursed the Chola Raaja that she shall have paishachika (ghost) janma.  Srinivasa cursed him as he is the head of the state and responsible for all happenings, he is responsible for the mistakes of his servants.

Fourth Adhyaya

Cholaraja asked Srihari as to why he cursed him and what are his mistakes?  Then Srinivasa pretended as if he is regretting for his mistake of cursing him, and told him that the king shall have sorrow till the end of Kaliyuga.  In future Akasharaja, a king will be born and he will have a daughter by name Padmavathi and that the king will give crown (Kireeta) during his kanyaadaana.  That crown will be made of 2000 tola gold, with diamond and other pearls.  Srihari is wearing on the Friday evening.


Srinivasa blessed the ghost (Cholaraja) will be free from sorrow when a few drops of water falling from his eyes and the ghost when he sees Srinivasa – it will be for six minutes – He will be having happiness.


After that Srinivasa remembered Bruhaspatyacharya, the doctor for devatas and Guru for Devatas.  Immediately he came and gave the medicines for his head injury.    He told the medicine for curing the injury on his head “ You have to take Arka tree (yakki tree) and karpasa (spruout portion) – to take the milk out of it.  That milky fluid should be applied on the wound repeatedly.


Srinivasa thought as “This Valmika tree is kausalya Devi and the Tintrini tree is the king Dasharatha.  This sheshachala is the younger brother Lakshmana.  Vaikunta parvatha is Ayodhya”.  Like this he imagined Ramavatara.


He also remembered Krishnavatara as “This Valmika is Devaki, and the Tintrini Tree is Vasudeva.  Balarama is Sheshachala and that the Mathura is Vaikuntachala.  Swamipushkarini river is Yamuna., all the animals are yadavas and the birds are Gopika women.


In this Venkata parvata, muktha Brahmaas will be in birds roopa, Mukta rudraas, and Mukta Sheshaas will be in the roopa of shresta animals, Sanatkumaaras will be in the roopa of monkeys. Even Brahma-Rudraa-Indraadi Devates are unable to understand the importance of Sheshaparvatha.  Whoever gets the human form and desires to have piligrimage towards Sheshachala, the person would be equivalent to one who had done all kinds of dharmic activities.

Even Chaturmukha Brahma, Rudra, Indra and other gods do not fully understand the mahimas of Venkatachala parvata.  When such is the case, an ordinary human being who is so small and who comes to birth again and again do not understand the glories of Venkatachala parvata, need not be told at all.


Shounakaadi Rushees asked Sootamuni to tell about Srinivasa’s kalyana mahotsava and and about Akaasharaja.

Then Sootamuniyu continued the Sri Venkateshwara’s kalyana itihaasa –

Once Srinivasa left early at Arunodaya kaala itself, to get treatment for his head.  On the way, Varaha devaru, who was hunting, came alongwith his other pigs.  At that time, all the varaahaas (pigs) enquired Srinivasa as to his identity.  On seeing those varaahaas, Srinivasa disappeared for some time.  Varaharoopi Vishnu went to Srinivasaroopi Vishnu and both together talked for some time, loka vidambanaartham.   On seeing this KroDa-Srinivasa dialogue, Brahmaadi devataas started praising and did pushpavrusti on them.  Srihari plays like an ordinary man yugaanusaara, deshaanusaara, kaalaanusaara, and as per the age factor.

Then Varaha Devaru asked Srinivasa as to why he had to leave Vaikunta.  Srinivasa explained the circumstances under which Lakshmidevi left Vaikunta and reached Kolhapura, that Brugu hit at the Vakshasthala of Srihari, and Lakshmi left Vaikunta, and he had to leave Vaikunta searching for Lakshmidevi.   After reaching Bhooloka, he was staying in a Valmeeka and the Gopalaka hit his weapon on the head of Srihari and that he is going for medication.

Srinivasa asked Varaha Devaru to give some place for his stay in Bhooloka upto the end of the Kaliyuga and as a token of value for his stay.  He has no money to give.  But he will get in future.  He also explained that the people would be rushing to see Srinivasa and give kanike.  He also told that all Srinivasa Bhaktaas must first have the darshana of Varaaha devaru. This is the kanike which he would give.   First naivedya, first Ksheeraabhisheka, theertha sevana,  to be done at Varaha devastana before Srinivasa.  On hearing Srinivasa’s request, Varahadevaru, gave him 100 steps of bhoomi

The above episode may bring us a confusion that Srinivasa & Varaha are different – Because they behaved in a different style.    Please note that there is no bedha in Bhagavantha’s avatara or moola roopa.  If we think that there is any difference, this will lead to  mahaa papa. In Treta Yuga also Dasharatha Rama & Bhargava Rama (parashurama), two avataraas were together.  In Dwapara Yuga, Krishna – Parashurama and Vedavyasa – three roopas were together, they had met at the same place and at the same time in different dress.     This is only loka shikshanaartham.  We must never confuse them with bedha chintane.  Similarly Krishna’s wives Satyabhama and Rukmini both seems to have some misunderstanding during their avatara in Krishnavatara period.  But this is only for loka reethya.  Both the roopas of Lakshmi devi – Sri & Durga are one and the same.   So is Hanuma – Bheema when both met during sougandhika issue.

Varaha Murthy at Swami Pushkarini –  Even today, Varaha is having archana thrice a day, naivedya, etc and the rice is brought from the cooking hall meant for Srinivasa’s naivedya .   The Varaha near Swami Pushkarini got the pratiste by Brahmadeva.  In Venkatachala, Srinivasa and Varaha both staying loka mohanaartham.  Varaha sent in Bakula for the seva of Srinivasa, who used to serve  with vishesha anna, ksheeraadi paaneeya samarpana to Srinvasa, she was medicating Srinivasa, used to blow hand fan when Srinivasa was sleeping, etc.

Venkataadri vaibhava

For the varnana of Venkataadri, even Shesha who has 1000 heads, Six headed Shanmukha, Five headed Rudra, Four headed Chaturmukha Brahma also not capable fully.



guru stree gamanaashcaMdrO ahalyaa saMgatO hari: |
suraapaanaashcha shukrastu suvarNa hariNaadbali: |



ಗುರು ಸ್ತ್ರೀ ಗಮನಾಶ್ಚಂದ್ರೋ ಅಹಲ್ಯಾ ಸಂಗತೋ ಹರಿ: |
ಸುರಾಪಾನಾಶ್ಚ ಶುಕ್ರಸ್ತು ಸುವರ್ಣ ಹರಿಣಾದ್ಬಲಿ: |

गुरु स्त्री गमनाश्चंद्रो अहल्या संगतो हरि: ।
सुरापानाश्च शुक्रस्तु सुवर्ण हरिणाद्बलि: ।

In this Venkataadri,  Surya-Chandra – Indraadi gods got the parihara of their papa of gurudhaaraabhigamana and other paapaas.  Sukrachaarya got removed of his paapa of drinking surapaana.

