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  udupi krishnaa

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  • Our Objectives:
    1. Learn & Spread – Srimadacharyara Granthagalu/ Devaranamagalu/ Dasara Mundigegalu with Tathva with detail in Kannada, English
    2. Info on Aradhanas, Saints, Dasarugalu, etc on their respective Aradhana Day/ Janma dina and information about the activities of Shakambari Nagar Rayara Mutt, Bangalore, etc
    3. Bhagavatha /Harikathamruthasara / Ramayana  –  Conducting periodic Quiz
    4. Conducting Seminars/ Workshops on Sandhyavandana, Devara pooja, and Prashnottara Quiz and conducting classes regularly JNAANA YAGNA (“ಜ್ಞಾನಯಜ್ಞ”) at Shakambari Rayara Mutt, Bangalore.
    5. Every year we are contributing for Madhwa Students through Scholarships.   We are also honouring eminent young Madhwa scholars every year.  We are also supporting poor Madhwa families for Medical treatment through support from group m embers.



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  1. Namasthe to all

    I have some unique doubts on Ekadashi acharne pl do clarify
    1. Nitu upavasa means except thirtha we should not consume even drop of water accepted but …. It is scientifically proven that air contains water molecules and while inhaling we will consume moist air that means we are consuming water..
    2. In Hasu (COW) there are more than 300crore gods present including Mahavishnu ,Lakshmi and till end of chart all Yaksha Gandharva purusha’s accepted but on Ekadashi day we feed cow it means all 300crore gods consuming feed/food..etc..so??????
    3.If we feed food to gods on Ekadashi day as described in claim 2 we are definitely going to offer seviour papa… but in other hand if cow dies because of no feed then attains GOHATA papa… now which one to consider and to leave, among both which is greater than which????
    4.In case if we visit any temple on ekadashi day they will give thirtha but if happens to be second time taking thirtha (once taken @ home)now leaving thirtha is also a papa taking twice on Ekadashi day is also a papa…..?
    5.On the same context of above if in temple they give prasada that to made of rice what to do?///??????????

    for my mind now major thing striking is how to measure level of papa/ punya or Papa punys is just Bogous

  2. Here is the reply to the query from Mr Anand about Ekadashi Query

    Q.No.1 Reply
    – Inhaling moisture along with air doesn’t mean consuming water. If it is so, try to quench your thirst by inhaling air.

    Q.No.2 Reply
    – Feeding cows is just like feeding your kids.Are devatas not preseent in your kids?. Does it mean you are feeding devatas?

    Q.No.3 Reply
    – Ekadashi is meant for human beings and not animals.So feeding them doesn’t fetch papa.

    Q.No.4 Reply
    – Rejecting thirtha second time doesn’t result in papa,because we are expected to take thirtha only once.

    Q.No.5 Reply
    – Reject without any hinderance

  3. Raghavendra Rao Dhumalrao

    Sir, Reply to sameerana says:
    December 24, 2010 at 1:32 pm reg why we should perform sandhyavandana asking the reasons.
    1. If a Dwija, after upanayanam, neglects bathing for seven days and ignores sandhya for three day, then for the rest of life he will remain,equivalent to a person in the last varna ‘Sudra’, When such a person dies, he will be reborn as a dog.
    2. By mere birth in a particular family, a person does not become Dwija. One gets Brahminhood etc by Sanskaras and means of adopting certain prescribed rituals. Before the Upanayana Sanskar, all boys are equivalent to individuals in the fourth group(Varna)
    3. Once the upanayanam ceremony is performed that does not make him eligible to remain dwija through out the life. To retain the Brahminhood thus obtained by the Upanayanam one has to pertorm Sandhya regularly. By neglance of Sandhya one down grades oneself to last varna as said above. It is emphasised that Sandhya is compulsory discipline through out the life of every dwija. Any one neglecting Sandhya week long or if one is affected by Physical or mental set backs then for such a person a brief Upanayana Sanskar is to be done.4. Alternatively, in order to protect Brahminhood of such persons the following instructions may be followed. IF A PERSON SUFFERING FROM CHRONIC DISEASES OR MENTAL ILLNESS, EITHER HIS FATHER OR BROTHER OR ANY ONE ELSE INTERESTED IN HIM SHOULD PERFORM SANDHYA EVERY DAY THREE TIMES ON HIS BEHALF”
    5. iF We just complete on these thoughts for a while, we will appreciate how much importance our ancestors/Rishis have given for adoption of this Vedic Prayer in daily life. One has to understand the protective power and other benefits of Gayatri. Then one would certainly be able to make Tri-Sandhya an in seperable part of his life routine.

