Ramayana Quiz

1. Who wrote Sangraha Ramayana?________________

2. Who is the Maha manthri of Dasharatha Maharaja?__________

3. Which is the Vamsha did Dasharatha belong? ____________

4. What is the nakshatra in which Sri Ramachandra was born? __________

5. Whom did Sri Ramachandra killed first? __________

6. Who asked Dasharatha to send his son Sri Ramachandra with him for Dusta Samhara?

7. What is the Homa which Dasharatha performed for getting child?_________

8. Whom did Dasharatha Maharaja selected to lead the "Putrakamesti Yaaga"?_________

9. Who is the father of RaavaNa?__________

10. Who got the Pradhana half portion of Paayasa which came out of the Putrakamesti Yaaga?

11. What is the amsha of Vaali putra Angada?_________

12. Who is the avataara of Indra in Raamayana?________

13. Who is the mother of Bharatha?

14. Which is the roopa of Srimannaaraayana appeared as Sriramachandra, as per Madhwamatha? ___________

15. For how many years did Dasharatha had no children before the birth of Sriramachandra?_____

16. What is the other name of Vishwamitra Rushi?_________

17. What is the Ashrama in which Vishwamitra, Rama, Lakshmana stayed on their way to kill Daithyas?_______

18. Who is the "Pathi" of Ahalya?_________

19. Who cursed Ahalya to become Nischala shilaroopa?___________

20. Which is the place where Ramachandra met Jaanaki?

21. One of the following is the not the name of Seetha. Which is that name?_________

22. Who gave Shivadhanassu to Janakaraja?________

23. What is the name of the Dhanassu which Parashurama was carrying when he met Raama?______

24. What is the name of Daithya who was hiding in the stomach of Parashuraama?

25. Who prompted Kaikeyi to ask for "Varaa" from Dasharatha?__________

26. Who came in the roopa of a crow to attack Seetha?__________

27. Where did Bharatha spent his days during Sri Ramachandra's vanavaasa?_________

28. Who is called as "Kumbhasambhava"?__________

29. Where was MaarIcha doing Tapassu when Raavana met him and asked him to go in the form of a golden deer?____

30. What is the place where Raavana kept Seethakruthi at Lanka?__________

31. Who had cursed the Apsara Stree to become "Shabari"?

32. Where did Hanumantha devaru met Sriramachandra for the first time?__________

33. Who among the following is the son of Vaali?_______

34. Who saw with his special capacity of seeing 100S of Yojanas and told that Seethaakruthi is in Ashokavana at Lanka?_________

35. What was the capacity of Jaambhavantha to fly as told to Vaanara Sainya?________

36. Who came forward to ask Hanumantha to take rest for a while, on his way to Lanka?__________

37. What is the name of Seetha's father?_______________

38. How did Ravana got 10 heads and became dashanana?____________

39. When Hanumantha devaru met Seethadevi, what did she gave to him to be handed over to Raama?

40. Whom did Raavana sent to kill Hanumantha when Hanumantha spoiled the Ashoka Vana?

41. What is the name of the asthra in which Indrajith attacked Hanumantha?

42. Who recommended Raamachandra devaru to take Vibheeshana into his side?______

43. Who went as a Raayabhari, (after Hanumantha) and asked Raavana to leave Seetha?_________

44. Who relieved Lakshmana and other Vaanaraas when they were attacked by the Naagapasha of Indrajith? __________

45. When Indrajith attacked with the Naagapasha, who asked Hanumantha to bring Sanjeevini?

46. Who made the samhaara of Indrajith? ________

46. Why only Vaanararu get life with the entry of "Sanjeevana parvatha" and not Raakshaas?__________

48. Who was the "Vaidhya" among Vanaraas?

49. Who among the following have defeated Raavana?

50. For how many years did Sri Ramachandra ruled Ayodhya?

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