In Venkatachala parvatha, Varahadevaru is there with Dharadevi, that is why it is called as“Varaha kshetra”.

For the Jnaanees, this parvata looks like  golden parvata, so it is Kanakaadri.

Narayana named Brahmana did the penance here, so it is Venkataadri.

It is brought from Vaikunta by Garuda, so it is Vaikuntaadri or Garudaadri.

For the samrakshana of Prahlada, Narasimha appeared here so, it is Naarasimhaadri or Simhaadri.

Anjana, the mother of Hanumantha, did the penance here, so it is Anjanaadri.

Neela named monkey shresta was staying here, so it is Neelaadri

Kalau to bhaaratha varshe maanushaM janma durlabhaM |

tatO veMkaTayaatraa cha durlabhaa sukrutaM vinaa ||

During Kaliyuga getting Manushya janma is itself durlabha, that venkata parvata yaatre is durlabha.  If we do not have poorva janma punya vishesha, it is not possible at all.

Who is this Bakula ?- Bakula, is the wife of Drona named Vasu’s wife Dharadevi.  She is the abhimaani devata for the Bhoomi in Theerthakshetra.  During Krishnavatara Yashoda was the mother of Krishna.  But she was under the assumption that Krishna is her son, even though she knows that he is the  Sarvottamatva.  Because of this, she could not see any of Krishna’s marriage.  Yashoda had asked Krishna to allow her to see his marriage, Krishna had assured that in Kaliyuga when Bakula is born again, Krishna in his roopa of Srinivasa will marry Padmavathi.  Now, she is born again to see the Kalyanotsava of Srinivasa – Padmavathi.

Srinivasa was observing the sanchaara in Venkatachala like a praakruta manushya.

ದೈತ್ಯಾನಾಂ ಮೋಹನಾರ್ಥಾಯ ಸುರಾಣಾಂ ಮೋದನಾಯ ಚ |
ಕ್ರೀಡತೇ ಕ್ರೀಡನಕೈ: ಕೃಷ್ಣ: ಜಗತ್ಪಾಲಕ ಬಾಲಕ: |

दैत्यानां मोहनार्थाय सुराणां मोदनाय च ।
क्रीडते क्रीडनकै: कृष्ण: जगत्पालक बालक: ।

daityaanaaM mOhanaarthaaya suraaNaaM mOdanaaya cha |
krIDatE krIDanakai: kRuShNa: jagatpaalaka baalaka: |



This jagatpaalaka Krishna,  used to play like this for asurajana mohanaartham, for modana of devataas



Srinivasa wanted to sit on a “hayam” (horse) – immediately an horse came before him. Vayudeva himself came in the form of a horse. | Varado vayu vaahana: |  Lakshmidevi was the rope.  Srinivasa wear all the ornaments, had a white dhotra, with uttareeya.  Saw his face in the mirror.  Had Urdhwapundra, Naama, Kunkuma tilaka on his forehead.  Had golden yagnopaveeta, kanteesara, had golden bangles and looked like a bridegroom.  He looked like manmatha, he is saakshaat manmata manmatha: |  As Srihari does the mathana of all the manassu, he is Manmatha.  Rudra devaru burnt Manmatha with his third eye.  Even Srihari did the mathana of Rudra through his mohini roopa.

He rode the horse and went for hunting Sharabha, Lion, tiger, and other jungle animals.

There he saw a single male elephant and chased it for a long distance.  Then the elephant which saw Srinivasa on a horse, after he chased it for some distance, made danda pranaama by lifting its trunk and disappeared.  (shloka 15-16). There Srinivasa saw some girls.

Then Shounakaadi sages asked Sootacharya to tell about those girls, whose children they are? Why they came to the forest? Etc.

Then Sootacharya started telling about those kanyaas –

At the end of dwapara yuga, in the start of 28th Kaliyuga, Vikramadityaraayaadi kings had departed from this world.  After that in Chandravamsha, there lived a king named Suveera, who had a son named Sudharma, who got sons named Akasha Raja and Tondamaana.  Akaasharaja married Dharaneedevi.  Tondamana married Padma, and other 100 girls, so Tondamana is termed as “Shatavallabha”.

Akasharaja, who had no children, was worried and called his gurugalu Bruhaspatyacharyaru and told him –  I have Elephant, Horse, Chariot, and all rajyasukha.  I have done so many daanaas, theertha yaatre.  But why I have not been given any children.  Mostly I have done many a sins in my previous janma and as I don’t have a male child, I may have to go to Punnama Naraka, which is meant for childless.    I may not be able to do the namakarana, upanayana, marriage of my children.

Bruhaspatyacharyaru suggested him to do Putakameshti yaaga.  For doing the yaaga, he was doing the shodha (digging) of the bhoomi.  There they saw one lotus flower, which has 1000 dalaas.  The king was surprised at seeing the 1000 dala lotus and in that lotus, he saw a beautiful female child.  He thought the god has given them this child.  Akasharaja held the child in his arms and was enjoying.  At that time there was ashareeravani from vayudevaru that this child is the poorva janma punya phala.

ಪದ್ಮೋದರಾಂ ಪದ್ಮಗರ್ಭಾಂ ಪದ್ಮಜಾತಾಂ ವರಾನನಾಂ |
ಪದ್ಮಾಯಾ ಅವತಾರತ್ವಾದ್ ರಾಜಾ ಪದ್ಮಾವತೀತಿ ಚ |

पद्मोदरां पद्मगर्भां पद्मजातां वराननां ।
पद्माया अवतारत्वाद् राजा पद्मावतीति च ।

The female baby was named as “padmavathi” as they got her from lotus – padma.   “padmE sthitaam padmavarNaam” , “padmodaraaM”.  She is the abhimani for padma, she is the mother of padmaasana.

