1. For bhaktha of which family did Acharya Madhwa wrote Krishnamruta Maharnava?

2. Which is the first grantha recognized as the first sarvamoola grantha?

3. What is the grantha which Trivikrama Panditacharyaru requested Srimadacharyaru to write?

4. Who has Composed "Hari Vaayu Stuthi"?

5. Who has written "Sumadhwa Vijaya"

6. The moola grantha for which shri Teekarayaru has written Srimannyaayasudha is _________

7. Who among the following has written Teeka on Yamaka Bharatha?

8. Which is the explanation grantha for Anuvyakyana written by Acharya Madhwa?

9. Who has written the Granthamalika Stotra which contains the entire sarvamoola granthas?

10. How many Adhyaayaas are there in Mahabharatha Tatparya Nirnaya?

11. Whom did Acharya Madhwa asked to write Teeka for his Bhashya?

12. The Teeka by Rayaru on “Anubhashya” is

13. The place where Mahabharatha Tarparya Nirnaya was written_

14. Which is the moola grantha by Acharya Madhwa for which Trivikrama Panditacharya has written Tatva pradeepa.

15. Acharya Madhwa has told that the incarnation of Vedavyasaru has happened four times before Ramavatara. In which grantha he has told like this?

16. How many shlokaas are there in MBTN?

17. Which is the stotra which we have to chant during Naivedya?

18. Where did Acharya Madhwa wrote Brahma Sutra Bhashya?

19. How many vyakyaanaas Acharya Madhwa written on Brahma Sutra?

20. How many shlokaas are there in anuvyakyana?

21. Acharya Madhwa has clarified that the “haalahala” poison which came out of Samudra Mathana, was first drunken by Vayudevaru, then only Shiva took a very little quantity of it. Which is the source he has quoted for which his statement in Bhagavatha Tatparya Nirnaya

22. For which grantha of Acharya Madhwaru, Sri Padmanabha Tirtharu has written “Sannyaaya ratnavali”

23. The grantha written by Acharya Madhwa while defeating Pundarikava named mayavaadi……

24. In which grantha of Acharya Madhwa, we can find his nirnaya on Ramayana?

25. Rayaru has written Mahabharata Tatparya Bhavasangraha based on Acharya Madhwa’s MBTN. How many stanzas are there in this?

26. Srimadacharyaru wrote one grantha for Yekadashi Acharane, Achara, vichara etc. Which is that Grantha?

27. What is the name given to the Grantha Samooha done by Srimadacharyaru?

28. How many granthas have been written by Srimadacharyaru?

29. How many shlokas are there in "Sumadhwa Vijaya"

30. Where was Tatvodyota written?

31. Which Grantha of Acharya Madhwa is the main concept of Jayatirtha’s Vaadavali and Vyasaraja’s Nyayamrutha?

32. Saakshat Bharatidevi also did avatara during Acharya Madhwa period, as per which Acharya Madhwa kruti?

33. Which grantha has been termed as Kalpavruksha as per Sumadhwa Vijaya?

34. How many sootraas are there as per Acharya Madhwa philosophy?

35. Which is the Teeka Grantha by Jayatirtharu on Brahmasutra Bhashya?

36. One of the following is not an adhyaya of Brahmasutra Bhashya?

37. For Nyayavivarana, Sri Jayatirtharu has written the Teeka for the first three paadaas. Who completed the remaining portion of Teeka?

38. The other name of Talakavatara Upanishad ____?

39. Who is the pratipadya devate for Ishavasyopanishat?

40. One of the following is wrong as per prameyas Ishavasyopanishat.

41. Which among the following Upanishad to be chanted during “shraaddha kaala”?

42. Which number has special reference in KaTakopanishat?

43. Who gave the answer for the Shatprashnopanishat?

44. How many questions have been asked in Shatprashnopanishat ?

45. What is the other name for Mundakapanishat?

46. As per Atharvanopanishat Who is termed as “Akshara”?

47. Jagatsrusti in Maandookopanishat?. One of the following statement is right.

48. Which amongst the dashopanishats is the only upanishat from Rugveda?

49. Who gave Aitareya Upadesha?

50. Why Aitareya roopa got the name Mahidasa?

51. “praata:, uktha, Irapaada, bhruhat”. All these are the names of one of devates. It’s not Srihari. Who is he?

