Satya Vijaya Theerthara Punyadina

Sri Satya Vijaya Theerthara Punyadina

ಸತ್ಯಪೂರ್ಣಾಂಬುಧೇರ್ಜಾತೋ ವಿದ್ವಜ್ಜನವಿಜೃಂಭಿತ: |
ಧನೀಧ್ವಂಸೀತು ನಸ್ತಾಪಂ ಶ್ರೀಸತ್ಯವಿಜಯೋಡುಪ: ||

सत्यपूर्णाम्बुधेर्जातो विद्वज्जनविजृंभित: ।
धनीध्वंसीतु सस्तापं श्रीसत्यविजयोडुप: ॥

satyapoorNaambudhErjaatO vidvajjanavijRuMbhita: |
dhanIdhvaMsItu sastaapaM shrIsatyavijayODupa: ||

Sri Satya-vijaya-theertharu

Vrundavana –Satyavijayanagara

Aradhana – Chaitra Krishna Ekadashi

Ashrama Gurugalu – Sri Satyapoornatirtharu

Poorvashrama Naama   –  Baalacharyaru

Location of Satya Vijayanagar – It is about 240 kms from Bangalore in Tamilnadu.

Hosur -> Krishnagiri -> Arani -> Satyavijaya Nagar. (From Arani 10 kms) Total distance 240 kms from Bangalore.

1/440, “Sri Rama Nivas”

S.M.Road, Sathya Viajaya Nagar,
Arani Taluk. Pin:632317 (TN)
Phone:04173 – 291915 / 9944463550.

Satya Vijaya Tirtharu – Vrundavana Darshana
Sri Vyasaraja Pratistita Mukyapranadevaru @ Satyavijayanagara ;
Additional Details about Sri Satya Vijaya Theertharu :
  • He was from the pandurangi family
  • He is believed to be an amsha of Sage Jamadagni.
  • During his time Sri Sathya Poorna teertha was the mathatipathi of UM.
  • He had given ashrama to Sri Sathya priya teertha who was touring north India for several years.
  • At that time Sri Sathya Poorna teertha felt that his end is nearing  but they could not locate Sri Sathya Priya Theertha.
  • Hence Sri Sathya Poorna  Theertha came to Mannargudi in TN and initiated Sri Balacharya into Sanyasa and renamed and  renamed him as Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha with specific instructions that he should hand over the Samasthana to Sri Sathya Priya Theertha.  After a point of time Sri Sathya Poorna Theertha entered brindavan in Sangli.   Even then Sri Sathya Priya Theertha did not turn up.   Sri  Sathya Vijaya Theertharucontinued his tours during the course of which he came to Arni in TN.
  • Arni at that time was being ruled by a Madhwa Maratta Brahmin by name Srinivasa Rao Saheb . The jagir was received as a benefit for services rendered by  ancestor Sri Vedoji Bhaskar Pant to Shavaji( Chartapathi Shivaji Maharaj’s father).   More details can be had about the Arni Jagir from www.arnijagir. com .
  • One day after pooja and  theertha prasada they both started walking and when thay came to a spot  they saw a five headed ( some say three headed) snake.   When the Jagirdhar asked Sri Swami the significane, Srigalu explained that very soon he will have to shift his palace as there is a danger of an impending war between the Arcot Nawab and Hyderali.
  • After some time Sri Sathya Vijaya theertha fet that his end was nearing and instructed the jagirdhar that the momemt  he is dead,  he is to be carried and when they reach a place where the pall bearers can no more bear the weight , they have to bury him in that spot.  Further he made the inventory of all the things with him and gave a copy to the Jagirdhar and one more to Sri Satya Priya Theertha.   Further the pooja box should be buried after his death and has to be unearthed only after Sri Sathya Theertha comes back.   Further he instructed that Sri Sathya Priya Theertha has to exchange his danda.
  • Finally one day Sri SathyaVijaya Theertha passed away  and as instructed they started carrying him . They came to a spot where they were unable to bear the weight. The Jagirdhar Srinivasa Rao Saheb was astonished because it was the very spot where they sighted the snake.   He built the brindavana of Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha and also shifted the palace there.   He renamed the place as Sri Sathya Vijaya Nagaram in the memory of Sri Swami. Even today you can see the Jagir palace there.
  • Sri Sathya Priya theertha came to Sathyavijaya Nagaram and was breifed by the Jagirdhar about the happenings. The Pooja box was taken out and given to Sri Sathya priyaru.   All went on well until the Jagirdhar informed the swamiji that he has to exchange his danda.   Now this created a peculiar problem.   Sri Sathya Vijayaru was not his ashrama guru and it is a normal practice to receive the danda from the ashrama guru.  Confused he started walking when he reached the Hanuman temple. The hanuman devaru here was consecrated by Sri Vyasarajaru ( it is another place where they are finding it very difficult to run the temple). The moment he reached the temple he was swarmed by monkeys. Just then he had the Vishwaroopa dashana of Sri Vayudevaru. Vayudevaru told him that Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertha was a great soul who followed his guru’s instructed to the core without even appointing a successor and that he should exchange his danda and continue with is sanchara. Sri Sathya Priya did as told by Sri Vayu devaru and continued his sanchara and he entered brindavana in Manamadurai.

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