She was Vedavathi in her previous janma during Tretayuga.  When Kushadhvaja was doing the adhyayana of Vedaas, Vedavathi came out of his mouth, she is none other than Vedhaabhimani Lakshmidevi, by the name “Vedavathi”.  Once she was doing the tapassu for Srihari, at that time Ravana tried to touch her, she jumped in the agnikunda and agnideva had given her to Raavana in Seetaakruti.  Ravana had kept her in Ashokavana.  After the killing of Ravana, Seetha jumped into Agni.  After some time Seetha and Vedavathi, both came out of the Agni.    Then Seethadevi recommended  Ramachandradevaru to accept Vedavathi.  Rama had told Seetha that he is Ekapatni vratasta during Ramavatara and that he will accept her in future.    The same Vedavathi is now found to Akasharaja in the bhoomi.

Akasharaja gave that child in the hands of his wife Dharaneedevi and told her to look after the child as if it is born in her garbha itself.  He made lot of daana after getting the child.  After some time, Dharaneedevi became pregnant.  Then the king did the seemantonnayana.  After the ninth month, Dharaneedevi gave birth to a male child, who was named as Vasudhana.   The king gave daana of 1000 cows, 10000 horses, navadhaanyaas, shvetachatra, chamara, etc.

After many years, Padmavathi entered youvanavasthe and she was very beautiful.  Now the king akasharaja was dreaming of her marriage with a suitable groom and was searching for the groom.   The same Padmavathi has now entered a beautiful garden and was plucking the flowers.  At that time Narada Maharshi came there in the disguise of an aged man.   He asked Padmavathi to show her hands and started telling her bhavishya – that – you are getting Lakshmipathi as her husband.  Your face is like Chandra, your eyes are equal to lotus, your nose is like flower, your chin is shining like mirror, your eyebrows are equal to arrow, your teeth is shining like dalimbe seeds, your tongue is very soft, your neck is like rays of sun.    After blessing her (loka reethya), Naradamuni disappeared.  Then he did the namaskara to her feet manasa and went to Narayana’s avasastana Sheshaparvata.


Sootacharya told –

Srinivasa went for hunting sitting on the horse chasing elephant, which went near the park where Padmavathi and her servants were enjoying.  Chasing the elephant, Srinivasa, also came there near the garden.  On seeing the elephant, these girls and Padmavathi stood hiding behind a tree.  Freightened and having closed their eyes, they were watching the elephant.  Those girls saw an handsome person on a horse, who was decorated with ornaments, looked like manmatha.  That elephant made the saastanga namaskara to this handsome man by lifting its trunk and disappeared in the forest area.  On seeing this, the girls were shocked and started discussing about that handsome man. Padmavathi asked her servants/friends to enquire about that man, about his parents and his relations, his country, his nature, job, name, gotra, etc.

Those girls asked Srinivasa to tell as to why he has come here and enquired about his presence in the garden.  Srinivasa replied –  I have come here in search of a bride, and without telling to them, he came directly in front of Padmavathi and told her as follows –

“I am from Chandra Vamsha, and gotra – Vasista Gotra. My father is Vasudeva, mother Devaki, Balarama is my brother, Subadra is my younger Sister, Arjuna is my friend, and all Pandu putraas are my relations.  I am the eighth son to Devaki.  Seventh son to my parents is Balarama.  As I was born in Krishna Paksha and I was Krishna varna (black colour) like my mother, I was called as Krishna”.  He asked her to tell her details.

Padmavathi started telling –  “I am the daughter of Akasharaja by name Padmavathi.  I am also from Chandravamsha.  My gotra is Atri” and then she asked Srinivasa to go back.  Srinivasa told that he has come in search of her only and asked her to agree for marriage and that he is ready even to die in the hands of Akasharaja and sought her hands and came near her riding on an horse.  Padmavathi got angry, and tried to frighten Srinivasa and threw a stones on him with force.  Her friends also threw stones continuous on Srinivasa and the horse which he was riding fell dead.  Srinivasa on seeing the dead horse, was looking at all directions and was shocked and thought that the horse died because of his fault and went towards north directions.  Srinivasa climbing the steps reached home and slept in the bed, crying. (Note : Jagannaataka Sootradari Srinivasa pretended like sleeping. He does not have any problem, no question of thinking, bother, but he is just pretending only).


Srinivasa is called as “Vrushakapi” which means – As he is shadguna poorna – Vrusha, akam – sorrow, pEshaNaat – removes – i.e, he removes sorrow – Vrushakapi; ii) As he gives all our abhishtaas and gives – he is Vrushakapi.  Bakuladevi came for the seva of Srinivasa and brought Tovve, kajjaya, payasa, shadvidhannam for bhojana for him.

Shadvidhaannam – “Paramaannam, haridraannam, dadhyannam, krusarOdanam, gudOdanam cha mudgaannam ityannam Shadgidham smRutam” – vishnutIrthIya.


1. paramaannam – comprise of rice, milk thribble of rice, water, jiggery, and parimala items.


2. Haridraannam – comprise of anna, ghee, turmeric, jeera, salt, pepper


3. Dadhyaannam – comprise of curds, rice, salt, pepper, jinger, lime, etc


4. Krusaraannam – comprise of akki, dall, pepper, ellu powder


5. Gudaannam – comprise of rice, ghee, godambi, draakshi, etc


6. Mudganna – huggi comprise of rice, moongdall, ghee, ginger, etc.

Bakuladevi prays Srinivasa to get up, who was pretending to have deep sleep, as if he was tired. She says – You are Nirdoshashesha, sadguni, don’t sleep like prakruta jeeva. She asks him as to why he is in sorrow. Whether he has seen any demon (bootha) in forest, whether he got frightened because of wild animals in the forest, or whether he was attacked by any robbers, or whether he has seen any kanya, or gandarva kanye on his way. She came near Srinivasa and was pressing his foot and prays him to get up.

Srinivasa got up and says – He has not seen any gandarva stree, rushi kanye, rakshasi, bootha, pishachi, etc, or any wild animals, and that he has seen a beautiful kanye, who had a face similar to poorna Chandra, and she is found with the punya of many births. He further said that he can’t live without Padmavathi. Even though she threw stones on him, he says he is not angry at her. He has come from Vaikunta for marrying Padmavathi only. He further says to Bakula that “ If you can’t ensure her marriage with me, I would die. Brahma has done your srusti only for the removal of my sorrow, As such it is your duty to arrange for my marriage with Padmavathi”

Here we must note – Srinivasa is only pretending. Even though the above circumstances says that Srinivasa is attacked by Kaama – He does not have any kaama at all. He is Svaramana. He does not have anything to do with Lakshmi. Acharya Madhwa has clarified on many occasions that Srihari has his own roopa – the stree roopa who is more beautiful than Lakshmidevi. He says that he has come out of Vaikunta in search of Lakshmi. All these are only loka mohanartham.

