Krishnavatara Quiz

1. In which skanda, does Sri Krishnavatara katha is available in Bhagavatha?

2. Krishna is said to born in which Vamsha ?

3. Who is the father of Devaki?

4. Devaki is Vasudava’s wife No____

5. Who is the father of Rohini, the wife of Vasudeva?

6. Before Krishna’s birth how many children did Vasudeva had from Devaki?

7. Who had cursed the children of Vasudeva-Devaki, killed by Kamsa?

8. Where did Lakshmi born at the time of birth of Krishna?

9. Which is the Srihari’s avesha of Sheshadevaru in Balarama?

10. What was the speciality in Balarama?

11. Who was riding the chariot after the Devaki’s marriage with Vasudeva?

12. Who said that the eighth son of Devaki will be the Mruthyu of Kamsa?

13. Who stopped Kamsa from killing Devaki in the Chariot?

14. When Kamsa decided to leave the first child of Devaki without killing, who provoked Kamsa to kill the Child?

15. In whose garbha does Balarama entered after Devaki’s pretended abortion?

16. On which day did Krishna was born in Shravana Masa?

17. How many arms did Krishna had at the time of his birth?

18. What was the name of Srihari who born as the son of the same Devaki-Vasudeva in the Svayamboo Manvantara for the first time?

