Satyanatha Tirtharu

Sri Satyanatha Tirtharu

Period – 1660-1673

Sathyanatha teertharu-Veeracholapuram Satyanatha Tirtharu

Satyanatha Tirtharu1 Satyanatha Tirtharu2

Alankrutha Satyanatha Tirthara Vrundavana, Veeracholapuram

Ramachandramoorthy @ Veeracholapura PranaDevaru, Veeracholapura

Ramachandra Devaru & Mukhyaprana Devaru @ Veeracholapuram

satyanaathaguru: paatu yO dhIrO navachaMdrikaam |

navaamRutagadaatIrthataaMDavaani vyachIklRupat |

ಸತ್ಯನಾಥಗುರು: ಪಾತು ಯೋ ಧೀರೋ ನವಚಂದ್ರಿಕಾಮ್ |
ನವಾಮೃತಗದಾತೀರ್ಥತಾಂಡವಾನಿ ವ್ಯಚೀಕ್ಲೃಪತ್ |

Vrundavana @ Veeracholapura, TN

Ashrama Gurugalu – Sri Satyanidhi Tirtharu, Kurnool

Ashrama Shishyaru – Sri Satyabhinavatirtharu, Nacharagudi

He entered Vrundavana on Geetha Jayanthi Day – Ekadashi

Aradhana – Margashira Shudda Ekadashi

Poorvashrama name – Narasimhacharya

His parents : Rukminibai & Krishnacharya

Apart from Vrundavana, you can also find Sri Ramachandradevaru, Mukyapranadevaru’s idol in Veeracholapuram.

He got sanyasashrama from UM Seer by  with two names Sri Vidyanatha Tirtharu and another name as Raghunatha Tirtharu.    At the time of giving the Vedanta Samrajya, he was named as Sri Satyanatha Tirtharu.

Some of the Incidents where Sri Satyanatha Tirtharu showed some miracles are :

1.  Once during the Mahasamaradhana, one of his notable disciple Chalari Narasimhacharya was bitten by a cobra, Swamiji brought back his life through his mantra siddi.

2.   Once a person who was into debt and lost his ancestral property met shri Sathyanatha thirtharu.  He told his bitter story, listening to him Swamiji asks him to take bath in the nearby  well , so that the person can come out of his misery.  That person does the same without having a second thought on either swamiji or his words. Within few days of this happening, he gets back his property with which he could repay all his debts . With the leftover money, he comes back to the lotus feet of Sathyanatha theertharu and gives his wealth to swamiji which his holiness returns back  to the person with poorna anugraha.  The curious person then asks the swamiji about the sacredness of the well. Swamiji simply replies that well water was used by him for his daily Anika !  The water in the well got such an immense power of burning ones sins just because Shri Sathyanatha theertharu was bathing and performing Anika . Unfortunately the Runamochaka Bhavi is untraceable today…

He performed his Gurugala mahasamaradhana and on the very next day, he entered Vrundavana in the year 1673 on the banks of the River Pinakini in Veeracholapuram. His guru Sri Satyanidhi Tirtha’s Vrundavana pravesha is on Margashira Shudda Dashami.

Some of the works by Sri Satyanatha Tirtharu :-

Abhinava Granthas
  1. Abhinava Chandrika
  2. Abhinavaamrutha
  3. Abhinava Tandava
  4. Abhinava Gada

Parashu Granthas
  1. Mayavada Khandana
  2. Mithyatvanumana Khandana
  3. Upaadhi Khandana
  4. Nyaya Sudha Parashu
  5. Vijayamala
  6. Karmanirnaya Tippani

Contact details at Veeracholapuram :
Sri V. Vadirajan
Brindavana Archaka,
Veercholapura – 605 755
Kodangal, Tamil Nadu.

Veerachola puram is about 10 KM from Thirukoilur ,   Thirukoilur is 35 KM from Tiruvannamalai towards Villupuram.

Route from Madurai -> Singapunari ->Thuvakudi -> Padalur -> follow NH 45 to Villupuram  -> Take turn towards WEST (towards Tiruvannamalai) , before reaching Tiruvannamalai you should reach Thrukovilur.  After Thirukovilur bus terminous (CBS), and just after bridge over river Pinakini (heading Thiruvannamalai)  one can find Sri Raghottama teertharu’s brindavan on the right. A road in front of Sri Raghottama teertharu’s brindavana will take you to Veerachola puram ( 10 KM from Sri Raghottama teertharu’s brindavan). Total distance from Madurai to Veerachola puram would be around 340 KM (by nearest roadway)

(Source UM)

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  1. Great saint Sri Sathyanatharu
    and every day chanting His Holiness name is like a taraka mantra,
    and while doing pata to our students who are 65+ where as i am 82 +9 at present chandrika pata of sri vysaraja swami)
    is in steady progress because of anugraha of sri sathyanatha heertharu and bavabodhakararu only
    otherwise it is impossible impossible
    this is purely the above gurugala teeka kruthpadara and sri madhwarayara sri moola seetha ramachandra abhinna sir vedavyas devara anugraha only
    sri krishnaarpanamastu

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