Bakula asks Srinivasa as to who is that girl? Whereabouts of her? . Then Srinivasa explains the janma vruttaanta of Padmavathi –

During his Ramavatara, he had gone to Dandakaranya, and had gone for hunting a disguised deer for Seetha, where Ravana wanted to kidnap Seetha. Seetha started crying “Haa Raama | haa lakshmana|”. On hearing this, Agni came out from Patalaloka and asks Ravana to leave Seetha. He further says Ravana that the one Seetha which Ravana is trying to kidnap is not the real Seetha. She is only a Brahmana putri and the real Seetha is with Agni only. So saying Agni brought in Vedavati and told that she is the real Seetha. Ravana honouring his words took Vedavathi assuming that she is real Seetha. But here also, Agni did the creation of Chaaya seeta (Seetakruti) and cheated Ravana. In the Chayaseetha or Seethakruthi Indra was there for the movements of the akruti, Vedavathi also entered in the akruti. Real Seetha went to Kailasa for being worshipped by Ishwara – Parvathi. Ravana could neither touch the Seethakruti nor the original Seetha. Even though he carried Seethakruti, he could pull only the Chaaya or shadow of the akruti.

Who is Vedavathi? Vedavathi – She is the daughter of Kushadwaja, (s/o Bruhaspati). Vedavathi is saakshat Lakshmidevi born as a boon to Kushwadwaja. As once Ravana did the sparsha of her, she entered Agni and got paavitrya, and she was with Swahadevi, the wife of Agni.

After some time, Ramachandra killed Ravana and brought back Seetha who was kept below the Shimshupa Vruksha by Ravana. If he bring Seetha as it is, people may have doubt on Seetha. That is why he asked Seetha to do the pravesha in Agni. After entering Agni, she came out alongwith another woman, who looked similar in size, height, roopa. Then Seetha told Ramachandra that she is Vedavathi who was with Swahadevi & Agni, who is born to marry Srihari. She further told that it was she who was there in Lanka suffered torture by Ravana. Seetha pleads Rama to marry Vedavathi. But Rama said that he is Eka patni Vrathasta and that he will marry her during 28th Kaliyuga, till then let her be there in Satyaloka being worshipped by Brahmadeva. Same Vedavathi who was there in Satyaloka, now is born as Padmavathi.

Bakula told Srinivasa that she will go to Akasharaja and ask him to give his daughter to Srinivasa. He gave the direction for going to Akasharaja’s city. As directed by Srinivasa, she went on a horse, crossed Suvarnamukhee river, reached Agastya Rushi ashrama, and she had the darshana of Kapileshwara, (Rudradevaru), then she had the bath at Kapila Sarovara, prayed him to arrange for the marriage of Srinivasa-Padmavathi. There, she saw some girls who had come for praying Kapileswara for the welfare of Padmavathi. She came to know that they are from Akasharaja, so she followed those girls and reached the king’s palace.

Before she could reach the Narayanapura, kingdom of Akasharaja, Srinivasa , thought that Bakula devi, being a woman may find it difficult to do all the work herself. In order to ensure smooth work of Bakula, he decided to go to Akasharaja’s city in the disguise of a Koravanji – a 50 years aged woman dress, with Brahma as her child, Rudra as her stick, Lakshmidevi as the basket, carrying the basket on her head. She was wearing ornaments made of Gulaganji, Shanka, teethless with the name Dharmadevate. She started walking through the streets of Narayanapura and the people of the city brought this to the notice of Dharanidevi, the wife of Akasharaja. Dharanidevi sent her people to bring Dharmadevate Koravanji to the palace, but she refused unless invited personally by Dharanidevi.

Then Dharanidevi came herself running and invited Dharmadevate and arranged to sit on a Rathna Simhasana. Dharmadevate started telling – Lakshmipati Narayana is my husband, he only has ordered me to come here and that she can tell Bhoota – Bhavishyat – Vartamana all information. Dharanidevi gave morada baagina. She also sent in food – ksheeranna in a golden vessel for the child of Koravanji. But the child refused to eat as it (Brahma) does not anivedita, maanushaanna. Then Koravanji herself ate the Ksheeranna (It served as the naivedya for Srihari as he himself has taken the ksheeranna in the disguise of koravanji). After Bhojana, she took taamboola.   To see the roopa of Srihari in the disguise of Koravanji, Brahma Rudradi devates all came to see in their respective aeroplanes and were telling – “How punyavathi is Dharanidevi, Shadgunaikasara Srinivasa is sitting in front of her as a prakruta stree”. This is loka vidambana by Srihari.


Dharmadevate  (koravanji) started doing the dhyana of kuladevatas. First she prayed Narayana, Lakshmi, Brahma, Saraswathi, Rudra, Indra, Shachi, Agni, Yamaadi asta dikpalakaas, and their wives, Rushi, pitru, Gandarvas, Kashi Vishweswara, Kashi Bindu Madhava (a roopa of Srihari came to bless Bindu named Rushi. With the darshana of Bindu Madhava, even our punya which is just similar to Bindu, a dot could become Anantha), Gaya Vishnupaada, Prayaga Ganga-Yamuna-Saraswathi, Ramachandra near Godavari teera, Gunja narasimha near Kaveri-Kapila, Puri Jagannatha, Panduranga on the banks of the river Bheemarathi, Ahobala Narasimha, Pampa Virupaksha (Hampe called as Dakshina Kashi on the banks of Tungabadra River, where Pampa is none other than Parvathi and Virupaksha is Eswara), Srishaila Parvata (Here Parvati’s name is Mallika, Shiva is named as Arjuna, that is why here it is called as Mallikarjuna), Sri Kalahasteeswara (Sri –Jeda, kaala – snake, hasti – elephant, the trio Jeda, snake and elephant did the penance here and pleased Shiva, who came in as Sri Kalahasteeswara), Chaturbuja Ghatakachala Anjaneya, Narasimha, Shiva in Vruddachala, Kanchi Varadaraja, Ranganatha in Sriranga, Shwetha Varaha in Srimushna, Shanjapani Krishna in Kumbakona, Krishna in Madhura, Ramasethu, Rameshwara linga in Dhanushkoti, Padmanabha in Ananthashayana, Subramanya in Kumaradhara, Udupi Chandramouleshwara, Gokarneshwara, Harihareshwara on the banks of river Tungabadra, and remembered all the rivers Ganga………, etc.


