Lakshmikantha Tirtharu

Sri Lakishmikantha Theertha (1726 – 1740)

Lakshmikantha Tirtharu, Sri Sripadaraja Mutt

Ashrama Gurugalu – Sri Lakshminatha Tirtharu

Ashrama Shishyaru – Sri Srikanta Tirtharu

Vrundavana pravesha – Jeshta shudha chaturdshi

Vrundavana – Vengarai (T N )

He was the 18th Peetadhipathi of Sri Sripadaraja Matha.

He stayed in Narasimha Theertha and worshipped Lord Yoga Narasimha for some time. Later, he travelled to Vengarai in Tamil Nadu, which is on the banks of river Cauvery.

Noticing that every house was a Gurukul in that township, he decided to settle there. He was giving religious advice to the royal family of Karur.  on Jeshta shudha chaturdshi (on the Aradhana celebrations of Sri Sripadaraja) .

Vengarai village is about 10 kms. from Paramati Velur (not the other famous Vellore ). Velur is 25 kms. from Namakkal (Famous for the Sri Anjaneya Swami temple ). There are many town buses from Velur. One can reach Vengarai in about 30 minutes. It is a peaceful village. Usually the Achar who comes from Salem , leaves the key of Brundavana with an Iyengar family, just opposite to the Vishnu Temple in the centre of the village. Just few yards behind the temple, on the left, one has to take the footpath on the fields, proceed for a few yards, turn right, walk on the stone slabs, the first view of brundavana complex comes into view.

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