    If any more douts on Sandhyavandana, I can further detailed explanation on Exceptional circumstances for ommission of Sandhyavandanam

    Dhumalrao Raghavendra Rao

  4. Kadur Sridharacharya

    Sumadhva sevaa kartrugalige shubha kaamanegalu,

    Nimma kadeyinda bahalavaagi Vyasa-Dasa seeveu nadeyuttide, visheshavaada mattu uttamavaada mahitigalannu Srimadaacharyaraadiyaagi eegina yatiga tanaka madhvajagattige tilisuva prayatna maadiddeeti. Sadhyavaadare panditara baggeyu gamanaharisi avarugala upanyaasa ityadigala bagge jignaasugalige tilisi kottare uttama ennuvudu nanna abhipraya.

    Shrishananghri dasara padarenu,
    Kadur Sridharacharya.

  5. Shree Gurubhyo Namaha,
    Shree Haraye Namaha

    Shreeyutha Narahariyavarige nanna namaskaaragalu. Nimage nenapiddirabahudu neevu namma Sanjayanagar Raayara muttakka bandiddiri. Shree Anjaneya Yuvaka Mandaliya kaaryakramakke bandu thamma bhashanvannu kottiddu thamage nenapirabahudu.

    Naanu yuvaka mandaliya obba sadasya. Eega naanu nimage keluttiruvudu enandare thammalli namma madhwa sampradaayanusaar Shree Sathya Naaraayanavratha pooja paddatiya pustaka athava adenadaru e-mail maaduvudaadare nanage sahaaya vaaguttade.

    Adaralli modalu Ganeshana pooje, navagraha pooje, varuna devara pooja (shodasha pooja krama) ityaadi reethiyalliruvudaadare thumba sahaayavaaguttade. Ee pustaka athava e-mail maadidare sahaaya vaaguttade.

    Shree Hari Vaayu Gurugala seveyalli,
    Sanjaynagar, Bangalore

  6. Namaskara Narahari,

    First of all I thank you for running such a beautiful and useful website. I’m getting benefited a lot from this site and really would thank you once again for letting us know about gyanasampat group. Rajesh sir of gyanasampat team is helping me to get books of Sri TSR. Wish you a very happy diwali.


  7. Om namo Narayanaya I appreciate & congratulate on your tremendous efforts to improve daivatva in all the way. I kindly request you to prepare deepavali sri Laxmi pooja vedhi & navaratri (dasara) along with kalas pratistapana & pooja vedhi’s in kannada pdf form and send it to my email id. which is most important for american kannadiga’s to worship on these festivals.

    Raghavendra Konnur

  8. Sriman Narahari Sumadhwa you are doing great job. Educating the youth who are net savvy through this media is commendable job. Handsoff for your effort…

    I have a question;
    In devarapuje after mukhyaprana naivedya we do two parts (niveditha anna) to do naivedya to garuda shesha and why its not in practice to take garuda and shesha prasada?

  9. Dear Sir,
    This is a wonderful concept and very very very useful service you’ve done to everyone esp. madhwas. I am a small bhakta from Kolhapur and i use your information during my speeches and pravachanas at Sri Raghavendra Swamy mutt here in Kolhapur. You are unaware how useful your site is. Also i’ve done my payovrata referring your website only. Thank you in tons …..
    I have an addition. Kindly list all mutts available in and outside india with branches address and contact nos. Bhaktas like me find it very difficult to find mutts in various parts of the country. please include and call for all mutt branches, private mutts, madhwas who can provide place, food etc to others. It is a very challenging task but Sri Hari Vayu Guru shall help you for this very noble and important cause.
    I am not sure wether you read such mails daily, but kindly reply when you read it.
    Thank you very much.
    (today i refered Sri Vadirajaru charitra for my speech) ( My all well wishes and special prayers shall be your royalty)
    Thank you once again,
    Mayur Kulkarni

  10. Sir, I have a basic doubt. I have Hanuma-Bheema-Madhwa photo in my pooja room and I offer pooja to this photo along with other devara patagalu. Recently some one told me that Hanuma-Bheema-Madhwa photo should not be kept in one’s pooja room and pooja should not be offered to this – especially when one has children who are yet to get married. I was told that either the marriage will get delayed or there will be no marriage. Is this true? If this is true, what am I supposed to do? Being a madhwa I cant imagine that this can be true. I will be grateful if you can please clear my doubt.

  11. request to please publish Dasharatha kritha sri Shani Stotra in Kannada please
    Girijamba M.S Mysore

  12. Namaskaragalu,
    Sumadhwa seva is doing very comandable job, by spreading Dvaitha Sidhantha of Sri Madwacharyaru. It also publishes the history, slokas, aradhanas of many yathi srestaragalu.It is not easy to do this service continuously without any interruption. It will take lot of pain & to overcome many struggles. The best thing Sumadva Seva doing is sharing of information & knowledge to all. I personally appreciate the efforts being taken by “Sumadva Seva” & Sri Narahari Sumadwa. Sir please continue your service.