Now she took the handstick (kaigolu) and said – She has been attracted by a handsome person who resembles Manmatha. Yesterday, when your daughter Padmavathi had gone alongwith her friends to a park, there she saw a handsome person coming on a beautiful horse. As soon as she sees him, she got attracted and she is “Kaama pidite”. Only remedy for cure of her disease is getting marriage of your daughter with that handsome man. That Kirata is not an ordinary man. He is none other than Sakshat Srimannaarayana now in Venkatagiri in the name of Srinivasa. He is educated, dhanavaan, shaktimaan and has pity on your daughter as well. That is why even though his horse was killed by your daughter, he didn’t got angry at her.


Dharanidevi asked – Without being asked to give our daughter, how can we get her married to him?


Dharmadevate – Within a short time, one old lady will come and ask you to give your daughter to Srinivasa. She also asked to take an oath that she will get her daughter married only to Srinivasa.


After taking oath, she blessed them all and went off Narayanapura, carrying the child, moradabagina, basket, to north side.


Now, Dharanidevi turns to Padmavathi and asked her tell about her aspirations. Then Padmavathi told that she saw a handsome person in the park yesterday and that she is not in a position to forget that person. She also tells the characters and symptoms of Srinivasa devotees – They would be interested in Veda Shastra, vrata, and other niyama nistas, they would be wearing Shanka Chakra Mudradharana, Urdwapundra, they would be serving their parents very well. Who can live without the chintana of Srinivasa?


Dharanidevi brought the entire episode in front of Akasharaja and requested him to arrange for the marriage of Padmavathi. At the same time those servants who had gone to Agastyeswara for having the Rudrabhisheka also returned with the prasada. They also told that they have brought one aged lady from Srinivasa, by named Bakuladevi, who has come with a request for a kanya. Bakula told the details about the groom Srinivasa – He is from Chandravamsha, mother – Devaki, father – Vasudeva, Name – Krishna, Nakshatra – Shravana, Age – 25 years, he is educated, wealthy, and sadachara sampanna.

Dharanidevi asked Bakula as to why Srinivasa is yet to marry so long?


Bakula replied – Srinivasa was married at his young age itself but he is childless as such, now we are trying to get him married again.

Akasharaja sent in his son Vasudana (Chandravatara) for bringing Bruhaspatyacharya from Indraloka to see the matching of horoscope of Padmavathi & Srinivasa.


When Akasharaja wanted to know more about Srinivasa, Bruhaspatyacharya directed him to meet Shukacharya, who is staying nearby Shukashrama.


Tondamanaraja, the brother of Akasharaja met Shukacharya and appraised him about the decision of Akasharaja to give his daughter  to Srinivasa, the sage Shuka expressed his extreme happiness, he lost his control, tore the Krishnanjina, behaved as if he is a mad.  His mind was not under his control for some time.  After some time, he recovered himself normal,  told Akasharaja that the kanyadaana would get chaturvida purushartha, and would please the entire world.


Shuka, after hearing this went to see Akasharaja,  decoreated himself very well with new darbagra, tulasikasta maale, went in the horse brought by Tondamanaraja.


Akasharaja told – his daughter is from Atrigotra, Mrugashira nakshatra.


Bruhaspatyacharya told – Grahakoota, naadikoota, rajjukoota, yonikoota, mangalyakoota, all are fine for the groom-bride.


Then Akasharaja did the nischaya of Padmavathi’s marriage with Srinvasa and did Ganapathi pooja, punyaha, and did the sankalpa of kanyadana.  Akasharaja wrote Lagnapatrike to Srinivasa which reads –  “  This is Akasharaja doing the Vijnapana to Srinivasa on Chaitra Shukla trayodashi day.    You are aprakruta shareeri, Sachidananda roopa, Sarvatantra svatantra, Ekamevaadviteeya, anantavEda pratipaadya, Mukya tama, Shaanghadhara, DevaanudEva poojita, Bhaktavatsala, Sarvatra vyaapaka, You can’t be learnt even with samasta veda vEdaanga, anantaananta kalyaaNagunaparipoorna, Venkatagirisha, Lakshmipathi Srinivasa –  Even though I am elder in age, I am unfit to bless you, as you possess uncountable values, gunaas.  But still, as you would be my son in law, I am blessing you.  All are fine.  I am writing this letter requesting for your ashraya.  We are staying in Narayanapura with your anugraha only.”


“ We have decided to get married our daughter Padmavathi to you with the blessings and orders of Harigurugalu.  Please bless with by marrying my daughter on Vaishaka Shudda Dashami shukravara”.    He sent that invitation to Srinivasa through Shukacharya.


He further told Shukacharya that he is ready to give any thing which Srinivasa demands and he asked him to ensure Srinivasa agreeing for the marriage.


Shukacharya went to Venkatachala parvata during afternoon.  As he was going with the intention of having the darshana of Srinivasa, he didn’t faced any hurdle or strain at all on his way.    As soon as Shukacharya entered Srinivasa’s house, he asked him as to whether his work is fruitful or not.  Shukacharya replied that never Srinivasa’s works can be a failure, it is fruitful only.


Srinivasa expressed his happiness by hugging Shukacharya and told him that as you have ensured my marriage, you will get moksha definitely.  Earlier during Ramavatara, Rama had hugged Hanuman similarly and had assured him Sahabhoga, now he has hugged Shukacharya.  Then Shukacharya handed over the lagnapatrike sent by Akasharaja to Srinivasa and enquired kshema samachara of Akasharaja, Tondamana, Dharanidevi, and Vasudhana.


Then Srinivasa started writing consent letter to Akasharaja – which reads as – “Raajadhiraja, Sudharma raja putra Akasharaja, my sastanga namaskara.  I, Srinivasa hereby agree for the marriage and writing the shubha lagnapatrike.  …. ”.


Shukacharya left Srinivasa sannidhana to handover the lagnapatrike given by Srinivasa to Akasharaja.


At that time came, Bakula, who had gone for requesting Akasharaja to give Padmavathi to Srinivasa, who told all the incidents, which enabled her work easy that a Koravanji had already came and recommended Akasharaja for the marriage.


After everything has been arranged for the marriage of Srinivasa – Padmavathi, now Srinivasa told Bakula that it is not fair to get married now as he is alone, he does not have any relatives,  whereas Akasharaja has so many relatives.    Bakula replied that Shukamuni is eager to see your marriage, Bruhaspatyacharya is the niyamaka for your marriage.  You just remember your sons, grand sons, Brahma, Rudra,  Indra, etc and their sons, etc…  Let Akasharaja see your relatives.  In this Kaliyuga it is durlabha that gods are coming to bhooloka.


