Surendra Tirtharu

Sri Surendra Tirtharu (madhurai)

yashchakaarOpavaasEna trivaaraM bhUpradakShiNaM |
tasmai namO yatIMdraaya shrI surEMdratapasvinE ||

ಯಶ್ಚಕಾರೋಪವಾಸೇನ ತ್ರಿವಾರಂ ಭೂಪ್ರದಕ್ಷಿಣಂ |
ತಸ್ಮೈ ನಮೋ ಯತೀಂದ್ರಾಯ ಶ್ರೀ ಸುರೇಂದ್ರತಪಸ್ವಿನೇ ||

यश्चकारोपवासेन त्रिवारं भूप्रदक्षिणं ।
तस्मै नमो यतींद्राय श्री सुरेंद्रतपस्विने ॥

Peetadhipatitva Period – 1504 – 1575 (70 years)

Aradhana Day         –  Pushya Shudda Dwadashi

Ashrama Gurugalu  – Sri Raghunandana Tirtharu

Uttaradhikarigalu     –  Sri Vijayeendra Tirtharu

Poorvashrama name   – Sri Venkatakrishnacharya

Vrundavana pravesha    – He entered Vrundavana @ Madurai

Sri Surendra Tirtha’s Tulasi Samarpana –

Once Sri Vyasaraja Tirtharu told his disciples to bring Tulasi for devara pooja, which the disciples brought plucking from a garden nearby.     When Sri Vyasaraja Tirtharu was about to offer the Tulasi to Gopalakrishna Devaru, he noticed that the said Tulasi has already been offered to Srihari.   The disciples were shocked to hear that.  They had brought directly from the plant, but Sri Vyasarajaru told it is already nirmalya.  How can it be possible?.  They were thinking.   Then Sri Vyasarajaru told him that the entire plants in the garden have been directly offered by Sri Surendra Tirtharu.  This he has noticed by his divyashakthi.   With this we can understand as to how he was doing the nitya pooja of Srihari.

Sri Vyasarajaru and Sri Surendra Tirtharu had done the pooja in the same hall.  Sri Surendra Tirtharu, went at the invite of Sri Vyasarajaru, and they both stayed together for a long time performning pooja, which was a pleasure for the people of that region.

Grant of a great shishya by Sri Vyasarajaru

Once Sri Surendra Tirtharu went to Sri Vyasarajaru and did the pooja in the presence of Sri Vyasarajaru.  There he saw an young sanyasi, disciple of Sri Vyasarajaru.   He was attracted to that young shishya.  He asked Sri Vyasarajaru to grant that shishya to him.    That young sanyaasi was none other than Sri Vijayendra Tirtharu.  He was given sanyasashrama by Sri Vyasarajaru with the Ashrama name “Vishnu Tirtharu”.     Vyasarajaru readily agreed to send his shishya to Sri Surendra Tirtharu.   After accepting Vishnu Tirtharu, Sri Surendra Tirtharu did the “Change of Danda” formalities and gave him new name as Sri Vijayendra Tirtharu and appointed him as his uttaradhikari.

Grant of land by Ramaraya to Sreegalu –

Sree Surendra Tirtharu performed Ramanavami pooja on Ramanavami day in Vijayanagara.  Blessed with the darshana of Ramachandra Devaru, Ramaraya gave the following lands to Sreegalu –

1. Anehosuru village in Modagallu
2. Lepagiri in Koppala
3. Shirugapura in Gangavathi
4. Mallapura in Kustagi
5. Honnamatti in Kustagi
6. Herakallu village near Tungabadra River
7. Tolali village in Lakshmishwara near Tungabadra River
8. Kammarakatte village in BasavapattNa
9. Chikkamorate Village near Kumadwathi .


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  1. Dear Moderator (Sri Narahari avare),

    The place of Brindavana of Sri Sri Surendra Theertharu is in the mid of the new developped city Madurai on the bank of River Vegavathi (Vaighai). This place is a highly crowed place and we cannot imagine that there was a Matha here.

    Also, it is surprising to us that why Sri Vijayeendraru or Sri Raghavendraru has not taken any actions to set up a big matha here during those days.

    Yesterday(12-May-2013), I was spent nearly 45 minutes in this place and my 6th sense allowed me to stay for more time here and somewhere in the mind it was feeling very proud and blessed for being there.

    But, unfortunately no one can fight and claim that place now since lot of recent stories are developped in the very root of some families who are worshipping this place.

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