Sujayeendra Tirtharu

ಸುಯಮೀಂದ್ರ ಕರಾಬ್ಜೋತ್ಥಂ ಸುವಿದ್ಯಾಬೋಧಕಂ ಸದಾ

ಸುಮೂಲರಾಮ ಪೂಜಾಢ್ಯಂ ಸುಜಯೀಂದ್ರ ಗುರುಂ ಭಜೇ ||

Aradhana – Magha Shudda Chaturthi

Vrundavana – Mantralaya

Sanyasa Period – 1963 – 1986

Ashrama gurugalu – Sri Suyameendra Tirtharu

Ashrama Shishyaru – Sri Sushmeendra Tirtharu

Poorvashrama name – Sri Venkataraghavendracharya

Family Name – “Beegamudre”

His father – Sri Sujnanendracharya (Younger brother of Sri Sukruteendra Tirtharu and Sri Susheelendra Tirtharu in their poorvashrama)

Mother    – Lakshmibai (Sister of Suvrateendra Tirtharu)

Education – Nyaya & Vedanta from Huli Hanumantacharyaru

“Gurusarvabhouma Vidya peeta” – The seer encouraged the adhyayana of Madhwa Shastra by offering free boarding and loading to the Madhwa Shastra adhyayana aspirants

“Gurusarvabhouma” Magazine – The Swamiji started the Gurusarvabhouma Magazine from the Mantralaya Rayara Mutt,  in Kannada, which is now being published in several languages including English.

Renovation of Mutt’s building at Mantralaya – Sri Sujayeendra Thirtha who renovated the Mutt’s building at Mantralaya became responsible for construction of rooms, cottages, schools, spacious dining halls, choultries, hospitals; provision of facilities for drinking water with contributions from devotees. Thus for the instrumental role he played in multifaceted development of Mantralaya, he earned the title as the ‘Architect of Mantralaya’.

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