Brahma – Rudra came to Bhooloka


Now, Srinivasa remembered Garuda – Shesha, who immediately came in front of him and asked for his orders.  Srinivasa sent in Garuda to Brahmaloka and Sesha to Rudraloka to invite them for the marriage, who did so.    Brahma on seeing the invitation was very happy and asked his dwarapalakas to play all instruments like bheri dundhubhi with the slogan that “ the entire sainya to go to Venkatachala, in the south of Jambudweepa’s bharathakanda for the Srinivasa’s marriage”.  Brahma arranged for the vehicles, ornaments, jewels for all the satyaloka gods.    Brahma decorated his kireeta, started on his vehicle “hamsa” alongwith Saraswathi, Gayatri, Savitri, Sanakaadi Rushees, etc.  All other gods followed him in different vehicles.  All the gods were playing different instruments like bheri, dundhubhi, mrudanga, dindima, muraja, veena, etc.  Haha huhu Gandharvaas were singing, Tumburu, and others were chanting, all followed Brahma.  From Satyaloka, they passed through various lokaas on the way, i.e., Tapoloka, janoloka, maharloka, svargaloka and reached bhooloka.  On the way, all those who saw the team of Brahma from different lokaas, also followed him.


Here in Venkatachala, Srinivasa was worried that his son Brahma is yet to come.  By that time one servant came and told that Brahma has crossed Ganga.  After some time another servant told Brahma has crossed Godavari.  By that time Garuda came and told that Brahma has crossed Krishna river and reached Srishaila Parvatha, afterwards reached Ahobalakshetra.  After some time, Vishwaksena came and told that Brahma has come to Tumburu Tirtha and is taking bath there.


Srinivasa, pretending putravatsalya loka reethya, wanted to see his son Brahma very urgently, so he sat on Garuda and went to see Brahma.   Vishwaksena told Brahma that Srinivasa is coming to see you here itself.  On hearing this, Hamsavahana Brahma got down from Hamsa, and walked through.  It is an indication to the people that we should not sit in vehicles in the sannidhana of Srihari. As soon as they came near, Brahma made saastaanga namaskara to Srinivasa and stood with folded hands in front of Srinivasa.


Srinivasa and Brahma both stood filled with anandabhaashpa for some time. Entire satyaloka residents who had come to see the marriage felt very happy on seeing this.  Srinivasa enquired kshema samachara of Brahma and his sons, grandsons.  Brahma replied that with the anugraha of Srihari all are fine.


Srinivasa narrated the circumstances which forced him to marry Padmavathi – He came from Vaikunta after Brugu hit at the vakshasthala, when Lakshmidevi left Vaikunta to Karaveerapura.  Srinivasa stayed in an anthill (hutta), and a cow was daily offering milk to Srinivasa, a servant of Cholaraja tried to hit at the cow, but Srinivasa came out of ant hill and protected the cow,  so, he  got a beat on his head.  Bruhaspati gave the medicines for curing the hit on head.  Srinivasa told Brahma to do namaskara to Bakuladevi saying he only protected him.    Brahma enquired as to who was Bakula, Srinivasa narrated that she was Yashoda in Krishnavatara, now she has come to serve me.  He also told Brahma that he saw Padmavathi near Padmasarovara and decided to marry her.

Srihari’s bandhu bandhavaas arrived

By that time Vayudeva came alongwith Bharatidevi on his vehicle deer, brought great fragrance.    Shiva also came alongwith Gauri, Shanmukha,  and did the vandana to Srinivasa, Brahma, Vayu.


Then came Kubera, Yakshaas, and their wives, children.  Srinvasa blessed Kubera to be always dhanavanta.  Agni, the yagneswara alongwith Svaaha, Swadha came.  Yamadharma with his wife Shyamale, and his servants  and Chitragupta also arrived.  Varuna came on his vehicle crocodile.  Indra came with Shacheedevi on his Airavatha.  Soorya-Chandra, Manmatha came with Rathi on horse.


Kashyapa, Atri, Bharadhwaja, Vishwamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni, Vasista, Valmiki, Parashurama, Shala, Pulastya, Dadeechi, Shunashyepa, Gaalava, Gaargya, etc all Rushees also came.  All Apsarastrees, Gandharvaas, pitrus, Siddaas, Chaarunaas, also came.

Vishwakarma built Marriage hall

Vishwakarma, the devatashilpi also arrived.  Srinivasa ordered Vishwakarma to build a beautiful marriage hall so that the entire devataas can sit in that hall.  He built it with 50 Yojana visteerna, 30 yojana broad.  Srinivasa told Viswakarma to build sabha, houses at Narayanapura also.  Vishwakarma made all the forest areas, hill areas, removed humps, ensured smooth walkable place, with beautiful pillars.  The marriage hall was decorated with pillars covered by huge ornaments, all the gopuraas are covered with diamond, muttu, ratna ornaments.  Ashashaale, gajashaale, borewells, canals were also constructed.

Ekadashaodhyaaya :

Srinivasa told Brahma that if you all agree and give the consent only, I will marry Padmavathi.  Rudra told – Srinivasa, you are pretending now.  If you have interest you can marry.  Brahma told – You are sarvajna, satya sankalpa, now we have to Ganapathi pooja, varuna pooja, navagraharchana, naandi devata pooj, kuladevata pooja, goudaanika vrata, samavartana, etc and asked Srinivasa to give permission for Punyahavachana.


Responsibility shared –


  • Srinivasa told Vasista Rushi to do Punyavachana with Yajurveda mantra.
  • Srinivasa nominated Brahma as the Yajamana.
  • Rudra, being the Manoniyamaka was given the responsibility of giving respective honour to gods, rushees, etc as he can understand the minds of all.
  • Manmatha to assist Shiva.
  • Shanmukha was given the responsibility of inviting the guests, as he has six faces, he can see from six directions and invite them easily.
  • He called Agni, his wives and told him to look after cooking for all, as the cook by Agni will be accepted by one and all.
  • Varuna was given the responsibility of supplying water to all.
  • Yamadharma to look after the miscreants and shikshana of dushtaas if any.
  • Vayu was given the responsibility of supplying fragrance items.
  • Kubera, from whom Srinivasa took loan was asked to look after dakshine to Brahmins, supply of ornaments for all.


