1. In which Purana “Srinivasa Kalyana” is available?
  2. Who wrote “Srinivasa Kalyana”?
  3. What is the name of Tirupathi in Dwaparayuga?
  4. Who was deputed to find out who is Sarvottama?
  5. From what material is the Srinivasa devara mooruthi is made up of?
  6. For how many years did Sri Vyasarajaru did Nitya pooja for Tirupathi Thimmappa?
  7. Under which agama is the Pooja for Srinivasa is conducted at Tirupathi?
  8. Whose conversation it is in Srinivasa Kalyana, i.e., who told Srinivasa Kalyana to  whom?
  9. Whom did Shatanandaru told about Sri Vaikuntagiri Mahaatme?_
  10. How did Tirupathi got the name of Vrushabachala in Krutayuga?
  11. Whose name was used for Venkataadri in Tretayuga to be called as Anjanachala?

12. In Dwapara Yuga, Venkatadri was named as Sheshadri? How?

13. After Brugumuni kicked at Srimannaaraayana, where did Lakshmi went?

14. Who is the abhimaani devate for Swami Pushkarani?

15. For how many years did Srinivasadevaru was in “Valmeeka” (huttha)?

16. Whom did Chola Raaja married?

17. Who came in as Govu (cow) to give milk to Srinivasa in Valmeeka?

18. Who hit at the Valmeeka by his axe, seeing the cow pouring milk in Valmeeka Hutta?

19. What did Srinivasa Devaru do when he saw the Chola Raaja, who came after his gopalaka hit at the valmeeka?

20. What is the name of the wife of Madhava Brahmana?

21. Whom did Madhava Brahmana married leaving Brahmanya?

22. Who was responsible for Tirupathi getting the name Venkatachala?

23. Whom did Srinivasa called for his treatment?

24. What is the “Moulya” which Srinivasa offered to Varahadevaru for allowing Srinivasa some place to stay in Varaha’s place?

25. Who was Bakuladevi in her previous avataara?

26. Who came as “Ashwa” when Srinivasa went for Hunting?

27. Who is the father of Padmavathi?

28. What is the name of the Kingdom which akaasharaaja was ruling?

29. What is the Gotra of Padmavathi?

30. What is the gotra of Srinivasa?

31. What is the yaaga which Akaasharaaja was doing when he was digging the bhoomi?

32. In what roopa did Srinivasa went to Dharanidevi?

33. Who had kept Seethadevi safe when Raavana tried to kidnap Seetha?

34. What is the earlier avathara of Padmavathi?

35. When Koravanji roopa’s Srinivasa went to Dharani devi, Koravanji carried a child with her. Who was the child?

36. Whom did Srinivasa referred as his parents to Padmavathi?

37. Whom did Srinivasa sent as his representative for Vadhoo Anveshana?

38. On which day Akaasharaaja wrote letter to Srinivasa confirming that he is eager to marry his daughter Padmavathi to Srinivasa?

39. What is the marriage day of Srinivasa – Padmavathi?

40. Whom did Srinivasa for bringing Brahmadevaru for his marriage?

41. What is the vaahana of Vaayudevaru?

42. Who built the “Sabha bhavana” for the Srinivasa Kalyana?

43. Who head the pourohithya for Srinivasa Kalyana for bridegroom ?

44. Who was given the responsibility of looking after the cooking arrangement?

45. Who financed Srinivasa Kalyana?

46. Whom did Srinivasa sent for bringing Lakshmidevi from Kolhapura?

47. Who did the Abhyanjana for Srinivasa?

48. Who gave the Paaduke for Srinivasa?

49. Who is the kuladevathe for Srinivasa?

50. Where did they made the prathistaapane of Kuladevate?

51. Who was the first witness for the RuNa patra of Srinivasa’s loan with Kubera?

52. Where was “anna” (rice) prepared?

53. Whom did Srinivasa made the Naivedya?

54. In which vaahana Srinivasa went to Naaraayanapura?

55. Where was the ashrama of Shukachaaryaru?

56. Who showed Srinivasa to Akaasharaja near Narayanapura when Akasharaja went for welcoming Srinivasa?

57. Whom did Srinivasa told to get the bhojana vyavaste for Srinivasa’s kutumba?

58. What is the weight of the suvarna kireeta?

59. What did Akaasharaja gave to Srinivasa after his marriage?

60. “Saagi baarayya bhava rogada vaidhyane”. Who composed this kruthi?

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