Sumadhwa Vijaya

1. In the Mangalacharana Shloka of "Sumadhwa Vijaya", whom does the author has done the vandane?

2. In the Second shloka, whom he has done the vandana?

3. What does he pray to Acharya Madhwa?

4. Who is the author of Sumadhwa Vijaya?

5. Who is the gurugalu of the author of Sumadhwa Vijaya?

6. Why does the author is writing the grantha on Vayudevaru?

7. Who is the father of Hanuman?

8. What does the name "Hanuman" mean?

9. Whom did Hanuman gave "Musti Prahara" in Ravana's sabha?

10. Who was the adhvaryu in the Ranayagna at Lanka?

11. Why did Hanuman felt that bringing Sanjeevana parvatha was easier when compared to bringing flowers for the pooja of Ramachandra?

12. What was the height of the Sanjeevana Parvatha?

13. How did Hanuman kept back the Sanjeevana Parvatha after the work?

14. What did Sriramachandra gave to Hanuman after defeating Ravana?

15. What did Hanuman asked Ramachandra to give?

16. Where did Hanuman went after Sreeramachandra went to his moola roopa?

17. How did Kunti gave birth to Bheemasena?

18. When Bheemasenadevaru was born. The child fell from Kunti's arms on which Parvatha

19. Bheemasena did not go through one of these hindrance/instance from Duryodana

20. Whom did Bheemasena did the samarpana of all his works done and to be done?

21. Which is the yaaga performed by Dharmaraja during which Bheemasena toured with Krishna and killed Jarasandha

22. What is the agni present in Bheemasena?

23. When did Bheemasena killed Manimanta, Krodavasha, etc daithyaas?

24. Sankara is said to be the incarnation of whom?

25. What method did Sankara adopted to preach about Srihari?

26. Why did Manimanta took sanyasa?

27. How does Sankara matha compared?

28. What does the jnaanees called Manimantha?

29. With the upadesha of Sankara that "Jaganmithya, Nirguna Brahma, No difference amongst Chetana", what happened to Srihari for some time till the entry of Acharya Madhwa?

30. Who is called as Triyuga hooti?

31. Who amongst the following does not have any avatara?

32. Who indicated that a sarvajna will be shortly be born here in Udupi?

33. What is the family name of Madhyageha Bhatta?

34. Which is the original place of Madhyageha Bhattaru?

35. In which place, Madhyageha Bhatta was staying after leaving Shivalli?

36. Madhyageha Bhatta had a surname with "Bhatta". What is the importance of Bhatta?

37. Where was Madhyageha Bhatta telling nityapravachana?

38. For getting satputra, Madhyageha Dampati whom did they worshipped?

39. Madhyageha Dampati resembled whom as per Sumadhwa Vijaya?

40. Before the entry of Vayudevaru in the garbha of Madhyageha Dampati, who was there in the garbha ?

41. What was the birth name given to Acharya Madhwa?

42. To whom, the dampatigalu did the samarpana of child Vasudeva?

43. When Vasudeva was crying, what did her sister made him to eat?

44. One day Vasudeva, at his age of one, went out of house, whom did he follow?

45. With what Vasudeva paid off the dues of his father?

46. As per Triteeya Sarga, Vasudeva went out of a house and went to several temples, who accompanied him as per his statement?

47. Where did Vasudeva worshipped Durgadevi?

48. Where did Vasudeva got his aksharabhyasa?

49. Where was Madhyageha bhatta teaching his son Vasudeva?

50. In which place did Vasudeva, at his very young age of just 3 years, condemned the puranika that his purana is not in line with Vedavyasa- shuka?

51. Vasudeva wanted the puranika to tell the meaning of "Likucha". Who was the puranika?

52. What is the meaning of the word "Likucha"?

53. At what age Madhyageha Bhatta did the Upanayana of Vasudeva?

54. Who came in the disbuise of a snake to kill Vasudeva?

55. He was winning all the games, all the fights. On seeing this, whom did the people were comparing him?

56. Under whom he was sent for "Gurukula"?

57. For getting child the Vratha done by Madhyageha dampathigalu was __________

58. What is the name of his Guruputra whom he cured the "Headache"

59. In Triteeya Sarga shloka 54 "PrakatabhagavatIti" means............?

60. In what form did Vasudeva, gave Gurudakshine to guru Totantillaya?

61. Which is the most upanishat Acharya Madhwa referred?

62. By what name the place where Acharya Madhwa got Gurukulavasa now called?

63. What did Vasudeva thought of getting for vairagya?

64. For permission to get Sanyashrama, whom did he first approached?

65. Whom did he selected to give sanyashrama?

66. Who was the gurugalu for Achyutapreksharu?

67. Who is the moola guru for all the sanyasees?

68. In his poorvajanma, what was the vrutti of Achyutaprekshacharya?

69. With whom Achyutapreksha Tirtharu in his poorvajanma had stayed for some years?

70. What was the upadesha from his guru to Achyutapreksha Tirtharu?

71. With whom did Achyutapreksha Tirtharu did the seva for getting a good shishya?

72. Asking him to not to go for sanyasa, what did the parents of Vasudeva do ?

73. Where was Vasudeva when he thought of taking Sanyasashrama from Achyutapreksha Tirtharu?

74. What did Vasudeva wear to show that no one can stop him from taking sanyasa?

75. After failing in all his attempts to stop Vasudeva from sanyasa, what was the final plan by Madhyageha Dampati?

76. What is the name given to Vasudeva after Sanyasa?

77. After sanyasashrama, what for Poornaprajnaru asked permission to Achyutapreksharu?

78. What was the name of Madhwa Sarovara before Ganga's entry after Madhwa's request?

79. Whom did Sri Poornaprajna first defeated after taking sanyaasa?

80. Which was the grantha taught by Achyuta Preksharu to Acharya Madhwa after sanyasa?

81. How many doshaas which Acharya Madhwa found in the very first shloka of Ista Siddi Grantha?

82. Which "Suktha" of Veda did Srimadwachaaryaru explained when he was asked by Kerala Pandits?

83. Which skanda of Bhagavatha did Achyuta Preksharu asked Acharya Madhwa to chant?

84. What is the name given to Acharya Madhwa after Pattabhisheka in Vedanta Samrajya?

85. Which Acharya Madhwa taught said to be Pramana?

86. To which religion Buddhisagara belong?

87. How Narayana Panditacharyaru compared the defeat of Buddhisagara?

88. What was the outcome of Buddisagara and Vadisimha argued with Acharya Madhwa?

89. Which was the first bhashya which Acharya Madhwa did the khandana?

90. How did Maniman attacked Vasudeva in his young age?

91. Why did once Guru Totantillaya got angry at Vasudeva?

92. Vasudeva gave Haribhakti as gurudakshine while teaching of which paata?

93. What does the word Dashapramati mean?

94. Whom did Poornaprajna defeat just after 40 days of his sanyasashrama?

95. Jeevatshraaddha, shaakala homa, viraaja homa, purusha sookta homa – all these to be done before ?

96. Who asked Madhwacharya to write bhashya ?

97. Jyesta yati who asked Acharya Madhwa to give the correct version of Brahma Sutra Bhashya belong to which vamsha ?

98. Who is the dikpalaka for south direction ?

99. To which temple did Acharya Madhwa visited in Vishnumangala kshetra ?

100. Where did Acharya Madhwa ate 100+ plantains ?

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