Guru pushyarka Yoga

What is pushyarka yoga?

 It is a combination of pushya nakshatra and Sunday.    This time it is happening on 27.01.2013

Normally it occurs twice in a year.  

 But this time it is a combined with Pushya maasa as well.

Raghavendra Stotra Japa, Vayustuti paarayana, sumadhwa vijaya paaraayana for men

Lakshmi shobane, and other Bhajan for women will fetch more punya than other days on this auspicious day.

Further, as this is also a Maagha snaana period (Maagha snaana starts from Pushya shukla hunnime to Maagha shukla hunnime), Thirtha snaana, Thirtha kshetra darshana also of importance on this day


What is Gurupushyamruta yoga?

When Pushya Nakshatra falls on a Thursday,  it is known as Gurupushyamruta Yoga.

Pushya Nakshatra, Thursday, Gurupushyamrut, or Guru Pushyamrit yoga, is one when Pushya Nakshatra and is considered highly auspicious for beginning new ventures, investments and purchases.

Normally it will occur twice or thrice in a year.

Updated: January 25, 2013 — 7:34 am

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