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1.  According to Mahabharatha Shanti parva –  Ekadashi is compared most valuable than Ahimsa, Satyavachana, Daana and indriya nigraha.

2.  Kashi/Gaya/Gangasnaana/Kurukshetra darshana – nothing is superior to Ekadashi.

3.  Thousands of Ashwamedha Yaga is not even equal to 1/16of Ekadashi.

4.  Thousands of Grahana Parvakala, thousands of Vyatipata Yoga, is not even equal to 1/16 of Ekadashi phala.

5..  By doing Ekadashi upavaasa, janmaantara sins also will be removed

6.  By doing Ekadashi Pancha karmendriya and pancha jnaanendriyagalu all will have purity

7.  On Ekadashi day – there are some exceptions for Pregnants, aged above 80 years, and children below 8 years, and those who are suffering from diseases.  –  That too they can take food to a maximum of 1/4 of what they used to take on other days.

8.  On Ekadashi day if we eat or if we tell some body to eat – he will get “naraka loka”.

9.  Even during Soothaka, Rajaswala dosha, – one has to perform Ekadashi

10. Apart from doing Ekadashi, we have to perform Dwadashi paarane also in time.  If we do Ekadashi and does bhojana late on Dwadashi day, we will not get for having done Ekadashi.

King Rukmaangada, King Ambarisha, Sage Durvasa, and all Vaidhika mathacharyas have demonstrated the greatness and power of observing EkAdasi Vratha..

Please note :  In Ambarisha Durvsa Maharshi Story about ekadashi, it ppears that Durvasu was ignorant of Ekadashi Mahatwa.   But he was well aware of Ekadashi.  He behaved like just to show the importance of Haridina – Dashami, Ekadashi and Dwadashi, as per the instructions of Srihari only.  Ambarisha is definitely inferior to Durvasa Rushigalu.

Please note :   There are many devotees of Rayaru  who are doing one time fasting or one phalahara on Thursday.    But Rayaru has never told us to fasting or one time bhojana on Thursday.  It is only their belief and with due respect to Rayaru we are doing like this.     But if u r doing fasting/half fasting on Thursday and not doing Ekadashi – Rayaru will never be pleased.  Instead he will curse us.

As such All Ekadashi Fasting is a must for any body.

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