Sumadhwa Vijaya 3

201. Which parampare says “atmaikya is moksha”?

202. With one sentence of Acharya Madhwa, “ajnaanaa sambhavaadena tanmatamaKilamapaakrutam” which parampare has been defeated?

203. Mayaavaadees believed that one who can win over Dwaitha ? _____

204. After having been unable to sustain the growth of Madhwacharya, what the Mayaavaadees decided to do ?

205. Whom Mayavaadees decided to send for argument with Madhwacharya ?

206. With what mainly Acharya Madhwa defeated Pundarika puri ?

207. “Chitrakaaya” – This is the title granted to whom ?

208. For which sooktha Pundarika puri gave apavyaakyana ?

209. Who stole the acharya madhwa granthas ?

210. In which place Padmatirtha was there after stealing the granthas ?

211. In which place, Sarvamoola granthas of Acharya Madhwa was stolen ?

212. Narayanapanditacharya has compared Padmatirtha to whom ?

213. Where was Tatvodyota written ?

214. Which Grantha of Acharya Madhwa is the main concept of Jayatirtha’s Vaadavali and Vyasaraja’s Nyayamrutha ?

215. Maayaavaadees say that the “entire jagat is maaya kalpita”. For this what does Narayana Panditacharya say about Mayavaadees are :

216. How does Madhwa siddantha compared to ?

217. Where is the Janardhana temple?

218. Who did the samarpana of Granthas stolen by Padmatirtha, back to Acharya Madhwa?

219. Acharya Madhwa’s journey to Jayasimharaaja’s kingdom has been compared to ___

220. On his way to Jayasimharaja’s kingdom, where did he stayed for one night?

221. How was the Acharya Madhwa’s pooja box carried?

222. Where did Jayasimha raja met Acharya Madhwa and welcomed ?

223. In Vishnumangala when Acharya Madhwa was doing the pravachana of Bhagavatha, who was reading the Bhagavatha katha?

224. Who is the first shishya of Acharya Madhwa amongst Ashta Mutts?

225. Who is the father of Trivikrama Pandita?

226. Which is the vamsha of Trivikrama Pandita?

227. With whose anugraha Trivikrama Pandita was born?

228. Who wrote “Ushaharana”?

229. What was the upadesha by Subramanya Pandita to Trivikrama Pandita?

230. Who received the granthas from Jayasimharaja on behalf of Acharya Madhwa?

231. How was Trivikrama Pandita prepared for Vaagvaada with Acharya Madhwa?

232. For how many days Trivikrama Pandita had argues with Acharya Madhwa?

233. In whose presence Vaada between Acharya Madhwa & Trivikrama held?

234. Who composed Vayustuti?

235. Which grantha, Acharya Madhwa ordered Trivikrama Pandita to compose?

236. While composing Vayustuti, which portion of Acharya Madhwa he has praised first?

237. Arunodaya kaala is best for yathees for doing _____

238. Acharya Madhwa used to start pravachana with __

239. Importance of Nirmalya ________

240. “NaaraayanO AnantaguNo” with this whom does Acharya Madhwa did the Khandana?

241. “Brahma is Chetana and he can’t be parinamikari” – whose matha is this?

242. Why Pashupathaadi Jagatkaranatva are not acceptable ?

243. “Eswara has Jnaana. He does not have sukha. If sukha is accepted, Dukha also to be accepted on Eswara”. Whose matha it is ?

244. What is the similarity difference between shoonya vaada and Maayavada?

245. Which parampare Acharya Madhwa termed as Prachanna Boudha?

246. “Only pratyaksha is pramaana”. Who said this?

247. One of the words are not true about “Muktha jeeva”.

248. In which sarga Narayana Panditacharya has mentioned about Acharya Granthaas?

249. Who gave sanyashrama for Acharya Madhwa’s poorvashrama brother as Vishnutirtha?

250. To which place did Vishnu Tirtha went for doing first penance?

251. For which Mutt, Vishnu Tirtha was named as the Yathi?

252. Who is the favourite shishya of Vishnu Tirtha?

253. To Which place did Vishnu tirtha went for his second penance and didn’t returned?

254. Where is the moola granthas of Acharya Madhwa are kept, which will be taken out by Vishnutirtha in the future for Madhwa dharma prachara?

255. “Sri madhwa samsevanalabda shuddha vidyaa sudhaaMbhOnidhaya:” – Who has said like this?

256. Which is the moola grantha for the Teeka of Sannyayarathavali is written?

257. Who wrote Sannyayaratnavali ?

258. One of the granthas does not belong to Padmanabha Tirtha?

259. Which are the sargaas wherein we are finding Padmanabha Tirtha darshana in Sumadhwa Vijaya?

260. Which is the word used by Sumadhwa Vijaya on Padmanabha Tirtharu?

261. During Acharya Madhwa’s period there were three women with names Kalyani Devi. One among the following does not belong to the list.

262. One among the following places there is no mention of Chaturmasya of Acharya Madhwa in Sumadhwa Vijaya?

263. Near which river did Acharya Madhwa proved Vedapramanya?

264. Which Sooktha Acharya Madhwa chanted and proved Veda Pramanya while planting seed and making it to grow?

265. Which seed Acharya Madhwa grew during that time?

266. Once while Acharya Madhwa was doing the paata, how Madhwacharya provided the light?

267. In which place did Acharya Madhwa lifted a big rock all alone and kept it to control the force of flowing water?

268. To which vamsha Trivikrima Panditaru belong?

269. Near Kaanva Tirtha, where did Poornabodharu had the Chaturmasya?

270. On the banks of which river did Acharya Madhwa proved the "Veda Praamaanya"?

271. On Solar Eclipse day, before going for Samudra snaana, where did Acharya Madhwa had his bath?

272. Before the start of the Solar Eclipse, about which shruti did acharya Madhwa gave the pravachana?

273. What was the challenge Acharya Madhwa faced from GandavaaTa?

274. What was the yoga which Acharya demonstrated near Nrusimha Devasthana as per shloka 30 of Sumadhwa Vijaya 16th Sarga?

275. Which temple had the renovation (jeernoddara) from Acharya Madhwa?

276. Where did Acharya Madhwa wrote Krishnamruta Maharnava?

277. Acharya Madhwa has done the following

278. How does the4 granthopasamhara has been done for Sumadhwa Vijaya?

279. "Madhwa raayara karune padeyadava dhareyolagiddarEnu"? who said this

280. What is Bhavaprakashika?

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