    Request : Please let us know where we can get the Audio CDs or Cassetes of Sthotragalu on Sri. Vyasarajaru, Sri Vijyayeendraru, Sri Vadhirajaru, Sri Sripadarajaru & Sri Jayatheertharu. We badly need of theses audio CDs to chant the sthotragalu daily… Please help..

    R Venkataraman,
    Cell No.9442116931

  13. Respected Sri Narahari,

    Thanks for your marvelous contribution towards MADWA COMMUNITY. The way of awareness and guidelines you are drawing to madwa community show your richness having in you. I expect more & more
    information of Sri Raghavendra swamy gurugalu. The way showed towards my health is unbelievable
    Please provide full details of Raghavendra swamiji.

    Namaskara Rayare,


  14. I have some queries like
    !.Duryodhana went to swrgha is that true….?
    2.While bringing Draupadi she had ruthu cycle at that time,is that true….?
    3.if bhimsen devru is only madwacharyaru means how could he be kshathreeya n why dont we find temples of bmeema

  15. Aralumallige parthasarathy

    Sumadhwa sevas Seva is legendary . It’s motives are divine and accomplishments are historic. What took three to four centuries in a capsule form sumadhwa selva has given in just a decade so effectively in an understandable language . Hearty congratulations . God bless sumadhwa family.
    Aralumallige parthasarathy

  16. Respected Sri,Narahari,

    Can you provide power of Sri BHOOTA RAJARU covers Sonda SRI VADIRAJ MUTT at DAVALAGANGE.. I got the information that is Sri BHOOTA RAJARU will be watched in the night at the surroundings of very very religious as well as sacred place VAdiraja MUTT. Guruji, can explain in detail.

    Namaskara Rayare,


  17. Respected Sri Narahari,
    There is a mention of EKAVAATA village in SUMADHVA VIJAYA.[CANTO 16].Will you pl. let me know where is this village?
    It is stated Acharya Madhvaru renovated Lord Narasimha temple of this village.
    According to One Madhva scholar it is Ekachakra nagara of Maha Bhaarath.
    As verified, there is no lord Narasimha temple there.
    Thanks and Regards

  18. Respected Narahari sir,
    Since from 1 year I following your website. This is very useful website. But I just noticed mistake Sundarakanada shloka. If I am not wrong in stanza 22 it should be पुनश्ज मन्त्रि पुत्रकान स रावण प्रचोदितान instead of पुनश्ज मन्त्रि पुत्रकान स शर्व वाक्सुगर्वितान्. So please go through the stanza and make necessary corrections

    Thanking you
    Praveen Katti

  19. Dr.Dwarakanath Siriguppi

    Hare Sreenivasa,

    Today First time I have visited this website. Its really good work done by you to help Maadhwa community to learn many things. Its really commendable.


    Dr.Dwarakanath Siriguppi
    Miyapur,Hyderabad, Telangana state

  20. sir please upload kannada PDF format for rigveda vaiswadeva paddhati or please provide me the link so that I can download it…..

  21. Namaskara Narahari Sir,
    I am very much interested in madhva philosophy,So I want to know more about it.So,I request you to add me to sumadhva seva yahoo email group.My email address is : krishnabhat9119@gmail.com

    Krishna Bhat

  22. Dear Ananda Sir,

    I have some unique doubts on Ekadashi acharne pl do clarify
    1. ANS>> Consuming means eating, we inhale vayu through nose and that is not considered as eating/drinking.

    2. ANS>>We are not supposed to feed cow/plants on ekadashi. Apart from Shri Hari all come under ekadashi rule.

    3. ANS>> We cannot offer naivedya to anyone on ekadashi.

    4. ANS>>Strictly take once.All Madhwa mathas gives once once.

    5.ANS>> Prasadas are not given in any Madhwa mathas. Consuming prasada is also restricted.

  23. Namaskara,
    We perform our father in law’s and mother in law’s shraddha during margashira maasa every year. The time gap between their shraddhas is usually 7 to 8 days. Since our brothers in law come from far off place, they stay in our house during this time. Hence, we had made a practice of having a homa performed, like Pavamana or sudarshana or durga homa , in between the shraddhas, but at least a day gap is given before and after the homa and before and after the shraddha. Now, there are a few who are commenting that we should not perform the homa between shraddhas. Is it so? we cannot have homa after the second shraddha because people have to go back. Please advise.

  24. sir

    can we perform a marriage on ekadasi


  25. Om Haraye Namaha.
    Really you have done very good and commendable job. This site is very useful to gain more knowledge on Madhwa Siddhantha. Most of the people is difficult to understand the meaning of the Shlokas though it is in Kannada. My request is if we get meaning of the Shlokas in our languages, it is very useful and to enrich our knowledge.

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