Srinivasa remembers Lakshmi


Now, Srinivasa showed another drama.  He said that he is not interested in marriage ,as he is feeling the absence of Lakshmidevi, who is yet to come from Karaveerapura.  He called in Soorya and told him to tell Lakshmi that Srinivasa is ill and ask her to come immediately.  Surya expressed suspicion that Lakshmi may not believe Srinivasa can be ill, as she knows that Srihari is aprakruta.  But Srinivasa insisted Soorya to tell like that only.  So, Soorya told Lakshmi that Srinivasa is ill and wanted to see Lakshmi immediately.    Even though Lakshmi knows that Srihari can’t be ill for ever, at this point of time, she believed the words of Soorya with the illusion created by Srihari.  She came running to see him to Venkatachala.  When she reached and went to see him, Srinivasa pretended as if he seriously ill, and could not move at all.  After some time, he pretended improvement in health and was normal.  Now, Lakshmi realized that Srihari is doing all this for vidambana.


Tailabhyanjana for Srinivasa –

Srihari wept saying – during my Vivahotsava, there is no one who can do abhyanjana with Ashirvada, i.e., mangalasnaana.    I don’t have any parents,  sister, brother, father in law, or any relative who can give me oil bath.    There is no one who is equal to mother  and father.  When there is no one, what is the necessity for me to marry now.  Srinivasa pretended.


Chaturmuka replied – Why you are creating moha on us.  I am your son,  another son Vayu is there, Shiva is your grand son and Skanda is your grand grand son.   Saraswathi-Bharathi are your daughters in law.  Sauparni, Varuni, etc devataas are at your service always.  You are saakshaat Srimannarayana.  Mahalakshmi is your wife.


Ramadevi replied – that she will do the abhyanjana and asked him to come out of his pretending weeping.


Then Srinivasa sought the permission from all the devataas for taking abhyanjana snaana and sat poorvabhimukha for tailabhyanjana shastra.  Arundathi and Parvathi gave mantrakshata, tamboola and taila shastra.   Srinivasa sat on ratnapeeta.  Ramadevi brought taila paatra and did the abhyanjana by telling the shloka –

धीर्घायुर्भव गोविंद बहुपुत्रो धनाधिप: ।
चतुर्दशनानां लोकानामेकछत्रादिपो भव ।

ಧೀರ್ಘಾಯುರ್ಭವ ಗೋವಿಂದ ಬಹುಪುತ್ರೋ ಧನಾಧಿಪ: |
ಚತುರ್ದಶನಾನಾಂ ಲೋಕಾನಾಮೇಕಛತ್ರಾದಿಪೋ ಭವ |

Note – Dheergaayurbhava Govinda –  Ramadevi told like this only for loka shishanartham.  You are the owner of the entire world.  You are the Ekachatradhipathi for all the 14 lokaas.   By so saying, she applied oil for the aprakurtha deha of Srinivasa and gave him oil bath as abhisheka for Srinivasa.

Then muthaide strees sung praising songs.    Saraswathi supplied the vastra for drying.  Parvathi devi offered dhoopa items to Lakshmidevi.  Lakshmidevi tied the hair on the head;  Savitridevi showed the mirror.  Ratidevi and Shachi devi did the chamara seva.  Bharathidevi offered the Shwethachatra; Gangadevi offered the pair of paaduka.    Brahma-Vayu, Rudra, Ashta Dikpalakaas, Kashyapadi Rushees,  Brugu, Narada, had the divya darshana of Srinivasa.    Srinivasa had the urdhwapundra dharana.    Jaganmathe Ramadevi applied tilaka on the forehead of Srinivasa.    Rudra brought various ornaments from Kubera, which Lakshmi devi did the alankara smilingly.

Srinivasa had the peetambara dharana and mounji.  He did the sandhyavandana, oupasana.

Srinivasa did the Ganapathi pooja praying lokareethya for NirviGnatha, did punyavahana under the pourohitya of Vasista Rushi.  Chaturmukha did the ashtavarga seva.    Vasista asked Srinivasa as to who is your Kuladevata, as he has to do the sthapane of Kuladevate.    Srinivasa told that kuladevate for him as well as for Pandavaas is “Shami”.    Then Agasthya rushi gave the direction that the Shami Vruksha is near Kumara Dhara Tirtha and asked Srinivasa to go and bring a branch of the tree.  Srinivasa went to the Shami tree did the namaskara and prayed –

“Shamee” or” banni”was the kula devate for Paandavaas and even Srinivasa also told that it is his kuladeva.

ಶಮಿ ಶಮಯತೆ ಪಾಪಂ ಶಮೀ ಶತ್ರುವಿನಾಶಿನಿ |
ಆರ್ಜುನಸ್ಯ ಧನುರ್ಧಾರಿ ರಾಮಸ್ಯ ಪ್ರಿಯವಾದಿನಿ |


शमि शमयतॆ पापं शमी शत्रुविनाशिनि ।
आर्जुनस्य धनुर्धारि रामस्य प्रियवादिनि ।


śhami śhamayate pāpaṁ śhamī śhatruvināśhini |
ārjunasya dhanurdhāri rāmasya priyavādini |

Shamee Tree desroys our sins, it destroys our enemies. It was holding the Dhanas of Arjuna for one full year and it is Sri Ramachandra’s favourite tree.


Pandavaas after being cheated by kauravaas, and having finished their 12 years “vanavaasa” (stay at forest), had to observe Ajnathavasa, (i.e., to stay in a well known place, but their identity not to be traced by any).  So, in order to stay in Viratanagar, they kept all their weapons in a Shamee tree.  When they returned from Ajnathavasa, the weapons were safe there, so, to express their gratitute, they started worshipping Shamee tree.  The same custom is being practiced even today.  Shamee is helpful for pregnant woman to prevent miscarriage.  Shamee is useful for treatment of astama, bronchitis, desentery, locoderma and piles.

By so saying he did the pooja and cut one branch of Shamee and  keeping it over his head, he brought it accompanied by mangalavaadya.  Vasista Rushi did the sthapane of Shamee branch in the place of Srinivasa that is near Varaha sannidhana.  Srinivasa requested Varaha (Both are the same avatara, there is no bedha between the two – lokareethya) to come to his marriage alongwith Dharanidevi to the Akasharaja’s palace.  Then Varaha replied that he is busy with the crop season and as such he is sending Bakuladevi as his representative.

Srinivasa did the pratiste of Shamee in the sannidhi of Varaha.

Srinivasa called Brahma and instructed him to send all the people to Narayanapura.  Brahmadeva replied that after doing the kuladevata pratiste, and Naandi samaradhana, one must arrange for Brahmana samaradhana and get their blessings.  As such, without doing bhojana, when every body is hungry it is improper to move from here.  Srinivasa replied I don’t have any money with me.  When I came from Vaikunta, I have not brought any thing.  I have spent nearly 10000 years here with extreme difficulty only.  As such, it is not possible for me to arrange for bhojana for all now.  Brahma was silent at the words of Srinivasa.  Now Rudra told “If money is not there, atleast one must borrow and do all the requirements”.

