Sep 04 2010


1. How many Skandaas are there in Bhagavatha?

2. For how many hours did Parikshit Maharaja listen to the Bhagavatha?

3. In Bhagavatha how many adhyaayas are there?

4. Who is Adikavi as per Bhagavatha prathama shloka?

5. From whom Parikshita heard Bhagavatha?

6. In which place Parikshita heard Bhagavatha ?

7. How many questions Shounaka Rushi asked Sootacharya?

8. Who is the father of Soota Puranikaru?

9. Who killed Sootha Puranikaru?

10. Who among these, does not have Rudramsha?

11. Which is the Moola Roopa of Srihari?

12. With which roopa Srihari did the upadesha of Vedaas to Brahma?

13. With which roopa, Srihari did the upadesha of Pancharatra Shastra to Narada?

14. Which roopa of Srihari gave upadesha to Prahlada, Kartaveeryarjuna ?

15. With which roopa Srihari gave birth to Urvashi?

16. With which roopa Srihari gave Saankya Shaastra?

17. Which is the Srihari's Avesha Roopa in Pruthi Chakravarthy?

18. One of these Srihari's avataras not happened during Samudra Mathana?

19. One of these Srihari's Avataras does not have any Purana in his specific name?

20. With which Avatara Srihari did the bhoo pradakshina 21 times and killed the kshatriyaas?

21. Who is the father of Vedavyasa devaru?

22. Which is the roopa that Atri-Anusuya got as their son from Srihari?

23. With which roopa did Srihari upheld the Parvatha from falling?

24. Which is the Veena of Naradaru?

25. Who asked Vedavyasaru to write Bhagavatha?

26. What is the name of Vedavyasa’s Ashrama?

27. Who removed the heads of Upa pandavaru?

28. Bheeshmacharya fought for how many days in Kurukshetra?

29. After Kurukshetra Yudda’s defeat, Drutarashtra went to which ashrama?

30. Who is the wife of Parikshita Maharaja?

31. Who cursed Parikshit Maharaja?

32. Whom did Parikshita asked for water?

33. Which snake was told to bite at Parikshit by Shrungi?

34. Srihari’s one avatara which is not included in Dashavatara, but has happened more than 4 times

35. What is the relationship of Vedavyasa Maharshi for the Chaturvedaas?

36. How Naradaru was born from Brahma?

37. Ashwattama & Arjuna both did the prayoga of Brahmastra. Who withdrew the brahmastra?

38. Whose birth name is Vishnuraata?

39. Who gave "Shudratva" Shaapa (curse) to Yamadharmaraja?

40. What is the name of the Dhanassu of Arjuna?

41. Who got moksha by his saadhana of just one muhoortha?

42. Srihari’s roopa, which has occupied the “Brahmaanda” is called as _______

43. Srihari’s Viraatroopa has whom as his teeth?

44. Name the river which is 100 Yojana long, always boiling, which has flow of blood, with durgandha, which is covered by Pig, crocodile and other insects____

45. Name the One who will be in the Jataraagni of the animals and enables in pachana of the food eaten __________?

46. Which is the Srihari’s adhaara roopa for the entire world?

47. Whom one must worship to get good dampatya jeevana?

48. Who first told Bhagavatha to whom?

49. With which avatara Srihari gave Sruk-Sruva, etc Yajnopakarana?

50. Which roopa of Srihari did Swayambu manu made the stotra of Ishavasyadi mantra?

51. Which roopa of Srihari did the anugraha to Dhruvaraja?

52. Which daithya was killed by Srihari’s Matsyavatara?

53. Which roopa of Srihari saved Gajendra from Crocodile in Gajendra Moksha?

54. Which roopa of Srihari gave AitarEyopanishat?

55. Which roopa of Srihari gave Ayurveda vaidya shaastra?

56. With which roopa did Srihari gave the upadesha to Tripurastrees that vyabhichara is also a dharma?

57. Which avatara of Srihari is yet to happen?

58. After the failure of Srikrishna Sandhana with Kauravaas, pandavaas went to which place?

59. Who pulled the hair of Draupadi after Dharmaraja was defeated in the gambling game?

60. “Viduraneethi”. Whom did Vidura told this?

61. From whom Uddava learnt Neetishastra?

62. He was doing the pooja of Sri Krishna at his age of 5 itself, even he was not going for Bhojana when called by his mother, without performing Krishna pooja. Who?

63. Who was born from Srihari’s arms?

64. Who is the abhimani devate for our foot?

65. What is the size of the Brahmanda?

66. Which is the second Srushti?

67. Who is the abhimani devate for Ahankara?

68. Who was born by crying ?

69. From Brahma’s which part of body Varaha Devaru made his appearance?

70. Height of Shimshumara roopa (Scorpion) of Srihara?___

71. For how many years, Ditidevi had the Garbha of Hiranyakashipu?

72. Who cursed the Dwarapalakaru of Vaikuntaloka?

73. Who is the father of Priyavratha & Uttanapada?

74. For how many years did Kardama Prajapathi did the penance?

75. Whom did Kardama Prajapathi married?

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