Susheelendra Tirtha

Shri Susheelendra Thirtha

Sanyasa Period – 1912-1926

(Rayara Mutt Parampare)

Aradhana – Ashada Shudda Triteeya

Poorvashrama Naama  –   Krishnacharya

Ashrama Gurugalu         –  Sri Sukruteendra Thirtharu

Ashrama Shishyaru       –  Sri Suvrateendra Tirtharu

Vrundavana                       –   Hosaritti (near Savanoor)

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Vidya Gurugalu

Sri Suprajnendra Tirtharu           – Kavya, Nataka, alankara, vedanta
Sri Huli Hanumantacharyaru   – Nyaaya, Meemamsa
Sri Sukruteendra Tirtharu           – Dwaitha Shastra

During his period he asked Sri Goudagiri Venkataramanacharyaru to write Khandana Grantha for Chandrika Khandana.   Sri Anantha Krishna Shastri had written a Khandana Grantha for “Chandrika” titled “Chandrika khandana”.  For this Sri Goudagiri Venkataramanacharyaru wrote  “Chandrika Prakasha Prasara” for Khandana of Advaitha Grantha.   This is one of the achievements.

He started “Srimatsameerasamaya Samvardini Sabha”, wherein he gave scope for Dharmaprachara, Sanmana of Madhwa Pandits, Vakyaartha, dvaitha-advaita-vishistadvaitha pandits were also invited to participate in the Sabha.

  1. Bless of rain – Once there was a severe draught in Gadhwala Kingdom for nearly two years.    At that time the king was Seetharama Bhoopala.  Some of his ministers recommended him to approach Sri Susheelendra Tirtharu in Mantralaya.  The King immediately approached the seer, who agreed to visit his palace.    It is was to the surprise of one and all that the rain started as soon as the seer entered the main gate of the palace and it continued for nearly 13 days, that too during “Magha”masa.    The king was overwhelmed with joy and he asked the seer to stay for more period in his city only.
  2. Bless of Children – Then the king asked Sri Susheelendra Tirtharu that he had two wives but without children and pursued him to stay for some time and do the pooja in his palace.  The seer agreed and did the pooja for one month, during which time, the elder wife of the king conceived.  The king felt that it was with the anugraha of Rayaru and Susheelendra Tirtha’s pooja that his wife is getting the child and asked the seer to stay until she delivers.  The seer agreed and was regularly doing the pooja in his place only.  The King’s second wife also conceived during this time.   The king was so happy that he did the pooja of the seer with great enthusiasm and he honoured him.“Bala Chakravathi” –  On hearing the miracles done by the seer the Hyderabad’s Navaaba also sent in h  is officers to invite the seer to his kingdom.  The seer agreed and visited his palace and was honoured by the Musalman Navaab and the seer gave him phala mantraakshate and blessed him.   The Navaab called the seer as “Baala Chakravatthi”.
  3. Mruthika Vrundavana prathistapana at Udupi –   Once Sri Vibudapriya Tirtharu of Adamaru Mutt,  the paryaaya seer at Udupi sent invitation to Sri Susheelendra Tirtharu to come to Udupi.    The seer went to Udupi and was approached by the “Asta Mutt” Yathees to do the prathistapane of Rayaru at Udupi, which he agreed and did the pratistapane.“Abhinava Raghavendra” – Once a poet by name Sri Nanjundaiya from Nanjanagud wrote a Kaavya in the name of “Abhinava Raghavendra” praising the Seer, but the seer didn’t liked the same and asked him to throw in the river.  However, after the vrundavana pravesha of the seer Sri Elmattur Krishnachar printed the same kavya.
  4. “Chandrika Prakasha Prasara” –   Once Mahamahopaadyaya Anantha Krishna Swami, an advaitee scholar wrote “Chandrika Khandana”, a Khandana grantha on “Chandrika” of Vyasarajaru.  Then immediately the seer asked Sri Goudagere Venkataramanacharya to write the Mandana Grantha bearing all the expenses in printing the said grantha with title “Chandrika Prakasha Prasara”.


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