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Sarva moola –  “Sarva” is one of the names of Srihari.  Acharya Madhwa in almost all his grantha has established the sarvottamattva of Srihari, who himself is the “moola” for every thing.  As such, Sarva moola denotes Srihari and his Sarvottamatva and vyapakatva.

Acharya Granthas gives the way for saadhana of Moksha – As such, it is Sarvamoola.

Acharya Granthas condemns sarva durmathaas,  – as such, it is “Sarvamoola”

Acharya Granthas has explained Vedopanishat, Itihaasa, purana, sootra, puranaas – As such, it is “Sarvamoola”

As Acharya Granthas is the way for the saadhana of all from ordinary people to devataas, it is “Sarva moola”.

Mahavishnu nis sarva shabda vaachya, the gist of the Acharya granthas also is “Vishnu Sarvottamatva pratipaadane” – it is Sarvamoola.

As Acharya Granthas denotes through pratyaksha, anumana, agama about the jagat janmaadi karanatva of Srihari, it is Sarvamoola

As whatever Acharya Madhwa has quoted are all found in the moola granthas, shruti, veda itself, it is Sarvamoola

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