Maha Shiva Raatri

Magha Bahula Chaturdashi – Maha Shiva Rathri

  2. Manoniyamaka Rudra Devaru – Click

  3. Shivanaamagalu with artha – Click

Different Shivanama with meanings –

Andhakasura hara – as he killed Andhakasura named daitya

Chandrashekara/somashekara – as he has Chandra on his head

Damarugapani – As he has Damaruga in one of his hands swhile dancing

Doorjati – As he has Jataa

Gajacharmambaradhara – As he has killed a daithya named Gajasura

Nandi Vahana – As he has Nandi as his vehicle

Gangadhara – As he always has Ganga on his head

Kaamaari – As he burnt alive Kaama/Manmatha

Kailasavaasa – As he is kailasavaasi

Kruthivaasa – as he wears charma or animal skin as his dress – he is also called as Charmambaradara

Manoniyamaka – As he controls the chitta of all

Maheshwara – As he is superior to Indradi sakala devategalu

Mrutyunjaya – As he has more power than the so called Mrutyu devate Yama

Nataraja – As he is an expert in Dancing – Naatya

Nagabharana – As he has Naga(snake) as one of his ornaments

Nagabhushana – As he has Snake to his neck

Neelakanta – As his throat colour turned blue after drinking hala hala visha.

Paarvateesha – As he is the Isha of Parvathi

Pinaki – As he has pinaka as his weapon

Rudra – Rodanaath Rudra:  –   As soon as he was born he was crying continuously.  That is why he is called as Rudra.

Sadyojata – As he was born all of a sudden from Chaturmukha

Sarangapani – As he has in his hands Saranga (deer)

Shambhu – As he is the source of Sukha, he is termed as Shambhu

Shankara – As he gives “Sukha”

Sharva – As he is laya kartha with the blessings of Srihari.

Shiva As he is mangalakara – he is termed as “Shiva”

Vamadeva –  “vaama” means handsome/beautiful/sundara.   Leaving Hari Vayu Brahma, Garuda shesha, he is ati-sundara very handsome.   That is why he is called as Vamadeva.

Vamadeva – He is called  as Vamadeva as he has Srihari to his left always

Virinchiputra – As he is the son of Brahma

Vrushabhadhwaja – as he has Vrushabha Dwaja

Vishakanta – As he drunk the left over of halahala visha after majority of it was drunken by Vayudevaru.

Trishulapaani As he has Trishula in one of his arms

Tripuraari As he killed tripurasuras with the blessings of Srihari

Trinetra/trilochana/mukkanna – As he has three eyes

Ugra – As he is shatru bhayankara

Ugratapas – As he has done tapas for Kalpadi paryanta

7.  Shiva removed Brahma’s fifth face :

Every body knows that Brahma means Chaturmukha.  But Bhagavatha says Brahma was panchmukha.    Then what happened to the fifth face?

Initially Brahma Devaru had five faced.  Brahmadevaru was chanting Vedas from all the five faces.  From one of his faces he was chanting the Vedas incorrectly with some apaswara.  He was doing it as per the orders of Srihari only.

Rudra Devaru was not aware that it is due to the Hari’s order that the Brahma is chanting incorrectly from one of his faces.  He got angry and removed one of the faces and got Brahma Hatya Dosha.

This episode enabled that many think that Rudra is more powerful and higher than Brahmadevaru.  Actually Rudra devaru is lower than Brahma in Kakshya.

This Brahma Hatya dosha was removed when Sriramachandra installed Shivalinga @ Rameshwara.  But people thought that Sri Ramachandra installed Shivalinga in order to be free from his brahma hatya, but to remove the brahma hatya dosha of Rudra only, he did it.

8.   Why lingaroopa for Shiva?

Once Brugu Rushigalu went to Kailasa to test who is The Supreme among Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara.   When he came to Ishwara, he saw that Iswara did not even noticed him.  He was sitting with Parvathi  privately.   Shiva ignored Brugu Rushigalu.  Getting angry at him, he cursed him that the shiva be worshipped in the form of Linga only.  That is why throughout the world, only Shiva linga is worshipped and not his idol.

Here one must notice that Brugu Rushigalu is very much inferior to Shiva.  Just to respect Srihari Agna that he ignored Brugu Rushigalu and accepted the Curse.

9.  Harisarvottama pratipadane by Shiva –

  1. When Brugu Rushigalu came to test, he ignored Brugu Rushigalu and got the curse which enabled Brugu Rushigalu to declare the supreme.

  2. When he was born as Doorvasa Maharshi, he established the supremacy of Ekadashi by just testing Ambareesha Chakravarthi.   Here also one must notice that Ambareesha is very much inferior to Doorvasa.  Just he pretended to show the bhakthi of Ambareesha and importance of Ekadashi.
  3. Rudradevaru is the parama vaishnavaru.When he was born as Shukacharya, he did the prachara of Srimadbhagavatha and Harisarvottamatva.
  4. He has done the stotra of Srihari’s sankarshana roopa   which is available in Panchama Skanda Bhagavatha.  He preached Rudra Geetha to Prachetasaru, which is nothing but Harisarvottamatva.
  5. When he was born as Ashwathamacharya, he tried to kill Pareekshit Maharaja before his birth itself, but failed, which proves the supremacy of Srihari.
  6. He preached Umadevi (Parvathi) that Sri Rama Naama is equal to Vishnu Sahasra Nama.When Daksha prajapathi (his father in law), came, he ignored him in the Sabha.  Even at that time he was doing the smarana of Srihari.
  7. Shiva blesses many daithyas with great boons, which were all defeated by Srihari.When Shiva’s parama bhaktha Ganta Gosha did the penance to Shiva to give him Moksha, Shiva declared him that he can’t give Moksha, it is Srihari only who can give the Moksha.
  8. When Rudra came to Srihari to have a look of Mohini roopa, he could not control himself on seeing the mohini roopa, there also he accepted his defeat.

  9. When Bhasmasura tried to test the boon given by Rudra, he ran and ran like a deer, then only Srihari came in his Mohini Roopa to deceive the daithya and killed the daithya.

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