Vidyaranya defeated

a) Defeat of Vidyaranya, a famous Advait pandit

Vidyaranya’s period – 1302-1387AD ;  Jayatirtha’s sanyasa period 1365-1387 AD

Sri Jayatirtharu used to remain in the cave of Yeragola and was writing Granthas. Vidyaranya, a famous Advaitha Philosopher, who was proficient in all vedas and had written Bhashya for all vedas, said to be an incarnation of Shankaracharya himself by Advaitha followers has done a great role in the establishment of Vijayanagar Kingdom.  In his poorvashrama his name was Maadhavaacharya, and during this period itself, he did many of his administrative work in Vijayanagar Kingdom.  He was instrumental in guiding Hakka – Bukka.

Once he was on his Tirthayatra tour.  On his way, he came to Malakheda.  There he heard that in Yeragola, a shishya of Akshobhya Tirtha was doing the grantha rachana.  He remembered the incident where Akshobhya Tirtha had defeated him at Mulabagilu during their vaakyartha on “tattvamasi”. Having seen Akshobhya Tirtharu and his Knowledge, he now wanted to see how is his shishya.  He came near the cave where, at that time Sri Jayatirtha was writing Pramana Lakshana Teeka.

One of the disciple of Jayatirtha informed him that Vidyaranya had come and would like to have a discussion.  Jayatirtha readily agreed.   Vidyaranya was standing outside the cave and Jayatirtharu was inside.  Now, Vidyaranya wanted to test Jayatirtha, asked him.

Vidyaranya – कोर्भवान्  kOrbhavaan?
Jayatirthaसप्पोहं   sappOhaM
Vidyaranya  – रेफ़: क्व गत:  rEfa: kva gata:
Jayatirthaत्वयैवपह्रुता पुरा  tvayaivapahrutaa puraa |

Here actually Vidyaranya intentionally said कोर्भवान्  kOrbhavaan? Instead of  कोभवान् kObhavaan? including “refa”.  Jayatirtharu replied सप्पोहं   sappOhaM.  Infact should have said सर्पोहं sarpOhaM he had left “refa” which Vidyaranya had wrongly included.  Vidyaranya asked him as to what happened to “refa”, Jayatirtha replied that Vidyaranya himself had kidnapped “refa”.    With this Vidyaranya realised that Jayatirtha is not an ordinary man. A true shishya of Akshobhya Tirtha. 

Then Vidyaranya asked Jayatirtha as to what he is doing?  Jayatirtha replied that he is doing the vyakyana for Acharya granthas.  He also gave him the “pramana lakshanas” grantha by Acharya Madhwa to Vidyaranya.  He went through a few lines of the grantha, and could not understand anything as to what Acharya Madhwa has written. Vidyaranya who was proficient in all sastras, gone through the original of Acharya Madhwa’s Pramana Lakshana. Then he told Jayatirtha बाल वाक्येन किं मे? (looks like childish words).  Jayatirtha could not tolerate these words on Acharya Madhwa and told “whether grantha is baala vaakya or your mind itself like childish”.  Then he gave him his Teeka on Pramana Lakshana – viz., “Nyayakalpalatha”.   Vidyaranya went through the pages (taale gari) of Teeka on Pramana Lakshana.  It was not even completed.  Only half way through.

Now he realized the greatness of Acharya Madhwa.  Same words of Acharya Madhwa being brought to the world in a simple style by Jayatirtha.  He recognized the narration style, it was simply superb.  He repented for his disrespect shown to Acharya Madhwa’s work earlier.

He said I knew your guru Akshobhya Tirtha.  You being the shishya of him is really great.  He made sastanga namaskara and held the grantha written by Jayatirtha with due respect on his head.  He also requested him to permit him to honour his great work.   Jayatirtha told him that as soon as it is finished, he will send a copy of the same to him also.

Jayatirtha completed the Teeka on Pramana Lakshana and did the samarpana in front of the vrundavana of Akshobhya Tirtharu at Malakheda.

Vidyaranya showed his respect to Jayatirtharu with great procession (ambary elephant)  followed by vedaghosha, kept all his granthas on an elephant.

Note :   1. It seems that Vidyaranya must have met Sri Jayatirtharu after 1365AD only, that too after the Vrundavana pravesha of Akshobhya Tirtharu.  But it is surprising that even though he is defeated by Jayatirtharu, Vidyaranya has not recorded the same in his works.   He has mentioned about Vedanta Deshika in Ramanuja Darshana but not mentioned about Jayatirtha.   He has written about Poornapragna Darshana, there also no mention of Jayatirtha.  As such, it seems that Vidyaranya must have met Teekarayaru during the early part of sanyasa of Jayatirtharu, and he may not come across all his works, that is why he has narrated in “sarvadarshana sangraha” by Vidyaranya.

2.  Sri Chalari Sankarashanacharya opines in his book “Jayatirtha Vijaya” vyakyana,  that the Vidyaranya who met Jayatirtha was junior Vidyaranya.  (In Vidyaranya parampare all the yathees would be having the name Vidyaranya.)

3.   But Vidyaranya’s (Maadhavacharya – who had a vaagvaada at Mulbagilu) period is 1302-1387 and has accepted by many.  As such, he (Senior Vidyaranya) only must have had vaagvaada with Jayatirtha.

b) Defeat of Bhairava Somayaji.

c) Defeat of Vidyasaagara Vadeendra, another Advaitha famous pandit – This incident has been narrated in Sri Bidarahalli Srinivasakruta “Sri Jayaaryastuti”. Vidyasaagara Vadeendra is said to be the guru of Brahmananda Bharathi who had written “Purushartha Prabodha” titled grantha.   Once during his visit to Kolhapur, he had a long vakyartha with Sri Vadeendra, and defeated him.   The Vakyartha was in the context of “Tathvamasi” and “Jeeva-brahma Aikya”.

d)  Defeat of ShaktEya team in Sriranga.  –  This team of ShaktEya having known of the fact that they could not defeat Jayatirtharu with Granthaas, tried to defeat through miscreant method.  They did the araadhana of some kshudra devate and got the blessings of that kshudra devate.     They brought a new way of argument that “Shakthi devate” herself is responsible for the srusti of this world and not Vishnu.  They further told that “Brahma, Rudra, and Vishnu” are the santaana of Shakthi only.    Sri Jayatirtharu through his Tapa shakthi made the kshudra shakthi seem nothing and with his vyaakyaana of “UtpattasambhavaadhikaraNa” of Brahmasootra and defeated them all.

e)  Defeat of Kamadeva, a bouddha pandit in Ahmedabad.  After having been defeated by Jayatirtharu and accepting his defeat, Kamadeva, requested Jayatirtharu to become the Chancellor of the Bouddha Vishwavidyanilaya at Ahmedabad.  So, when Kamadeva went to Tibet, for some time Jayatirtharu performed his duty as the Chancellor of the Ahmedabad University.

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