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  1. Dear sir/madam,
    I am looking for madhvacharya’s brahmasutra commentary in English.Please direct me, how to buy and what is the best translation of sri madhvacharya’s commentary.I searched for this in many places, but i dint get the book.Please guide me as a guru, to know the best known siddhanta of sri madhwa.


  2. ||Hare Srinivas ||

    Sri Harichandra Garu/Avaru,

    Please ignore this email if you have arleady got the book. I hope you have got it by now. Since I do not see any reply comments on the Sumadwa site, I am writing this email.

    You can refer to the books written by Prof. KT Pandu Rangi who has written many books on Madhwa Siddhantha translated from Sanskrit/Kannada. I do not know which city you belongs to but they will be available easily in Bangalore.

    You can also get good knowledge from the books written by Sr. T.Subbachar Raghavendran (known as TS Raghavendran). You can get this books from Sriman Madhva Siddhanta Onnahini Sabha. (Near Tirupati A P). Tiruchanur-517 503 . They publish lot of books on Madhwa Siddhantha.

    Best Regards,
    Venu Madhav

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