General Quiz

Who among the following is the only YAADAVA remained after the death of the entire Yadavas

"Sambha" is the son of Sri Krishna. Who amongst the wives of Srikrishna is his mother?

Which Muniputra amongst the following Cursed Pareekshita Maharaja

Who is the wife of Hiranya Kashipu?

In which river, we get Saligrama?

Who amongst the following is termed as "Devatha Shilpi"?

Which Paramathma roopa was avathara in Devahooti?

Who is the Paramagurugalu of Raghavendra Swamigalu

Where is Purandara Mantapa?

Who gave Upadesha of Vishnu Sahasra Naama

Which was the place wherein Pandavas spent their "Ajnaathavaasa" ("ಅಜ್ಞಾತವಾಸ")

Which "Kanda" of Raamaayana explains about Hanumantha Devaru?

During "ಅಜ್ಞಾತವಾಸ" arjuna's name was

Who is Raavana's wife?

Who is the father of "Shukacharyaru"?

Whose Shanka is "Panchajanya"?

Which is the place where Shukamuni gave upadesha of Srimadbhagavatha?

Where was Kunti staying when Pandavas went for "Vanavaasa"?

Which is the Janmasthala of Jagannatha Daasaru?

Who is the father of Satyabhama?

Who is the Guru of Daithya Chakravarthi "Bali"?

Who is the Kulapurohith of Dasharatha ?

Who is the Vidya Gurugalu of "Karna"?

Which is the place where Hanumantha Devaru met Shriramachandra for the first time?

Who is the Author of "Sumadhwa Vijaya"

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