19. Whom did Kamsa sent in search of children born within 10 days?

20. How did Pootana tried to kill Krishna?

21. In which form did Shakatasura came to kill Krishna?

22. Who came in the form of wind to kill Krishna?

23. Who did the Namakarana (naming ceremony) pourohitya of Krishna?

24. Yashoda saw Brahmaanda in Krishna’s mouth. What was the complaint that he has eaten?

25. Which is Nandagopa in moola roopa?

26. Who were Nalakoobara-Manigreeva?

27. Who cursed Nalakoobara-Manigreeva to become Arjuna trees?

28. Who Killed Dhenukasura named Donkey?

29. In which bank of the river, Krishna did the Kalinga Mardhana?

30. Who had cursed Garuda not to come near Kalindi river?

31. Who is the mother of Kaleeya?

32. Which was the vratha, the Gopika strees were doing near Kalindi river?

33. Who got angry when Krishna recommended the Gopala Baalakaas to do the pooja of Govardhana Hill?

34. Who gave the title “Govinda” to Krishna?

35. Whom did Krishna married first?

36. Who had cursed that the Yadu santati shall not rule the state?

37. Why did Varuna’s bruthyaas took Nandagopa to Varuna Loka?

38. Whom did Kamsa sent to bring Krishna-Balarama for Dhanuryaaga?

39. Who gave gandha to Krishna Balaraama?

40. Who was the father in law of Kamsa?

41. What is the name of the elephant which attacked Krishna Balaraama?

42. Who was the gurugalu for Krishna Balaraama?

43. What is the name of the Shanka which Krishna has?

44. Who has composed Bhramara Geethe from Bhagavatha in Kannada?

45. Which kingdom had Jarasandha as the emperor?

46. In which Aagama, was Jarasandha was performing pooja?

47. What was the distance from Jarasandha’s palace to Madura as told by Naaradaru to Jarasandha?

48. How many akshouhini sainyas did Jarasandha brought to attack Krishna?

49. Who was the father of Baana who helped Jarasandha?

50. Who had stollen Srihari’s Kireeta from Vaikunta?

51. Who brought back Srihari’s Kireeta and put it on Sri Krishna paramathma near Gomantagiri?

52. Which daithya died as soon as Muchukunda Maharaja opened his eye?

53. Whom did Balaraama married?

54. Who was the father of Rukmini?

55. Which was the name of the Kingdom did Rukmini belong?

56. Whom did Rukmi, the brother of Rukmini, proposed her to marry?

57. Who has composed "Rukmineesha Vijaya" kaavya ?

58. Which was the Kingdom did Shishupaala was King?

59. Who is the father of Satyabhama?

60. What was the quantity of gold which the Syamantaka Mani was giving daily?

61. For how many days did Krishna – Jambavanta fought before Krishna showing Ramachandra roopa?

62. On which day, Syamanthaka Katha to be heard unfailingly?

63. Whose ratha had "Kapi dwaja"?

64. Krishna married Kalindi. Who is her father?

65. Whom did Krishna married in the swayamvara conducted by Krishna’s mother-in-law Rajadhidevi.

66. With whom did Krishna fought to marry Neeladevi?

67. Who was the mother of Bhadradevi, Krishna’s married?

68. What is the name of the Dhanassu which Krishna had?

69. Which was the City which Narakasura was protecting?

70. Where was Paarijatha Vruksha?

71. Whom did Krishna made the penance to get a child ?

72. What is the name of the son, whom Krishna got from Rukmini?

73. Who killed Rukmi, the brother of Rukmini?

74. Who killed Jarasandha?

75. How many times, did Jarasandha was defeated by Krishna?

76. In whose Rajasuya Yaaga did Shushupaala was killed by Krishna?

77. Who is the father of Kaala Yavana?

78. Name the Muni who ate the pieces of iron for one year and did the penance to please Shiva?

79. Who ate handful of mud and did the penance with an intention to kill Krishna?

80. Who is the father of Shishupaala?

81. How was Kunti related to Krishna?

82. What is the strength of Kaalayavana’s sainya?

83. Who is the architect of Dwaraka nagara?

84. How many times does Jarasandha attacked Mathura & Krishna and was defeated?

85. Who killed Satrajitha?

86. Whom did Duryodana approached for Vidyabhyasa?

87. What is the previous roopa of Subhadra?

88. After samhaara of Narakasura, who got Pattabhisheka as King of Pragjyotisha Nagara?

89. Where was Krishna when Dharmaraja was involved in the gambling with Duryodana?

90. Who killed Ekalavya?

91. Who burnt Varanasi?

92. When war was declared between Pandavaas-Kauravaas, what Offer did Duryodana accepted from Krishna?

93. When Krishna went to Drutarashtra’s palace for “sandhaana”, where did Krishna took Bhojana amantrana.

94. Who told the Janma Rahasya of Karna with Karna for the first time?

95. On which day of the war, Krishna lifted the SudarshanaChakra ?

96. What is the kshetra where all Yadavaas fought themselves and died?

97. Who among the following is the only Yaadava remained after the death of entire yaadavaas.

98. Samba is the son of Krishna. Who amongst the wives of Srikrishna is his mother?

99. Who composed “Krishnaa nee begane baaro” devaranama?

100. How many months does Balarama elder than Krishna?

101. Who had brought “Avalakki” for samarpana to Krishna?

102. Krishna gave the Geetopadesha on which day of the Battle?

103. Mannaari Krishna, a vaishnava kshetra in TN as Mannargudi – Krishna did the samhaara of Mannaasura. Which tapaswi was doing the Penance here when Mannasura troubled him

104. After killing Narakasura, what is the quantum of wealth brought by Krishna from Pragjotishapura?

105. Srikrishna sandhaana comes in which Parva of Mahabharatha?

106. Which is the roopa of Krishna in Pandarapura?

107. Which is the avataara continuation roopa of Srikrishna in Srinivasa Kalyana as per Bhavishyottara puraana?

108. Who had thrown Brahmastra on Parikshit Maharaja when he was in the garbha of Uttara?

109. Krishna has not shown his Virat Roopa to one among these:

110. Whom did Krishna gave the Bhagavatopadesha 26 years before his avatara samapthi?

111. For whom did Krishna brought Parijatha Tree from Swarga?

112. How many children Krishna had from each of his wives?

113. Which was the intoxicated drinks which resulted in quarrel among themselves among the Yadavaas?

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