Vishwa Madhwa Maha Parishat

Shakambari Nagar Unit
No.1, Raghavendraswamigala Mutt, Shakambari Nagar
Opp : BSK Temple, Bangalore – 560070
(Contact : 080-65700759, Mobile No 9916904341 Narahari)

Prashnottara Session – 2

25.12.2009 @ 5.30pm

With the blessings of Sri Satyatma Tirtha Sripadangalavaru, we are conducting Prashnottara Session @ Shakambari Nagar Unit of VMMP.

Queries will be answered by


Madhwa Shastra Sampanna

Sri Chaturvedi Vedavyasachar

You can send your queries on any Daily Dharmika Acharane,  Festivals, and any other questions.    You can also participate in the session actively and get answer for your doubts. If you are not able to attend the session directly, you can send your queries regarding various doubts on any Subjects through email,  we will post the answer through Audio MP3  in the website as well as in the Groups.

Queries can be sent to the personal ID

Sri Holavanahalli Srinivasachar, Adviser, Vishwamadhwa Mahaparishat, Bangalore

Narahari Sumadhwa
President, Vishwa Madhwa Mahaparishat
Shakambari Nagar Unit
Updated: December 7, 2009 — 8:53 am

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