Balipadyami – Deepavali

Bali Padyami – Kartheeka Shudda Padya

ಬಲಿರಾಜ ನಮಸ್ತುಭ್ಯಂ ದೈತ್ಯದಾನವ ವಂದಿತ |
ಇಂದ್ರಶತ್ರೋ ಅಮರಾವತೇ ವಿಷ್ಣುಸಾನ್ನಿಧ್ಯತೋ ಭವ |

बलिराज नमस्तुभ्यं दैत्यदानव वंदित ।
इंद्रशत्रो अमरावते विष्णुसान्निध्यतो भव ।


What is Bali Padyami?

Bali Padyami falls on Karthika Shudda Padya.  This day is reserved for Bali Chakravarthi.   It is the day on which Bali Chakravarthi will be the Chakravarthi for the entire world.  It is the day on which Vamana roopi Srihari pushed Bali Chakravarthi to sutala loka. This is the boon given by Vamanaroopi paramathma after the nigraha of Bali.    Vamana also gave the boon that “Karthika Shudda paadya day will be reserved for Bali Chakravarthi.  On this day whatever daanaas given like Godaana, vastradaana,  bhoodaana and other daanaas will please Vamana” “Deepa Prajvalana on this day will make Lakshmidevi to stay in their house”

Who is Bali Chakravarthi?

Bali Chakravarthi is the great grand son of Prahladaraja and the son of Virochana.   His real name is Indrasena. Born in the daithyakula of Hiranyakashipu, he was the daithya chakravarthi.  Even though he was a daithya, he ruled the state with proper dharmaniste and he was an expert in giving daanaas.  Bali Chakravarthi led the Daithya team during Samudra mathana.  He will become Indra in Saavarni manvantra.

Story as per Skanda purana (Reva khanda) – In his previous janma, he was a business man and was fond of women and was always wasting his time with various prostitute women.   He had never done any punya kaarya at all.  But during his last stages, he gave the daana of whatever he had with him to various brahmins.  He died and the yama doothaas took him to Yamaloka.  There, Chitragupta opened his file and submitted before Yamadharmaraaja.  His file was fully covered with sins only.   Yama Dharma verified the file and surprised to note that he had the punya of  daana at his last stage.  He had the punya of becoming Indra for 3 muhurthas.  Yamadharma asked Indrasena as to whether he intends to use the punya first or the paapa first.   Punya phala to become the Indra.   He opted for Indra’s throne for 3 muhurthas.  Yama Dharma agreed and asked Indra to give the throne for 3 muhurthas to Indrasena.

After sitting in the throne for a very short time, he gave the daana whatever available in Indraloka to Vasistaru, Vishwamitraru, etc.   This punya of giving daana at Indraloka ensured that all his sins were destroyed and he was eligible for Indra throne.  As such, he was born as the son of Virochana and got the throne of Daithya vamsha.  Finally with the anugraha of Vamana he was eligible for Indra throne, which he would get in Saavarni manvantra.

Bali Chakravarthi’s son is Baanasura, another daithya.   He had thousand arms, he was a follower of Shiva.    Banasura had a boon from Shiva to fight with Krishna and was killed by Krishna.

Why is Bali Chakravarthi in Paataala loka ?

Bali Chakravarthi had the control of the entire world and he had occupied all the kingdoms and occupied the Devaloka also by pushing out Devendra.  He wanted to be the Indra.  For getting the throne of Indra, one must do atleast 100 Ashwamedha Yajna.  He had completed 99 Ashwamedha Yaagaas, and was doing the 100th.  He was doing the Yajna under the pourohitya of Shukracharyaru, who is the daithya guru. Indra (Purandara named Indra) approached Srihari and sought his help.  At the same time, Aditi, the mother of Devates asked her husband Kashyapa Rushigalu to protect gods from Balichakravarthi.  So, both Aditi-Kashyapas approached Srihari for help.  Srihari decided to born as their son “Vamana” for the nigraha of the daithya.

Bali was in the finishing stage of his Yajna.  Vamana came to the place of Yajna.  On seeing the handsome, attractive young brahmachari, Vamana, Bali stood and did the paada prakshalana of Vamana and asked him as to what he wants – a beautiful girl, kingdom, or ornaments, etc.  Vamana said that he does not require anything, except 3 steps of land.  Shukracharya, the daithya guru,  warned Bali Chakravarthi and told him not to accede to Vamana’s request.  But Bali went ahead for the daana of the 3 steps to Vamana.  Getting angry at Bali, Shukracharya cursed him that Bali shall loose all his kingdom.

Bali Chakravarthi did the sankalpa and started giving the three steps to Vamana.  Vamana extended himself to be that of Trivikrama to extend to the entire world from his very first step itself.  From the second step he occupied the atala, vitala, sutala, patala lokaas also.  For the third step, there was no place.  He is said to have been bounded with the ropes of Varuna by Garuda since Vamana could not place his foot anywhere on the earth and Bali offered his head itself and asked Trivikrama Vamana to keep his leg on his head. Brahma then asks Vamana to release Bali and Vamana keeping his Vishnu paada which has the Ganga sannidhana, pushed him down to earth to Paataala loka, and even today he is guarding him in his Upendra Roopa.  Bali Chakravarthi will be the next Indra in the coming Manvantara.

Bali Padyama half  Muhurtha –

There are 3½ muhurthaas which are termed as Good Muhurthaas.  They are Vijayadashami, Ugadi and Akshaya Triteeya which are full day muhurthaas, whereas Bali Padyami is termed as Half Muhurthaas (for the first half day).  On this day, we need not look at the panchanga for taaraabala, chandrabala, for the shubhakarya.  Whatever good works done on this day will fetch more punya.  On this day also we have to do tailabhyanjana snaana.

Balipoojakrama –
He was also given the boon that he will be allowed to rule the entire universe for one day in a year and on that day he can visit the earth, which is the Balipadyami day – the Kaarthika Shudda Padya.

We have to sketch the Balichakravarthi’s figure in rangoli or Gomaya.  Then we have to invite Bali.  We have to put curds in front of Bali.  Ladies will enter the house, by pouring milk from outside, which is a method of inviting Lakshmi.    From the Gomaya itself, we have to sketch the the fort with four gates and in the centre of the fort, one has to put the pillaari gopura and do the pooja with the following mantra.

baliraaja namastubhyaM virOchanasuta prabhO: |
bhaviShyEMdra suraaraatE pUjOyaM pratigRuhyataam |
baliraaja namastubhyaM daityadaanavavaMdita: |
iMdrashatrO amaraavatE viShNusaannidhyadO bhava|

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