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Purandara Dasaru

Daasarendare Purandara Daasarayya

ಮನ್ಮನೋಭೀಷ್ಟ ವರದಂ ಸರ್ವಾಭೀಷ್ಟ ಫಲಪ್ರದಂ|
ಪುರಂದರ ಗುರುಂ ವಂದೇ ದಾಸಶ್ರೇಷ್ಠಂ ದಯಾನಿಧಿಂ ||

Purandara Mantapa – Sri Krishnadevaraya, the King of Vijayanagar, invited him to his palace and built a Japashala for Purandaradasaru, near Chakrathirtha, now popularly called as “Purandara Mantapa”

Purandara Mantapa @ Hampi

  1. Purandaropanishat -  He is said to have composed 425000/- devaranamas.  Of which only 1000 are available now.  Sri Vyasarajaru kept the Devaranamas, Suladi, and Ugabobha alongwith Sarvamoola and did the pooja for them and called the devaranamas by Purandaradasaru as “Purandaropanishat”, which is the gist of Bhagavatha and Upanishat.

  2. Character -  He was a miser – Lobhi or jipuna.  He had a lot of wealth and was populaly called as “Navakoti Narayana” but he hardly gave anything to anybody.  Attaining Vairagya -   At the age of 40 years.   “Lobha” gave place to “Vairagya” .  His “Love of Gold” turned as “Love of God” and became Haridasa.    He left Purandaragada alongwith his entire family and visited Pandarapura and came to Vijayanagar and sought the shishyatva of Sri Vyasarajaru, who gave him ankita as Purandara vittala and asked him to compose Devaranamas in Kannada.

  3. Madhukara Vrutti -  After getting the shishyatva of Sri Vyasarajaru, he left everything and started Madhukaravrutti -   His dress consist of a turban, tulasimale, chitike, gejje,  and gopalabutti consisting of voluntarily contributed food and other articles.
  4. Contemporaries – Sri Vyasarajaru, Sri Vadirajaru, Sri Vaikuntadasaru, Sri Kanakadasaru,Sri Annamacharya, Krishnadevaraya, Sripadarajaru

ಜಯವದೆ ಮನೆತನಕೆ

Sri Purandaradasaru has composed a song in the form of a folk song or budabudike song – ಜಯವದೆ ಜಯವದೆ ಮನೆತನಕೆ ಬಿಡುಬಿಡು ಬಿಡುಬಿಡು ಮನ ಸಂಶಯವ | ಶುಕನೆಂಬಕ್ಕಿ ಹೇಳುತದಪ್ಪ | ಜಗವೆಂಬೋ ಗಿಡ ಹುಟ್ಟೈತಣ್ಣ | ಹಣ್ಣುಗಳೆರಡು ಐದಾವಪ್ಪ | ಮೂರು ಬುಡದ ಗಿಡ ಕೇಳಣ್ಣ | ಹಣ್ಣಿನ ಒಳಗೆ ನಾಲ್ಕು ರಸವು | ಐದು ದೊಡ್ಡ ಹರೆ ಕಾಣಪ್ಪ | ಆರು ಬಗೆಯ ಸ್ವರೂಪ ಕೇಳು | …

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taratamya ತಾರತಮ್ಯ

This song explains the Madhwa Siddantha saara World is real | Panchabedha | Srihari is nitya | Lakshmi is nitya | There is taaratamya | Krishna or Srihari is sarvottama | There is bedha between Jeeva-Isha; Jeeva -Jeeva; Jeeva-Jada; Jada-Jada;  Jada-Paramathma Then he has explained the taaratamya of different devataas from Maanushottamaru to Kshitapa – …

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