Ghatha Chaturdashi

Bhadrapada Bahula Chaturdashi

Ghata Chaturdashi –

Bhadrapada Krishna Chaturdashi –  This day is meant for  those who have passed away due to accidents or those who met with unnatural death like snake bites, accidents, suicide, war, and other natural calamities, etc.  The day is known as Ghata Chaturdashi.  There is a strong belief that the souls of these people who had an unnatural death, will be wandering around and do not rest in peace.    Others not to do paksha on this day.  The tithi is meant for Accidental victims only.  For those who are doing “Sakrunmahaalaya”. that is shraddha on only a particular day of the paksha maasa, they need not do it on this day.  However for those who are doing paksha daily, they can do it on this day also.

Updated: September 26, 2010 — 11:22 am
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