Sujanendra Tirtharu

ಸಂಯುಕ್ತಿಜಾಲಸಹಿತಂ ಸುಜನಾಮೋದಕಾರಿಣಂ |
ಸುರೋತ್ತಮಗುರುಪ್ರಖ್ಯಂ ಸುಜನೇಂದ್ರಗುರುಂಭಜೇ |

संयुक्तिजालसहितं सुजनामोदकारिणं ।
सुरोत्तमगुरुप्रख्यं सुजनेंद्रगुरुंभजे ।

samyuktijaalasahitam sujanaamOdakaariNam |
surOttamagurupraKyam sujanEndraguruMbhajE |

Period – 1807-1836

Janma naama – Sri Jayaramacharya

Vrundavana – Nanjanagud

Ashrama Gurugalu – Sri Subodendra Tirtharu, Nanjangud

Ashrama Shishyaru – Sri Sujnanendra Tirtharu, Nanjangud

Aradhana – Karthika Bahula Astami

He studied under Sri Subodendra Tirtharu, and under Sri Vittalopadyaya.  He was a great orater.

He used to visit Nanjangud and had the darshan of Nanjundeswara and had a holy dip at the river Kapila.  He stayed for more period at Nanjangud.  As he was daily visiting Nanjundeswara Temple, some pundits objected Swamiji’s visit regularly to a shaivagama temple.    Next day before going for  darshan of Nanjundeswara, the swamiji while talking with those who raised objection, interpreted the quotations of Vedas in respect of Rudrachamakas on Lord Rudra, in favour of Lord Narayana. Those pandits who were astounded by swamiji’s excellent scholarship and his anusandana,  bowed their heads in shame and sought swamiji’s excuse at his feet.    Such was his excellence in Tantrasaragama and Veda panditya.

Once during the reign of Mummadi Krishna Raja Wadayar, a renowned scholar Sri Thrayambaka Shastri, from Pune, who was regarded as “Abhinava Bhoja”, came to the palace of the king for a debate with the royals of the King.  None could challenge the pandit from Pune.  Then the king, who had earlier heard about Sri Sujanendra Tirtharu, went to Nanjangud alongwith the Shastri.  The swamiji agreed for the debate.

The debate started between Swamiji and the pune pandit on the subject “Aakarohrasva:”.    The debate went on with Vyakarana, Nyaya, Meemamsa, and Vedantha.    Though in the first half of the debate the Pune pandit established his dominance, finally it was Sujanendra Tirtharu, who could win over the pandit.

The King who was was very happy at the win of Swamiji, sent for the Gurugalu of Sujanendra Tirtharu, Sri Subodendra Tirtharu, and gave the villages Ambale, Kaggalooru and Kongalli.  The king gifted to Subodhendratheertha the choultry at Nanjangud in which Sujanendratheertha stayed and made arrangements for the monthly payment of three hundred and sixty Kanthee Varahas to meet the expenses of the Mutt.   The King wrote several letters to the Mutt.  The letters that Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar wrote those days with special interest about the proper facilities for the Mutt are even today available at the Mutt.

After the demise of his Sri Subodendra Tirtharu, his  gurugalu, the disciple Sujanendratheertha lived only for a year. The swamiji was a unique soul. On the eighth day of Kartheeka Bahula in Durmukhi Samvatsara, he attained the Lotus feet of Lord Hari. Sujnanendratheertha, the disciple of Sujanendratheertha saw to the installation of the Brindavans of Subodhendra and Sujanendra together.

(Source – Guru Charite)

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