Shukacharyara janmadina

Shuka Maharshigala Punya Dina 23.9.2009

He was born on Ashwayuja Shudda Panchami

  • Sage Shukacharya is the incarnation of Rudra devaru
  • Dronaputra Ashwattama is also the incarnation of Rudradevaru.  But in Ashwattama avataara, since he had tasted the milk given by Duryodhana, he had to join Kauravaas to fight against Paandavaas.  So, he wanted to born again with any kalibhade.  He decided to do avataara in Vedavyasa.  Once an apsaras by name Grutachi came to Vedavyasaru with sex appeal.  Vyasaru was never a kamuka,  but pretended as if he is a kamuka in front of Grutachi.    “Shuka” was born.  In Shuka entered Vayudeva.  So Vedavyasaru gave him the upadesha of Veda, Mahabharatha, bhagavataadi vaishnava puraana.  As Bhagavan Vyasa himself is Sriman naarayana, to born as his son is possible only for Rujus.  Further, no one is capable of getting direct upadesha of Sri Vedavyasaru, other than Brahma-Vayu.  That is why Vayudevaru entered in him as Shiva does not have the capacity of Ruju.  With the presence of Vayu in Shuka, Sri Vedavyasaru could tell all the puraanaas to him.
  • Sage Shukacharyaru is the son of Bhagvan Vedavyasaru.
  • When Parikshit Maharaja sat for Prayopavesha after getting cursed by the son of a sage to be bitten by Takshaka, it is Shukacharyaru who told Srimad bhagavata to Parikshit Maharaja on the banks of the river Ganga in Naimisharanya.  Sage Vedavyasaru elaborated the Bhagavatam told by Srihari to Brahma (Chatushloki Bhagavata) and told Shukacharya, who in turn told it to Parikshita.
  • It is Shukacharyaru who went to Srinivasa’s house to give the “Lagnapatrike” on behalf of Akasha Maharaja for Srinivasa-Padmavathi Kalyana.
  • Srinivasa on his way to Akasharaja’s palace went to Shukacharya’s house and took the little naivedya, which the sage gave and pleased the entire Brahmana – Rushi.
  • When Shukacharya came near Naimisharanya, he was a sixteen year old young sage.  He was observing digambara vratha, (not bothered about his dress), yadruchalaba santrupta (he used to stand near a house for bhiksha only for a very short time), looked like an avadootha.  He had no interest in loukika vyavahara.

Written by Narahari Sumadhwa (9916904341)


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