52. When Dusvapna (Bad dream) happens, which is the sooktha to be chanted?

53. Rayaru has not written Khandartha for one among the Dashopanishats. Which is that?

54. For how many adhyaayas in Rugveda, Acharya Madhwa has written Bhashya?

55. As per MBTN, why Ramachandra killed Shambooka?

56. As per Tattvasankyana, how many prameyaas are there?

57. How many types are there in anupramana?

58. How many types are there in shastra charche as per Katha lakshana?

59. Katha lakshana does not deal with one among these.

60. Which matha is called as “Maayavada”?

61. narasimhOKilaajnaanamatadhvaaMtadivaakara: | jayatyamitasajnaanasuKashaktipayOnidhi: | This is the mangalashloka for which sarvamoola grantha

62. How many shlokas are there in Yamaka Bharata?

63. bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa | bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa bhaa | This is one of the shlokaas by Acharya Madhwa. In which grantha we find this shloka?

64. How many "bhakaraas" have been used in the said shloka?

65. When is brahmee muhurtha as per Sadachara smruti?

66. When do we call Krishnastami ?

67. As per Jayanti Nirnaya, one amongst these need not be worshipped on Krishnastami.

68. “Tantrasara” is the dialogue between whom?

69. How many stanzas are there in Anubhaashya?

70. As per whose request Acharya Madhwa wrote Anubhashya?

71. In Pravana mantra OmKara – how many aksharaas are there as per Tantrasara sangraha?

72. When did Acharya Madhwa wrote Kandukastuti?

73. About whom Kandukastuti is written?

74. About whom Nakhastuti is written?

Sarva moola –  “Sarva” is one of the names of Srihari.  Acharya Madhwa in almost all his grantha has established the sarvottamattva of Srihari, who himself is the “moola” for every thing.  As such, Sarva moola denotes Srihari and his Sarvottamatva and vyapakatva.
Acharya Granthas gives the way for saadhana of Moksha – As such, it is Sarvamoola.
Acharya Granthas condemns sarva durmathaas,  – as such, it is “Sarvamoola”
Acharya Granthas has explained Vedopanishat, Itihaasa, purana, sootra, puranaas – As such, it is “Sarvamoola”
As Acharya Granthas is the way for the saadhana of all from ordinary people to devataas, it is “Sarva moola”.
Mahavishnu nis sarva shabda vaachya, the gist of the Acharya granthas also is “Vishnu Sarvottamatva pratipaadane” – it is Sarvamoola.
As Acharya Granthas denotes through pratyaksha, anumana, agama about the jagat janmaadi karanatva of Srihari, it is Sarvamoola
As whatever Acharya Madhwa has quoted are all found in the moola granthas, shruti, veda itself, it is Sarvamoola

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  1. no language or words can describe the importance/gravity of this quiz, i pray that srihari to give u good health and strength to enlighten the man kind with more such knowledge,
    i feel it is matchless,
    manoj huilgol

  2. Respected Sri. Narahari Acharya,

    This effort gives you a lot of punya and SRIHARIVAYUGURUGALU anugraha will be in plenty.
    It is fabulous and educative. It makes everyone to search various granths to know the answers which will give a lot of punya to the searcher.

    SRIMADHACHRYA’S every sabhda in sarvamoola is SATHYA and authentic for the SAATHVIKAS.

    With Namaskars

  3. Dear Shri Narahari

    Your efforts are commendable. ( Q66 ) As per my understanding, Ashtami with Rohini Nakshatra is called jayanti and Astami without rohini is known as Krishna Janmashtami _ as per Jayanti Nirnaya.


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