Sumadhwa Vijaya 2

101. When asked by Achyutapreksharu as to what is there in him which enables him to eat that much food?

102. In which river did Acharya Madhwa had the smarana of Durge?

103. Where did Acharya Madhwa gave the pravachana of Bhashya?

104. Who told Acharya that without writing Bhashya one is not entitled to do pravachana on Bhashya?

105. No of Lakshanaas Vayudevaru has ______

106. No of Lakshanaas Acharya Madhwaru had __

107. In which river did Acharya Madhwa had snaana in Samudrasetu?

108. Where was Kudupustur defeated?

109. Where did Acharya Madhwa built with his danda, the “Dandatirtha”?

110. For whom did Madhwacharya built the Dandatirtha?

111. In which purana, we can find the instance of Acharya Madhwa’s Dandatirtha?

112. For which shruti one of the pandita asked Madhwacharya to narrate?

113. Acharya Madhwa told that there ______ no. of arthas for Vishnu Sahasranama?

114. For which word, Acharya madhwa started telling meaning?

115. In Kerala, brahmins tried to test Acharya Madhwa with which sooktha?

116. About which word of Daana sooktha there was discussion?

117. What was the meaning given by Acharya Madhwa for “Apaala”?

118. What was the meaning given by the other pundits for “apaala”?

119. To whom Acharya Madhwa did the samarpana of Geetha Bhashya?

120. As per shrikoorma shasana, what is the other name of Achyutapreksha Tirtharu?

121. With snaana in Ganga of Acharya Madhwa on the way to Badari what was the result?

122. Where did Acharya saw Vedavyasaru?

123. When Acharya Madhwa did the samarpana of Geetha Bhashya to Srihari, which word he told him to replace?

124. In which grantha it is said that Sri Vedavyasaru came and told that sootrabhashya by Shankara is not upto Vedavyasa opinion?

125. In Badari in which river Acharya Madhwa used to have bath in arunodaya kala daily?

126. Where did Acharya Madhwa did Kashta mouna vratha?

127. Who followed Acharya Madhwa when he went to Badari?

128. How many times had Satyatirtha heard Aitareya shravana from Acharya Madhwa?

129. Who continued the Achyutapreksha parampare as peetadhipati?

130. What is the name of the Mutt, which Satya Tirtha was the peetadhipathi, , now being called?

131. What is the grantha written by Satyatirtharu?

132. How did Acharya Madhwa went to Badari as narrated by Satyatirtharu?

133. In which Sarga of Sumadhwa Vijaya Vedavyasa ashrama varnane is there?

134. How Vyasashrama has been compared?

135. Who is the father of Vedavyasa Devaru?

136. Who is the mother of Vedavyasa Devaru?

137. Which is the other roopa of Srihari in Badari other than Vedavyasaru?

138. Narayana Roopa in Badari is born to whom?

139. Whom did Matsyavatara Srihari killed ?

140. Through Hayagreeva roopa whom did Srihari killed?

141. One of the Srihari roopas is not directly related to Vedaas

142. One of the Srihari roopas is not directly related to Water.

143. Which is the roopa with which Srihari killed Hiranyaksha?

144. Through Which roopa Srihari appeared during Gajendra Moksha?

145. Which is the roopa of Srihari that gave upadesha Asurajana mohanartham?

146. Who was the guru for Krishna?

147. Both Rama and Krishna have broken _____dhanassu in their avataras?

148. Which other roopa of Srihari Rama and Krishna have met in their avatara?

149. Which roopa of Srihari is the aitareya upanishat pravartaka roopa?

150. Which roopa gave us Saankya upadesha?

151. One of these roopas did not came out during Samudra Mathana?

152. Who is the father of Datta roopa of Srihari?

153. One among the following is not born as Yamadharma roopaas?

154. Who told Acharya Madhwa to write Brahma sootra Bhashya?

155. When Vedavyasaru told Acharya Madhwa to write Brahmasootra Bhashya what was Acharya’s response immediately?

156. When Acharya Madhwa dictated the Bhasha, it was written by whom?___

157. Where was Brahma sootra bhashya written?

158. Where was the first pravachana of Brahmasootra bhashya done?

159. Who surrendered to Acharya Madhwa near Godavari river?

160. Who was the first shrotru for Brahma sootra bhashya?

161. Shobhana Bhattaru used to compare Madhwa Shastra to _________?

162. Whose sannidhana is there in Edamuri shanka?

163. Whose sannidhana is there in Balamuri Shanka?

164. Who was the prathama pravachanakara of Madhwashastra?

165. One will get sachaastra shravanaadhikara only if one has __________

166. Where did Acharya Madhwa got the Krishna idol?

167. What was the stotra which Acharya madhwa chanting during the finding of Krishna idol?

168. Where was the Krishnapratime ?

169. What is the Krishna idol made up of?

170. Who had prepared that Krishna idol?

171. Acharya Madhwa had the hotrutva for the yaaga of whom ?

172. Name the king who asked Acharya Madhwa to dig to land for building a canal.

173. How did Acharya Madhwa crossed the Ganga river ?

174. Who asked Srimadacharya as to what is there in his forehead? (i.e., about Ankara Akshata)

175. How Acharya Madhwa tackled the Turushka king?

176. What did the Turushka king offered to give?

177. When some thieves attacked, what did Acharya do?

178. In another place when some other thieves attacked(hundreds in number), whom he sent to handle the thieves?

179. Where did a daithya in disguise of a tiger attacked Satyatirtharu, and Acharya Madhwa beat that animal and killed?

180. In Vyasamusti, how many Vedavyasa prateeka are there?

181. During Acharya Madhwa’s second visit to Badari, which grantha he asked him to write?

182. Where did Acharya Madhwa wrote Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya?

183. Even though Vedavyasaru told Acharya Madhwa to write Mahabharatha Tatparya Nirnaya, Madhwacharya has mentioned that he wrote as per the orders of ___________?

184. In which place Acharya Madhwa invited his shishyas to have dwandva yudda, with him?

185. Who was the sanyasi tried to do the khandana of Madhwacharya in Kashi, asked him to prove that jnaanapoorvaka karma is moksha sadhana?

186. Where did Acharya Madhwa showed his poorvajanma Gadha?

187. In which kshetra did Rudradevaru came in the disguise of a brahmana, and asked Acharya Madhwa to accept his bhakshya bhojya?

188. In which place did Acharya madhwa ate thousands of Rajakeli named plantains offered ?

189. In Kurukshetra he showed a tapasvi to his shishyas and told that he will be _________ in next kalpa?

190. Where did Acharya ate four thousand plantains?

191. In Pashupe named place, what was the mahime shown by Acharya Madhwa?

192. What is the end benefit of Madhwashastra shravana?

193. The items in Vaikunta are _______

194. Who only can count the anantaguna of Srihari?

195. One of the statement is false here below ______ in Vaikunta..

196. In which "Sarga" of Sumadhwa Vijaya - Vaikunta Varna is there?

197. From which desha Padmatirtha & Pundarika puri named Mayavadees came to attack Srimadacharya?

198. What does Mayavadees say about “jagat” – it is in all times _______

199. What does Mayavadees say about “jagat” in Ajnaavasthe as _____

200. What is Acharya Madhwa’s siddantha?

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