Borrowed from Kubera –

Srinivasa agreeing to the suggestion of Rudra, called in Kubera and took him near the ashwatta vruksha (to the west of Swami pushkarini) and asked him to lend the money required for the marriage.   Kubera prayed Srinivasa “the entire world is yours.  You are the sarva niyamaka, With your blessings only I got the “Dhanapathi” post.  I am only your servant who is looking after your own money.  You are independent of your money”.  Srinivasa replied “During Brahma’s one day, I would take dashavataara.  During the avatara, I will not take any dhana kanaka to Vaikunta after avatara samapthi.  As such you are the owner of this wealth”.   Now Kubera replied “OK.  then as per the kaliyuga rules, you have to give loan agreement, so that I can lend you.”  Brahmadeva wrote the “loan agreement letter” which quotes as follows :

ವೈಶಾಖೇ ಶುಕ್ಲಸಪ್ತಮ್ಯಾಂ ವಿಲಂಬೇ ಚೈವ ವತ್ಸರೇ | ನಿಷ್ಕಾಣಾಂ ರಾಮಮುದ್ರಾಣಾಂ ಲಕ್ಷಾಣಿ ಚ ಚತುರ್ದಶ |
ದ್ರವ್ಯಂ ದತ್ತಂ ಧನೇಶೇನ ವೃದ್ಧಿಗ್ರಹಣಕಾರಣಾತ್ | ಸವೃದ್ಧಿಂ ದಿತ್ಸತಾ ಮೂಲಂ ಸ್ವೀಕೃತಂ ಚಕ್ರಪಾಣಿನಾ |
ವಿವಾಹ ವರ್ಷಮಾರಭ್ಯ ಸಹಸ್ರಾಂತೇ ಧನಂ ಪುನ: | ದಾತವ್ಯಂ ಯಕ್ಷರಾಜಾಯ ಶ್ರೀನಿವಾಸೇನ ಶಾಂಙಿಣಾ |
ಏಕ: ಸಾಕ್ಷೀ ಚತುರ್ವಕ್ತ್ರೋ ದ್ವಿತೀಯಸ್ತು ತ್ರಿಲೊಚನ: | ತೃತೀಯೋ ಅಶ್ವತ್ತರಾಜಸ್ತು ಮಾ ಸಂದೇಹೋ ಧನೇಶ್ವರ||  (ಶ್ಲೊಕ ೧೨೩ – ೧೨೭)

वैशाखे शुक्लसप्तम्यां विलंबे चैव वत्सरे । निष्काणां राममुद्राणां लक्षाणि च चतुर्दश ।
द्रव्यं दत्तं धनेशेन वृद्धिग्रहणकारणात् । सवृद्धिं दित्सता मूलं स्वीकृतं चक्रपाणिना ।
विवाह वर्षमारभ्य सहस्रांते धनं पुन: । दातव्यं यक्षराजाय श्रीनिवासेन शांङिणा ।
एक: साक्षी चतुर्वक्त्रो द्वितीयस्तु त्रिलॊचन: । तृतीयो अश्वत्तराजस्तु मा संदेहो धनेश्वर॥  (श्लॊक १२३ – १२७)

Loan agreement was written by Srinivasa himself on Vilambi naama samvatsara – Vasanta Rutu – Vaishaka Shukla saptami – taken loan of 14 laksha raama Tankee varaha, to be returned with interest + principal.  Repayable before the end of 100 years in Kaliyuga by Srinivasa to Kubera.  Three witness are :  Chaturmukha Brahma, Trinetra Panchamukha Rudra, and Ashwatta Vruksha.   After the loan agreement Srinivasa instructed Kubera to keep the loan amount with himself and to spend as per the requirement.

Srinivasa instructed Kubera to bring all the requirements like Rice, daals, jaggery, oil, honey, sugar, ghee, and all cooking items,  various vastraas – dotra and sarees, mangalya sutra, kalungura and one ring for Srinivasa himself.  Kubera arranged all of them within a fraction of second with the blessings of Srihari.

Brahmana suvasini bhojana –

Srinivasa sent in for Agni and asked him to look after the cooking.  When Agni asked him as to what how to arrange for vessels for so many lakhs of people’s food, Srinivasa replied like this –

Do raise in Swami pushkarini ; Tovve in Paapa vinaashini tirtha, paramaanna in akaashaganga, palyaas in deva tirtha, ghee in tumburu tirtha, various bhakshyaas in Kumara Tirtha, Gojju in Pandu Tirtha; Chatni, pickles etc in other tirthaas.  As instructed by Srihari Agni prepared all the bhakshyas with his assistants “swaaha-swadha” (his two wives).    Srinivasa instructed Brahma to do the naivedya to Ahobila Narasimha and arrange for the bhojana of all as per taratamya. After naivedya all were served the nivedita bhojana.  The people were sitting in the bhojana pankthi from Pandu Tirtha to Srishaila parvatha.

After brahmana’s bhojana, Chaturmuka Brahma, Rudra, Garuda Shesha, Ramadevi, himself took the bhojana.   By this time, it was the suryasta time.  Srinivasa pretended to sleep in the night and spent the saptami night.

Next morning (Ashtami) Srinivasa sent in Garuda to Brahma with a message “Get started for Akasharaja’s palace, with all the team”.  Srinivasa also sat on Garuda and started moving to Narayanapura alongwith Brahma, Rudra, Vayu, Skand, Rama, Bakulamalika.  Sheshadeva was doing the seva of Shvetachatra.  Vayu did the Chaamara seva

(Source – Sri Srinivasakalyana book by Sri Chaturvedi Vedavyasachar)


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  1. Congragulations !!! Excellent work and effort done to cover a great epic like Srinivasa Kalyana, which will be beneficial for all those fluent in English. Eager to read more and more such stories which are ever fresh, full of knowledge, bliss & enjoyment, increase the earnestness of listener, safegaurds our culture, makes known the depth of our heritage, uplifts us spiritually, etc. , which are everlasting and uplift the whole society. Once again, please keep up the good work done and expect to see more of such works / stories.

  2. Dr.Prabhanjan Rao.S.B.

    Dear Sir
    Your translation is good for NRIs,but as for locals it may not be very useful as we know the language and text is available to me,but still I congratulate your efforts to instill the madhwa philosophy.
    You recite this not in terms of gratification , then it becomes KAMYA which the dasa philosophy does not permit.

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